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2048234 tn?1330814100 So tomorrow it will be 1 week since I have taken a pill and for the first time today I got up and made a pot of coffee. Is it normal that I honestly feel like I can fun for miles and my heart is racing after 1 cup?? Does this have something to do with not having the vicodin in my system?
1305767 tn?1361192676 I took prescription opiate pain medication (Vicodin) for 4 years and while I was on it I'd drink A LOT of coffee. I'm talking at least a pot a day, sometimes more. Last August I stopped taking the Vicodin. My doctor put me on Subutex as therapy for opiate dependency (which I hardly take now). It seems like when I stopped taking the Vicodin my desire to drink coffee started to diminish. Now I only drink one or two cups a day and sometimes it doesn't even taste good to me.
Avatar m tn m exhausted again today and need to go to work and am thinking about drinking coffee to get going here, any advice?
Avatar f tn Once im laid down it's ok. And my doctor told me it's fine to breastfeed on vicodin just not right after you take it.
Avatar f tn They look completely different. So be careful next time lol. And u are fine. And baby will be fine. And drug free.
1407445 tn?1281318016 I looked at some of the posts and I can relate. I was on Vicodin ES for 4 months now. I have been off Vicoden ES for 4 days now and I feel like hell. I fell in April and I have herniated disc, fibermialgia, arthritus and now a wrinched shoulder after the fall. I also take klonopin .5 mg 2 times a day I was on 1mg twice a day and have decreased the dosage because I wanted to get off it and the Vicodin ES. So can someone help me with the symptoms? What can I do?
1148241 tn?1294052796 We have one of those one cupt at a time Keurig coffee makers (love it) and the varieties of coffee available are just too much for me. But my wife is wondering if my consumption of coffee is contributing to my headaches.
Avatar f tn He goes out briefly and and comes back with a needle mark in his arm and face flushed. Then later on, he sniffles a lot, his body is itchy, nods off and on during the day, vomiting/nausea, makes frequent trips to the bathroom. I noticed red spots on his arm and several needle tracks. When he naps, his arms and legs twitches. He's very quiet with me and has denied his drug addiction so I don't bring it up anymore.
Avatar f tn And I am eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and no the snacks are NOT vicodin LOL another amazing thing is I have my pupils back and my dark circles are slowly disappearing. I finally started getting my energy back yesterday and my house is coming together more then it was when I was eating 8 vicodin a day!! What I have ben doing is starting my day with sublingual vitamin b12 and a st johns wort supplment and a multivitamin as well as a cup of coffee or two lol.
Avatar f tn I am now on day 7 with no vicodin. Every day gets just a little easier, and I love how I don't need to make sure I have enough pills to get through work anymore. I still have moments of restlessness and anxiety, but I'm getting my ambition back fast. My energy is still lacking, but I started drinking coffee at work to help with that. Otherwise, I'm starting to feel healthier and more clear-headed than I have in 4 years!!!
Avatar f tn (ok i am a smoker,and do drink coffee 1 cup a day) i was diagnosed with acid reflux.sounds stupid that i would smoke and drink coffee,i quit for about a month both coffee,and relief.i was put on protonix(didn't work-had a reaction)Nexium worked for about 2 yrs,built up a tolerance to that,zantac worked for about 3 months,prilosec,ranadine,famodine,prevacid,aciphex none worked.
Avatar f tn I have been off Vicodin for the last 3 days. Today is the 4th day and the worst. I take Aderral XR for ADHD. Can this help with wd symptoms or hurt?
10020336 tn?1410657538 No matter what you do unless you are proscribed a creme to numb the aria and make the muscles relax its gonna hurt all you can hope for is reduced pain. Try and go and sit when there is some one around to watch bub and try and do something relaxing while you sit. Increase you'r fibber intake and try prune products and pare products.
554409 tn?1218403468 I am in the process right now, which has taken 4 months already, to get a diagnosis for my lower right abdominal pain. The gastroenterologist thinks I have Crohn's disease, and I am in waiting right now to have a capsule endoscopy, and have no idea how long this wait is going to be. My problem is I am in agony, and if any one has any ideas of anything that can relieve abdominal pain I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar n tn i dont think coffee will hurt you...the red bull is full of caffiene and vitamins i think so you should be good with that. those are just my opinions...they didnt hurt me. i am 96 days clean!
967045 tn?1378399673 Hi, thank goodness nursegirl said no. I feel the same way but wasn't sure if opiates were a problem for you. I have been taking 2 aspirin at a time if I have a headache and I'll drink a cup of coffee. (don't normally drink coffee but it seems to work for headaches for me.) Good luck , those headaches are terrible.
Avatar f tn I thought it could be from coffee as that does trigger it but also happens without coffee if I’m active and not home I don’t get the urge to poop most of the time,my diet isn’t the greatest but I don’t eat junk food and if I don’t drink coffee I’m sometime drink kickstart energy drinks but they don’t always trigger me to poop! I tried reading stuff on google but my symptoms don’t relate to much of what I found because I just a pooping issue!
Avatar f tn I'm draggin right behind you! blaaaah! For me, even though I know its not gonna stay put for too long... but I gotta keep eating!! Nothing too heavy, but something that you love to eat, so it feels good. Getting wrapped up in pills can tend to lead you away from enjoying all 3 meals of the day. I tended to do coffee & pills for the first half of the day and go big with dinner. But now I need to get my old eating habits back...
1126486 tn?1267423374 Hey everyone.. I recently decided to stop using vicodin. I tried once before, but the withdrawals were so painful; I was unsuccessful. I felt extremely sick.. body aches.. insomnia.. depression.. and anxiety so bad I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my body. Willing to do whatever it would take to even feel slightly normal, I gave in and popped a few pills, and wa-la.. I felt like a champ. Since then, I've continuously procrastinated my detox/recovery.
Avatar f tn My advice that I do like to share on here, that has worked the best for me is meditation... Every morning I like to grab a cup of coffee and a cig, and go outside and say 10 positive thoughts or affirmations about myself, that I can repeat to myself through out the day when **** starts getting bad or I feel like using... Or I journal, but no matter what... every morning after I do that... I go for a walk/jog... I seriously think that excerise has helped me the most...
Avatar f tn I have read that with the ascites comes portal hypertension and that the coffee grounds is actually dried blood. Could he have been bleeding internally? My husband has been upset about this since he was the one that first noticed this. I tried to explain to him that if he wasnt there when it happened that possibly he could have bled to death and possibly start to vomit bright, red blood. It was like he was supposed to be there and help my Pap. I miss him so much.
1359937 tn?1277510938 I tried red bulls and coffee yesterday along with ice cream, gum, and aspirin but none have any effect on me just feel awake but weak I also stopped smoking yesterday but only had the urge to smoked when I was under the influence of Vicodine as well so it two habits I am fighting off. Q1: how long will I continue to feel like this, Q2: Any home remedies that can help with the withdrawals?Q:3 Any over the counter medicine that will help with the pain?
Avatar f tn i have been taking b-12 everyday a few times a day and also drinking lots of coffee.....just something to help with a little energy......what day are you on?
Avatar m tn Agreed - consider yourself very very lucky!! wow.. 2 days straight - and naturally without taking anything..keep it up and sleep it off. Take care.
Avatar f tn Well I have completely took soda pop, coffee, and other high caffinated beverages out of my diet. I haven't had a single soda or coffee drink in about a month. I have been drinking a lot of juice and tons of water. Here lately I have been waking up with my right kidney pain again, and its only painful in the mornings. It feels fine if I lay on the side that the pain in son, but if I roll over to my left side it hurts so bad to even breathe.
Avatar f tn Furthermore, codeine is not the active ingredient in Vicodin. The active ingredient in Vicodin is hydrocodone and a standard Vicodin contains 5 mg. And you have to specifically ask the pharmacist for this tylenol/codeine/caffeine combo, it is not out on the shelves, even in Canada. I'd ask your wife just why she decided to purchase it? Good luck.
1947337 tn?1331423890 30 or 11, get up at 5:30ish. I drink my 3 cups of coffee and because i normally have a HA take the usual 1/2 of a vicodin and 1 excedrin. Then, I am able to get kids up and going by 6:30 and off to schl, but by 9:30 I am whiped out. I try to make myself stay up as long as possible but usually back asleep by 10 and will sleep til at least 1 and sometimes longer no matter what I do I just cant stay awake.
Avatar f tn I am on day 6 and just confessed to my mom, my 5 year addiction to vicodin and to my surprise she was excited I quite and offered support and help. I know I'm lucky but I had been tricking myself thinking no one knew I was addicted. People can surprise you.
1041243 tn?1375230520 but in my personal experience, thats all that vicodin does, too. vicodin makes me violently ill and i found that ibuprofen, tylenol and asprin all worked better than the vicodin...but i talked to my doc first, which is what you should do.