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969557 tn?1314370614 My son was on concerta and adderall and they both can cause seizures. I would ask doctor to you for an egg and make sure you are not having seizures.Witch is a side effect to concerta and can not be reversed .They can only give you medicine to try and control the seizures. I wish we had never put my son on these medicines.
Avatar f tn Three weeks ago, the Psychiatrist added in Intuniv...OH MY GOSH...the Concerta and Intuniv were PERFECT....Great days at school and an amazing kid emerged...Then at the end of two weeks he developed a tic...This was so horrible...They were happening about 12 - 16 per minute. raised eyebrows, eyes rolling to back of the head, head tilt to the side and a humming sound. We called Psych. and Concerta was stopped. However a week later, the tics are still here...not as frequent...
1756970 tn?1314376733 hi, concerta ,and stratara, and all the others my doc put me on didn't come close to adderall. focalin worked to but was costly. adderall leavels your brain, and lets you be yourself. the way your supose to be.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Concerta for one year. This was to counteract the fatigue and sleepiness that I had been getting from taking Paxil for depression. Though Concertat was initially effective, it gradually became more of a detriment than help. It made me very irritable, unfocused, and moody. I have worked with my doctor to gradually phase concerta out from the 72m I was taking daily.
Avatar n tn We tried putting my 9 year old son (who has ADHD) on Concerta about a month ago and after about 4 days, he started frequently rolling his eyes involuntarily up and to the right. We took him off immediately, but the symptoms have persisted. I'm not sure if it was caused by the Concerta, as he'd previously been on it for a month about a year ago and did not display the eye rolling. Does anyone know if there is a correlation, and if this is something that will stop?
Avatar n tn I started taking concerta 8 months ago and it has made ia great change in the fear I USED to have speaking in front of people . I till stutter but not near as often when speaking in front of adults .
Avatar m tn In addition I am tapering off diazepam and down to 2mg in the morning and 1 at night. Everytime I try to get off the concerta I get terrible anxiety from it. I have it to a degree while on it also. I want off but my dr who takes 3 weeks to get into anyway, won’t switch me to a med I can taper off of. I know 3 weeks is a short time compared to what most of you have been through. But can someone please tell me how long my withdrawals are going to last??
558991 tn?1226060828 She is now 18 and she takes Concerta 72 mg. daily. Because of her ADHD, she has become a compulsive eater and is now very obese. Now that she is 18, she wants to try weight loss pills like Alli and Lipozene. I advised her against it, saying diet and excersise are the best options, but she has a lot of trouble loosing weight, like most of my family. I am very worried that Concerta mixed with any weight loss medications can cause problems. Are my fears rational? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hello all! I have had attention problems since icould remember. Im 24 now. But only in the year or so I've realized that it has actually caused a lot of problems study wise for me. I feel constantly bored or loos interest in the smallest tasks and tend not to sleep allot because it feels like I can't switch the conversations off in my head. I only really realized that my behavior was a bit odd, when my friend kept telling me that I walk around and interrupt allot of people in class.
Avatar f tn My son has a 5-6 mm hole in his heart and we get Eco every year, just because he is taking Concerta. So far, we were lucky and did not have to suspend taking it. If they say it - keep him off of it. I am sorry to say that.
Avatar n tn I just started taking Concerta (36 mg) and I immediately developed shingles. My doctor swears it's a coincidence, but after seeing your post I can't help but wonder. I had chicken pox as a child, but I've never had shingles before now. What happened in your case? I went to the doctor today and got neurontin and valtrex, but the doctor told me to keep taking the Concerta. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn I take Abilfy, Topomax, Wellbutrin and Concerta. I go to the gym 3x week and try to watch what I eat. I am always tired!!!! Any suggesstions?
Avatar m tn I am a 30 year old who started taking ritalin and concerta (36mg - 72mg) on a regular basis for about 6 months about a year and a half ago. As a consequence I experienced erectile dysfunction. I stopped taking the meds and I still have erectile dysfunction. I have been off the meds for over a year now and I have not recovered my erectile function. I can only get a semi if I try really hard. I don't get morning boners any more and I don't get proper hard ons when watching porn either.
Avatar f tn My son was on the concerta and got tics from it and when he was taken off of it, about 6 months later the tic had dissapeared completely. Check out the info on and type in ADD and look for the article on curing children with ADD/ADHD. Also type in the search area L-theanine and look for the article on Feeling a little unfocused. Both are great articles and help to understand more on what other things are out their besides drugs.
Avatar f tn I checked his eyes this morning before he took his Concerta pill and his eyes were still dialated, but not as badly as after he takes the Concerta. Should I take him to an eye doctor or should I discuss this with his psychiatist (who prescribes his Concerta) first?
Avatar f tn My son is 8 on concerta and he also wets his pants I am begining to wonder I have read the literature and can't find any connection. But I do wonder.
Avatar f tn I just started taking Concerta (36 mg) and I immediately developed shingles. My doctor swears it's a coincidence, but I can't help but wonder. I had chicken pox as a child, but I've never had shingles before now. I went to the doctor today and got neurontin and valtrex, but the doctor told me to keep taking the Concerta. I don't know what to do because the Concerta is helping my ADD, but I also believe it at least played a part in my shingles outbreak.
Avatar n tn My daughter is nearly 11 years old and has been taking Concerta (now on 36mg) since March. The doctor recommended a switch to Strattera for the reason that it works 24 hours (Concerta is effective for only 12 hours) and will help my daughter concentrate more. I have no idea whether Strattera is a better alternative, can anyone tell me if this is true?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with ADHD (to add to my list of other mental health issues) at the age of 21 and was put on Concerta as treatment. Well, three years has passed and my dosage has increased to 108 mg/morning. At 72 mg I started developping speech problems and then they worsened at 90 mg. It was so bad, that ny doctor reduced my dose but later on he decided to increase it back up as I was having a lot of struggles.
982251 tn?1248781387 My daughter has been on concerta for 3 yrs now and she has facial tics. We took her off now and its been about 4 days, they seem to have gone away except once in away in awhile I see one but mostly 3\4 or more are gone. So I would like to know if they were becuse of the concerta and not touretts.
1031310 tn?1259857386 I see your post is from a few yrs ago but I wanted to add that I was prescribed concerta as an adult- I have no other medical issues or mood disorders but an APRN said I had ADD (and I think she's correct). I started a very low dose of concerta and it was fine- no side effects and I noticed a slight improvement in my processing- then she upped the dose a bit and after about 2 weeks I noticed a pattern emerging whenever I forgot to take the med.
13415927 tn?1430701518 my psychiatrist was very dubious to put me on ADD medication as im an ex crystal meth addict. obvious reasons. ive been clean for 8 years now and have been on concerta for almost a year. but i am bipolar and have very bad anxiety. concerta works very well for my ADD but not for my anxiety, is there a better way to get the best of both worlds?
Avatar f tn I started taking 18 mg of Concerta once daily about 2 weeks ago. Oddly I have noticed two things: 1) I can no longer have my daily/morning coffee without severe nausea (even the pharmacist didn't have it as one of his warnings). 2) Despite the fact that it keeps me awake to the point that daytime napping is not possible I still feel exhausted most of the time which doesn't make much sense to me. Has anyone had anything like either of these things happen while they were taking it?
Avatar f tn My 9 year old son has been on 18mg of Concerta for three years now and it's been great for him. Unlike Ritalin, Concerta is taken only once in the morning so it starts to wear off in time for dinner and definately on time for going to bed. The problem with Ritalin seems to be that it's a difficult come down and makes going to sleep at night very uncomfortable. Concerta has been great for my son.
Avatar m tn ve been prescribed a generic version of adderall 10mg once a day. From what I read this is amphetamine. My prescription ran out and I used a concerta my concern is if I have a urine test or hair follicle test will the methylphenidate in the concerta show up? Concerta is not my prescribed medicine.
Avatar f tn We now switched him to concerta (lasts longer than focalin)...and added Prozac. Teacher really likes the results at school. However...evenings are hectic. He becomes very silly and immature. Often displaying autistic like behaviors--flapping hands, grunting, weird noises etc. Demeanor is relatively happy and giggly....Before just on ADHD meds...the withdrawal he was very angry and aggressive. He takes clonodine to sleep. But is very amped up at night. Could this be a side effect?
Avatar n tn d be taken 3.5mg, then wait an hour, then the 18mg concerta , and then possibly another 1mg 30 mins - hour after that?
Avatar f tn I have child that was also on Concerta 36. There are two types of this medication. Concerta and Concerta CR which is controller release, I believe it was called. However, I found that concerta is not a very effective drug for dealing with ADHD. You might want to have the school give her the second dose at 1pm at school, this way it will avoid the medicine lapsing while she is at school.
Avatar n tn My son is taking Concerta 36mg. in the AM...and an afternoon dose of 10mg methylphenidate...HE DOES NOT HAVE AN Appetite...He says No thank You to EVERYTHING FOOD That I offer him since starting these meds.... He is 10 years old and have always had a great appetite.....HELP ....
Avatar f tn my son is taking 36mg concerta and having headaches what can i give him for the pain