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4753943 tn?1359934569 m currently tapering off of Vicodin and Effexor but this problem of being emotionless and not caring about much has been going on for a little over a year now. (I almost don't know where a whole year of my life went) Anyway, I'm asking because I want to know why I feel this way. I want to make sure I'm making a logical decision to get off of Effexor because it's going to be such a grueling process.
4757133 tn?1358797625 I also take Effexor 150mg XR in the morning. And 100mg Effexor tablet (generic) in the afternoon. I also take a 150mg of wellbutrin at about 10am. Now I'm taking a 50mg dose of tramadol for dental problems. And occaisenly a m357 vicodin. Also a bunch of b vitamins and c vitamins. I also drink a lot. And really with what dental work I've had done this past week hardly ate anything in a week. Anyone have any commits on this? Just checking out other thoughts. Thanks.
477600 tn?1211421159 so therefore i have not had an effexor for 5 days. today has been the weirdest day EVER!!!! i have had these severe dizzy spells and tingling like zaps going down my left arm and its like i kinda get disoriented and confused.... i am freaking out! if i knew that this would happen if i stopped taking these meds i would of told doc to shove that stethascope up his rear! --i have been off vicodin for a month now and i didn't have these kind of withdrawal reactions!!!!!
Avatar f tn compazine may help with nausea and might be useful....How long have you been on the effexor? Give it a while before you adjust effexor....and let your Doc adjust it (I cant stand effexor personally - but we all react differently) Check out the Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocol links listed in Health Pages here.....they work....good luck!
647120 tn?1256601651 When my doctor saw me, he said he wanted me off of them immediately, so I quit the clorazepate and the oxycodone without looking back, but I had to continue 15 mg of vicodin a day for residual leg pain. The day after I quit the narcotics, I developed a debilitating case of anxiety that I thought was drug withdrawal, but it kept on for weeks. Xanax didn't touch it until I started taking 37.5 mg of Effexor each day.
1699153 tn?1327039635 I just do things like hobbies and watch tv and stuff to get my mind off my depression and stuff. I know this post is kinda old so I hope things went well with being off Vicodin and hope that you have found some help and stuff. Hope you are doing ok.
Avatar n tn Hi, first off, its totally possible to get off these meds! However, it may not be easy. For me, the first two weeks seem to be the worst with whatever pill i am getting off of. I would suggest detoxing from one med at a time...maybe start with the least addictive or one with the least amount of withdrawl symptoms and start from there. Trying to get off everything at once may make you feel REALLY bad. I detoxed from vicodin, xanax, & finally effexor.
477600 tn?1211421159 i am a shy person by nature. and taking the vicodin, helped me be more spontaneous and not so shy. that was my main reason for taking them.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I just discovered this forum, and am hoping you can help. I have been treated w/Vicodin for awhile now for chronic pain. I have now moved from the US to India, where it is not available. Any recommendation for alternatives? I can't take codeine long term, and take Effexor, neurontin and metformin daily, w/Soma PRN as well. I can have scripts shipped here if need be, but wold prefer to avoid the hassle/expense.
Avatar f tn While I myself have not been on anti-depressants for my fibro, I understand that it is commonly done. I was on Vicoden for over three years, and now am getting good results with a 25 mcg Duragesic patch (change every three days) and Lyrica, 150 mcg twice daily. This is the most pain free I have been in recent memory. I hope that your regimen helps. This is a wonderful forum, and I am sure that there are many others who are going to share their thoughts.
2030769 tn?1343647674 One thing at a time girl. I know how you feel though. I am a smoker and I also and taking effexor. I want to get off of everything too but know I can't do it all at once. It's amazing how we don't want to be controlled by anything now.
4753943 tn?1359934569 t know much about it. I take Adderall for ADD and Effexor for anxiety...but Effexor is considered an Anti-Depressant. I'm on the lowest dose, though so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. And as far as Adderall goes, I'm only supposed to take it for work and school, as needed. So I can stop taking that if I try the supplement. I just think feel like the lack of energy is making everything feel worse than it has to.
190673 tn?1259203266 I have been taking Effexor XR 450mg and Buproprion 450mg for a couple of years. I'm weaning off the Effexor, going onto Pristiq and continuing the Buproprion.
Avatar m tn would not take lexapro and effexor together. for effexor withdrawal i take omega3 fish oil caps twice a day//benadryl as needed for dizzyness\\ b12 sublingualtwice a day\\st. johns wort twice a day// vitamin d3 twice a day ---ibuprofen(motrin) as needed for muscle pain. as far as i am concerned, i will never take a prescription rx. for anxiety and depression again. i also have ptsd. i am sticking to st. johns wort and omega 3 fish oil caps. both will treat depression.
Avatar n tn I switched from effexor to wellbutrin. I had to be on both medications at the same time for a long time because of the effexor withdrawal... it was so hard to come off the effexor, I was at the lowest dose for a very long time, 25mg, because I couldn't get off of it the withdrawal symptoms were too bad for me.
Avatar f tn I take Effexor for depression and forgot to bring it with me on a 3 day getaway with my 2 young boys. My girlfriend who was also there offered me a Xanax for the 8 hr. drive home just in case I lose it (my mind that is). I only took half and it seemed to work great. The drive was a breeze. Today however, I took my usual dosage of Effexor and now I'm feeling extremely detached. Like I just don't care about anything that is happening - good or bad.
Avatar n tn My doctor has suggested that I come off effexor (which i have been on for over 2 years) and start taking Wellbutrin XL. I was to take both of them for 1 week and then stop the effexor and take Wellbutrin only. I have not been feeling very good very tense, anxious, lightheaded and chest pains. I spoke to a pharmasist who suggested stopping the effexor straight away and continuing with the Wellbutrin.
Avatar m tn I have been weaning of 37.5 mg of Effexor for a week and a half taking it every other day. When can I start taking 25-50mg of 5Htp. Will this be safe to do? The Effexor is driving me crazy (sweating, fatigue, nausea..etc)..
Avatar f tn Do you think the PN was always this bad and reducing the Effexor is allowing the pain and numbness to come through, or do you think the additional issues are side-effects of reducing the Effexor?
1523184 tn?1291940756 I just got a letter from my doctor saying that a second consecutive urine test showed no vicodin in my urine, and that his office will no longer prescribe vicodin for me. I'm beside myself because I know I took my vicodin the day before the test. My new Rx was due the week after the test and I obviously didn't get my prescription. The only thing that I can possibly think of that is my fault is that I drink a tremendous amount of water every day, probably more than a gallon.
Avatar f tn hi,My DR,switched me from ativan to xanax on this past Thurs,I feel kinda more depressed and nausted,He also gave me Effexor 75 mg to take i took it on Friday and i dont know if it was the mixture of meds but my blood pressure dropped as well as my heart rate dropped,usually when i was on ativan heart ratewas in 90s it is in the 60s now,Im so afraid i havent taking another effexor,,,,i take the xanax because my anxiety is bad but i feel so emotionless has anyone taking the combination and how di
190673 tn?1259203266 I am quitting effexor (slowly but surely) and am down to 50 mg from 150. The only problem I have is depressed mood which my shrink says is a withdrawal symptom. I plan to be med free as long as I can and if I have to get back on meds ever again (been on them for 11 years continuously) it will be lexapro first because I used to take celexa and it was working better than others. My doctor said if I get too depressed to start lexapro right away. He gave me samples.
1118884 tn?1338592850 It worked really well to stabilise my mood and did not increase my acne. Rosacea and acne are not listed as side effects for Effexor, but are reported by 1% of patients. It is difficult to prove a causal link since acne and rosacea are so common in the general population -the increase in patients using Effexor is not statistically significant. I would recommend Effexor for people suffering from major depression or anxiety.
940358 tn?1245207998 I also was on Effexor and had a incident that my eye got a bump behind the lid and turned purple (The lid ) I also had dark circles under my eyes a few days before this. How much do they really know about the effects of this drug on the general population.Each individual is different. Thanks for any responses. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/519427'>Blindness & Effexor</a>.