Vicodin and dairy

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Avatar f tn the past 2 days i have eating dairy with dinner and i think this is setting it off. i feel fine all day until i eat dinner.
10456541 tn?1427998737 The past couple of weeks though it has been making me very nauseous and makes my stomach hurt SO bad! I even ate some pizza the other day and the dairy from the cheese hurt my stomach. Is there any other way to get calcium?
541609 tn?1273879848 dairy and pregnancy. It just talked about high fat dairy being a link to fertility. Check it out and see if any of it makes sense to you guys...
Avatar f tn I am six months now and am very limited on dairy. I was at the doctors today and he said a lot of pregnant women go through this and to make sure to get calcium by other means.
Avatar f tn Is it weird that dairy products are the only thing I can seem to consume without feeling bloated, nauseous, and or groggy?
Avatar n tn Depending on how often the doxy is taken, it might be possible to create a 'window' around, say, lunch, and eat dairy then. I cut dairy out of my diet a while back, and get calcium from other things. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Good plant sources of calcium include: -- Green leafy vegetables: spring greens, kale, broccoli, parsley. (Spinach is not a good source of calcium.
Avatar f tn on my meds, he actually stood there thinking, and almost with a throw-this-in-for-good-measure tone, said to have no dairy 2 hours before or after taking this....I haven't found anything regarding dairy and methimazole on the internet or the printout the pharmacy gave me. Just curious about the dairy/methimazole issue. Thanks!
Avatar m tn It says on my packet not to have any dairy products for 2 hours after taking the medication. I looked it up and dairy products inhibit the workings of the thyroxine medication. have others been told this?
604168 tn?1222537786 t underestimate the effects of Vicodin on constipation. I was prescribed Vicodin for a chronic lower back issue and constipation is a living hell when I'm on Vicodin. Oh, and I have a dependence on it as well. I take laxatives, stool softeners, high fiber diet, but nothing works!! It gets very, very frustrating. And then a deep depression sets in. Be careful with narcotics. The constiaption they cause is awful.
Avatar f tn I'm starting to wonder if there could be a link between endometriosis and RLS. Looking back, I've always had RLS, it just never got to be a daily struggle until August 5th of this year. That is when my first ovarian cyst ruptured. I am waiting to have laproscopy for the endometriosis as it is still growing and causing daily pain, bloating, FATIGUE, along with other symptoms. Last night it dawned on me that when my endometriosis flares, my RLS is amplified.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 20 years old and I've recently been prescribed a small dose of Eutroxsig (a 50mg tablet per day). My blood tests showed I was showing decrease in my TSH and I'm apparently showing symptoms that could potentially turn into thyroditis one day, though I'm wondering if these symptoms could also be due to my poor sleep schedule, diet and lack of exercise.
Avatar f tn There is a great breastfeeding support group you can join on Facebook where you can get good advice. It's called Dairy Queens.
1361799 tn?1277667591 Is it ok to give a cat ice cream and some meat like bacon and hambuggers? Because I don't know what it will do to my cat.
Avatar m tn As a vegan you need to combine grains and nuts / seeds for essential protein have to be used daily such as rice and beans, pasta and beans, nuts to oatmeal, peanut butter and bread, and salad and nuts. You can also eat the soy milk and rice milk, too. Vitamin B12 needs to be supplemented if you are a vegan vegetarian. Blood work can reflect low Iron stores when Vitamin B12 is deficient. Suggest getting your Vitamin B12 levels checked.
5946774 tn?1389187935 ve tried every kind of milk lactose, organic, and substitute like rice, almond, soy, and so on and they all have the same result with me throwing it up. Same thing with yogurt and ice cream. Has any one ever had this problem as well?
Avatar f tn ve got horrible nausea and vomiting and am on meds, but have noticed when I eat things with heavy milk in it, I feel horrible all night and normally and up getting sick... Prior to bring pregnant I didn't have an issue. I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow... Anyone else have this issue?
Avatar f tn Try laying off or at least cutting down while you are pregnant and then slowly add it back in to your diet afterwards. If you decide to breastfeed and you start dairy back into your diet and you notice your baby getting eczema, it could be a sign that he/she is allergic/intolerant.
1691630 tn?1329366215 Hi- so I was tested awhile ago for a dairy allergy, and the results came out fairly high. The only symptoms that I get though are constipation, bloated/inflamed stomach, and sometimes slight trouble breathing (this symptom is usually only when my anxiety/stress is bad). I was curious if anyone knew that if you do have a dairy allergy, and you continue to eat it (if the symptoms are bearable like these), is it harming your insides?
Avatar f tn Hi I am 33 weeks and every time I eat milk ice cream cheese or drink anything with dairy products In it I am in the bathroom a half hour after with really bad diarrhea What could that be
Avatar f tn So I wanted to quit taking 6-8 Vicodin a day but was scared. It happened by accident by substituting another drug (meth) . I hadn't used meth in 30 years and after 2 weeks I was down to 1 Vicodin a day for recurrent headaches. I am on nothing and I can barely get out of bed. The weakness and fatigue is unbearable. Out of breath at the slightest exertion. It has been 9 days with no anything and I feel like you could wipe the floor with me.
Avatar n tn I was born with asthma. As a child into teen, I was able to eat ice cream, yogurt, and drink milk. It was when I hit 19 and my early 20's , when I started getting extreme chest congestion after I ate or drank anything dairy. I can still eat cheese, but I cam no longer eat ice cream or drink milk. Can you tell me if it would make since to try either skim milk or 1%?. I recently tried Soy, but that made me congested as well.
1041243 tn?1375230520 but in my personal experience, thats all that vicodin does, too. vicodin makes me violently ill and i found that ibuprofen, tylenol and asprin all worked better than the vicodin...but i talked to my doc first, which is what you should do.