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Avatar f tn Tenex is an old hypertension (blood pressure) medication. The way it works is to suppress adrendaline production. I've never heard of it being used for withdrawal, but it makes sense. Anxiety and high bp are all symptoms, and tenex will take care of the anxiety-related adrenaline bursts and associated rise in blood pressure. And no, tenex is not addicting.
Avatar f tn Since I am prone to TIAs (mini-strokes), I could have done some horrible damage with rebound hypertension. God was with me during this one!! Now im back on BP meds, and feel much better, much less heart palpitations, and just a general feeling of relief. Ahhh this is all so complex...but im working it. Day 11 here I come. Thanks for the kind words and advice.
Avatar n tn My question I have is I've been on opiates for 16 yrs that was prescribed to me by the same Dr all those yrs of course I started out at lowest does and lowest of pain meds as the yrs went on Dr upped me to stronger opiates such as roxycodone hcl 10 mg first then 20mg I've been on those for the past 4yrs I'm not feening for these pills but my body is physically dependant on them well after 16yrs I've made the decision I'm done I'm tired of always de
Avatar f tn I have read that with the ascites comes portal hypertension and that the coffee grounds is actually dried blood. Could he have been bleeding internally? My husband has been upset about this since he was the one that first noticed this. I tried to explain to him that if he wasnt there when it happened that possibly he could have bled to death and possibly start to vomit bright, red blood. It was like he was supposed to be there and help my Pap. I miss him so much.
Avatar n tn They did an MRI today, it was normal. He has no diabetes, hypertension, or other pre-existing conditions. Eats a mostly vegetarian diet and is in very good physical shape. He does not drink, smoke, or do any drugs. He used to drink regularly 15+ years ago, but hasn't touched a drink in 15 years. As of right now, they say that it is likely an infection in the spinal fluid. But they can't say for sure.
Avatar f tn Grace’s mother had hypertension and due to her age and past history of miscarriage, the physician recommended bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Her father, who was working full-time, and caring for Grace’s elderly uncle had difficulty adjusting to these psychosocial stressors.
Avatar n tn Could sleep apnea be connected to migraines headaches and also can hypertension be connected to sleep apnea along with restless leg syndrome?
Avatar f tn This could be more relevant if you are a smoker, are overweight, have a positive family history, are a diabetic and have hypertension. The other causes to consider would be cervical spondylosis (neck problem) or disorders of the nerves, muscle or shoulder joint and GERD. It would be wise to consult a doctor just to be sure it’s nothing more serious. Regards.
Avatar n tn I an new to anxiety and now my blood pressure is 158/98. I had Gestational hypertension with my son but that was at 27weeks I'm 14+5 right now and wondering if it's anxiety or if it's Gestational hypertension at an earlier time.
1041243 tn?1375230520 but in my personal experience, thats all that vicodin does, too. vicodin makes me violently ill and i found that ibuprofen, tylenol and asprin all worked better than the vicodin...but i talked to my doc first, which is what you should do.
Avatar f tn For example, Vicodin can be 5mg of hydro and 500mg of tylenol as can Lortab. Or Vicodin can be 10mg of hydro and 325 mg of tylenol and so can Lortab. So they only way one will be stronger than the other as if the Vicodin was 5/500 and the Lortab is 10/325. I hope I have been clear in anwsering your question. If I haven't been please let me know.
Avatar n tn I will soon be nursing my second child, I'm due any day and I have chronic hypertension. You should already be taking a pregnancy safe medication for hypertension and if what you're taking now is not safe for nursing, then your doctor will change your meds after you have rhe baby. Just make sure he or she knows that you are planning on nursing at your next appointment and they should be able to answer any questions you have.
1324852 tn?1274769339 One by an EMT trainee, A School nurse, and by an RN (CNA Instructor). I had it checked was in April, and it was 140/80. Than, about a month ago, it was 138/72. I had mine checked by my instructor today, and it was 142/70. I am unsure why my Systolic pressure is as high as it is. I exercise regularly, avoid caffeine*(makes me feel odd)- and weigh in at 130 at 5ft 6in. I do have a history of poor eating, and recently started eating less.
1475202 tn?1536270977 Thank you very much Dr. Schiano. Maintaining my sobriety has been the easy part of all of this. I was very surprised and relieved to read your reply. I have often wonder about my diagnosis since I was never biopsied. I have had a Ct Scan and ultra sounds used as a diagnosis tool. I have always been very determined to make a good recovery with diet, exercise and abstinence.
Avatar f tn I have diabetes for 10 years and recently got diagnosed with Hypertension. I am not overweight and i got these genetically. Can you please suggest how to lead a healthy long life with these two deadly diseases.
Avatar n tn I also have right flank pain sometimes and sometimes wake up with flank pain so bad it hurts to move. Also have hypothyroidism, and always feel anxious and shaky inside.
Avatar f tn I started having migraine in may 1995 since then i've been having attacks after attack, but the last i had was 7yrs ago i don't know why it stopped. But, in nov 2008 i discovered that my bp is going up 135/87 with my mother's home test kit, within 2 months i.e jan 2009 it went up to 150/100 i was very scare i went to see a doctor and i was tested and treated with the following: asomex 5mg (2wks dose), cardioace, eve fishoil and cognitol.
1380142 tn?1279119372 I was told by my previous job that it is affecting my work and they cant keep on carrying me and now its affecting my new job. I have a wife and 2 young children. I was born in south africa and moved to australia. Now I live in england with my english wife and my 2 children. It feels like I am loosing my mind, i want to scream inside. I often try to over dose on my hypertention tablets and i dont want to take my depression tablets because its making me worse.
1085866 tn?1256496382 I just got recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD and started the treatment process. My doctor put me on adderall XR Oral (but on the bottle it says amphetamine salts). I know that there is usually a feeling out process when it comes to ADHD and the various treatments. However, I have hypertension and in my research, I've noticed that this is not recommended for people with hypertension.
1225178 tn?1318980604 After laying there for about an hour and a half I was still wide awake so I got up to lay on the couch and watch TV while waiting for my Ambien to get around to working. After about 30 minutes I started feeling really restless and I could hear my heart beating in my right ear. Something told me I should check my blood pressure and it was 189/99. The highest it has ever been that I know of was 150/85 and that was after dealing with my frustrating kids. (just like all 11 & 14 year olds).
Avatar m tn 10 and 155lbs. I was very active several years ago and raced motocross for years. I went to my family doctor and she check my thyroid. Those results came back good. So I asked her to check my epinephrine levels because it almost seems like i have too much adrenaline. Those results cam back slightly high so she referred me to an endocrinologist. She also put me on 50mg of metoprolol (beta blocker).
Avatar f tn Right after taking it, I sat up and did it again and it was 130/86. This has happens several days now. I have a history of arrhythmia and am on beta blockers and BP meds. I have had two episodes and the last resulted in an ablation (sp?). Is the difference in my BP normal or indicative that something else might be going on?