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Avatar n tn They gave me morphine by injection at the ER and prescribed Vicodin and said I could take that as soon as I got home. The Vicodin worked at first and I fell asleep. When I awoke, I was in excruciating pain, worse than when the injury first happened. It was 2 hrs before I can have another Vidodin so I took 800mg of ibuprofen. It is still another hour before I can have the Vicodin and I'm trying to be patient but the pain is incredible. Ice pack helps some.
Avatar n tn Not sure what the effects are on the baby, other than the vicodin is passing thru the placenta. Could they put you on say a high dose ibuprofen and tylenol w/codeine combo and take you off the vic? I've been put on this combo for pain after giving birth and while nursing. Don't know if it is strong enough for your condition to be managable or not. Try seeing if you can't get another concocction of drugs that have less issues. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn I was initially prescribed vicodin and my doc switched me to vicoprofen because of post-surgical adema (swelling). He did advise me that they were stronger than what I was initially prescribed. Hope that helps!
Avatar n tn i also have not had any typical withdrawl symptoms from stopping the vicodin. i have degeneration of my t3 and t4 vertebre and spinal rotation and of course subluxation. i have had 2 diagnosises and both times the prognosis was long term chronic pain. i have blood work done every 3 mths and it has always been normal. i am worried that the tramadol and ibuprofen could damage my liver. i only take 7.5-750mg vicodin. wouldnt it be better to just take the vicodin again?
Avatar f tn Hi goldengirl, In most cases it's perfectly safe to take your medication at that time. I don't know your medical status is and why you're prescribed the if you have these questions, your Doctor...not a pharmacist is the one to ask.
1041243 tn?1375230520 but in my personal experience, thats all that vicodin does, too. vicodin makes me violently ill and i found that ibuprofen, tylenol and asprin all worked better than the vicodin...but i talked to my doc first, which is what you should do.
Avatar f tn Ibuprofen and such tends to give me stomach pain and I've been On ibuprofen for years. Heat helps but just for the 30 sex or so the heat is applied. Other than that nothing.
Avatar n tn Its almost similiar, I did not believe him, he told me take 1000 mg of ibuprofen and 500 mg of motrin together and bigger than all get out it worked just as well if I took a couple of vicodin. It really does work and its so much cheaper, the walmart brand is the best. Good luck with your teeth....
Avatar f tn I had an emergency dental visit today for a tooth that is absessed (sp?) and my dentist gave me a prescription for vicodin..a very small script..24 pills. I did take the script but have NOT dropped it off at the pharmacy with the other two scripts he gave me. I am 20 days clean off vicodin and I know that there is no way in hell that I should fill it but my question is if I were to fill it and only take it for my tooth over a few day period would I go through w/d again???
Avatar f tn I was given 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours, vicodin 5-325 every 4 hours. On day 3 I was in excruciating pain with huge hard lumps on the sides of my face that hurt so I went back to the dentist and he prescribed me x2 150mg of Clindamycin every 6 hours. I weigh around 150 lbs, 22 year old female, 5'3. I feel like I might have too much medicine in my system as I am feeling very weak and nauseous, almost like my blood pressure is low and I kind of have the jitters.
Avatar n tn I'm sure it's fine, especially since you take such a minimal amount. It's not good for everybody, like someone who has had opiate addictions in the past. If you don't fall into that catagory then I'm sure everything is fine. Besides 30 vico's a month is very minimal, vicoprofen is just another name and maker of vicodin. Some doctors hesitate on prescribing certain morphine derivitive drugs for obvious reasons.
8475475 tn?1403476630 After my c section I was given ibuprofen and oxycodon.
Avatar f tn Herein, we tested a variety of Cox-1/Cox-2 non-selective NSAIDs, namely ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin and naproxen and report that they blunt IgM and IgG synthesis in stimulated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). Ibuprofen had its most profound effects in inhibiting human PBMCs and purified B lymphocyte IgM and IgG synthesis when administered in the first few days after activation. As shown by viability assays, ibuprofen did not kill B cells.
Avatar m tn If people have taken Vicodin prior to surgery and were fine, why do I have to tell the Doctor?
Avatar f tn I just had my baby on the 3rd and I am currently breastfeeding. The doctor prescribed me vicodin 10/325's and they were supposed to be Norco's. Well I took them assuming they were Norco's and my baby was sleeping a lot more and seemed slightly loopy. Needless to say I am no longer taking them and my baby is better. With that said I am curious as to what pain medicine would be safe to take while breastfeeding?
Avatar f tn t a narcotic, If you want a narcotic tell your dentist to give you Demerol or morphine, that would get rid of the pain, but they are a lot stronger than vicodin and then you would have to start over after all your surgeries, bone grafts, etc and detox again which I think would be hard on these two because they are a lot stronger... sorry don't feel like I helped much...
Avatar f tn At least a psychological one. Your headache would be better served by taking some ibuprofen 600-800mg and something like prevacid to protect you stomach. You may take some Valerian for restlesness or talk to your doctor about some Ambien to help you sleep for a few nights. Try taking a half a pill of Vicodin for a few first nights just to make it easier for yourself. Then you can take some Tylenol instead together with the ibuprofen. They work well together for pain.
Avatar m tn About three months ago when this all started happening I was prescribed vicodin for pain and it helped greatly, I took it once to twice a day, alternating with ibpreufin. I was taking it for about a month with little to no side effects until one day I woke up and had this itchy, burning feeling on my arms (like a sunburn that itches). After getting up and moving around i noticed my arms had splotchy red patches that come and go. This will last anywhere from half a day to a couple days.
Avatar f tn My doctor took ibuprofen off the list during my pregnancies and I was told not to take it. Advil is in that category. I only was told to use Tylenol. Ibuprofen is category C up to 30 weeks and category D after that meaning don't use before 30 weeks and REALLY don't use after that. Category C means that through animal reproduction studies, they have shown adverse events on the fetus. However a doctor can outweigh benefits to risk.
627086 tn?1223182482 during your first trimester I would NOT suggest any pain pills other than tylenol and in the first trimester IBuprofen and Asperin can cause bleeding issues and miscarriage and during your last trimester Ibuprofen can cause heart problems. Just speak with your doctor and get multiple opinions if you wish. my mom completely flipped out about the vicodin until I had 2 OBGYN's tell her it was safe. I had a 3rd tell me on my own it was safe.
Avatar m tn Hydrocodone is available without tylenol. The brand name is vicoprofen and it has 7.5 mg of hydrocodone and 200 mg of ibuprofen, which is the same as one Advil tablet. Vicoprofen also has a generic equivalent. I've found it to be a more effective short-acting medication than regular vicodin, probably because ibuprofen is a true anti-inflammatory which tylenol isn't.
Avatar f tn But two weeks ago i went to the dentist and had my mouth worked on and i was put on ibuprofen 800 ,vicodin and penicllin and i have had three periods this month,but now the cramps i have are unbearable and it hurts to even stand. Any ideas on what it could be ?
Avatar m tn And if so, what are my other options because I still need painkillers for the pain I am recieving from my surgery and ibuprofen and tylenol are not strong enough to help. Please help me, Im in pain and scared because I dont want to be in pain, but I dont want to be addicted to a drug.
Avatar f tn Ibuprofen works too. Just take it easy. More does not make it better.
1326416 tn?1370927001 I am currently taking percocet as a break through med with morphine sustained release. I didn't have a choice on what I could take for breakthrough medicine. I don't take more than 1950 mg of tylenol per day via the percocet. I think the percocet and the vicodin puts a "cap" on how much a person can take before destroying their liver. My doctor has been very trustworthy of me but always wants me to stay on these combo meds.
Avatar f tn ve called and called my dentist but no one seems to call me back, I took some vicodin that I had left over from a dental procedure I had in October and it helped but 3 hours into the medication the pain came back! What would cause this?
Avatar f tn s either I take norco or ibuprofen, and Ibuprofen (and other NSAIDS) have risk of miscarriage or heart issues. So you have to weigh the benefits and the cons.
1305522 tn?1273170802 I have tried the Vicodin of various strengths, Ultram ( Tramadol) and over the counter meds. Tramadol works well but gives me horrible headaches also. Vicodin I can't take at work for obviuos reasons.