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Avatar f tn Hello, I have thyroid cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. A week ago I had surgery to remove the lymph nodes (surgery went well and I was sent home). Now I am on percocet for the pain. I have been able to reduce my doses and think I will be completely off in a couple of days. My doctor said after the surgery, I could start trying to conceive.
Avatar m tn Also it's 40-60 minutes after taking one I get an erection. It just happens, I've no control over it at all, I can be at work or doing anything & wammo, there it is. Also I need to add that I am Hypoglycemic & have a high metabolism. I'm 6'1 & 150 lbs. And I've this birth defect that baffles doctors. My testicles go up inside my body (behind my pubic bone) when I get an erection, and they don't drop back out until I achieve an orgasm.
Avatar n tn you can see on my profile that my daughter is a very happy and HEALTHY 19-month-old now, and they were giving me stuff WAY stronger than vicodin for my kidney stones. Congrats on the pregnancy :). When do you find out if you're having a girl or a boy?
Avatar f tn But two weeks ago i went to the dentist and had my mouth worked on and i was put on ibuprofen 800 ,vicodin and penicllin and i have had three periods this month,but now the cramps i have are unbearable and it hurts to even stand. Any ideas on what it could be ?
Avatar f tn s 2 now, i had bad sciatica pain could barely walk but i was still an addict, he gave me 30 a week up until the day i delivered, not proud but this addiction is strong, and its very hard to break the tie.
Avatar f tn There have been many pregnant moms on this forum who were addicted to pills and at a much higher dose than you. It is not safe for you to go cold turkey as your baby will feel the withdrawals more than you. Please talk to your OB and see what he/she recommends. It is best to be totally honest with everyone concerned. If they find out without being informed, it could cause problems.
Avatar f tn I have heard about the patch and the IUD and wanted to know all about them or any other really effective birth control. I don't want anything that will increase my acne, weight, or flow. I have bad acne and flow as it is.
360318 tn?1340393363 So my question is should I get on birth control? How will this effect the way I act and the way I feel? I have heard bad stories about the pill, and that it makes you really cranky, and I am already cranky once I ovulate, and I am worried my boyfriend will leave me if I am more cranky, because he has threatened to leave a few times when I had ovulated and had been cranky.
511985 tn?1227778153 I was just switched birth control. First off I hate being on BC cuzit makes me gain weight. Well I wason ortho tri cylen (reg and lo) for a year and it made my period very heavy. I ran out of pills and decided to stop taking them. I started to lose some weight :).
Avatar f tn I would never recommend the depo shot. I was on it for a year and ever since ive had bad headaches and problems with my bones aching. It ***** the calcium out of your bones and I was always small (110-115 pounds) before I started it and it made me gain weight I was never able to keep off and stayed around 140 when before I could never even make myself gain weight. It totally messed up my body and periods and I bled for 2-3 weeks everytime I had to get the next shot.
Avatar f tn I've never used birth control because I don't want my hormones messed up, and I've heard it making people bleed heavier and longer so I never wanted to do that. But now I'm about to have my second child, and I don't want anymore. Tubal is out of the question because the Dr won't do it at 23 yrs old. Sooooo I need some birth control options that are safe and lasts a while. Any good ones?
7670156 tn?1401987192 Hi ladies, I know we're all pregnant and all, but yesterday at my check up my doctor said I should start thinking about what kind of birth control I want after my baby girl is here. I've never been on birth control (and still did very well, baby was planned) what do you ladies suggest worked best for you? I don't want to worry about another baby for a long while at least a few years. And that implant that goes in your arm scares me.
Avatar f tn I just stuck with the pill because I could remember to take it at the same time every day reguardless if what works best for you remember, no birth control is %100 effective. I got pregnant with my son on 5 years of religious birth control. And my friends mom got pregnant with an iud. Birth control and protected sex is always your best bet!
Avatar f tn The only birth control ive ever taken was the pill and it made me sick alot. Honestly the right birth control depends on the person. For example if they can go get the show every three months or if they are good with taking a pill every day. Its all aboit what you are comfortable with.
Avatar f tn If your still on the birth control still and you believe it's made this worse talk to your doctor about coming off the birth control and see whether there's any other birth control that will be better suited
Avatar f tn i was on the pill, shot and patch and i ended up pregnant all three times, posible u could be if u dont get ur period or its close to get ur peroid if u are worried i would get a test and check and if so check a couple more times i sure did 5 each time and then went to the doc and took a test there to and then i was.
Avatar f tn My friend told me it only took a few days and I believed her because she is on birth control also. The papers that came with them didn't tell me how long. Right after I had sex, I started getting headache's everyday. Is that a sign of pregnancy or is it just the pills causing them? And is how long for sure does it take to get in your system?
Avatar f tn Yeah thats what I wanted I know someone that has a birth control and its inserted in to her arm have any idea what that is about? How far along are you ?
Avatar n tn I had it and hated it. I had it in January 2012 and bled from the time I got it till March. and I don't mean spotting. It made me extremely anemic and I lost tons of weight. I looked unhealthy and sick. After I finally stopped bleeding in March I didn't bleed again ever till August then I bled till October. I finally forced my Obgyn to take it out because I couldn't eat and I was so sick from loosing blood.constantly. I wouldn't recommended it but some people do good.
Avatar f tn I've heard bad things about long term birth control so it's not something I'd use but that's my personal opinion
Avatar f tn I was on just about every birth control option and this was by far the best. No big side effects just some spotting when shot was due and sore butt at place of injection for a couple days. Now married and wanting to start a family I am ten months from my last shot and have not conceived yet but if you factor that into your future plans my doctor said a year to two to conceive after stopping the shot.
Avatar f tn I've got a week left and I still don't know what birth control I should get on. And that will help with periods (cuz I have bad flow that I get anemic on my period.) and one that I can safely breastfeed with. Any ideas? What are you stories, the good and bad with birth control.
11195379 tn?1427921527 So I had my baby 2wks ago and don't know what kind of birth control I wanna be on. Which would u ladies recommend or which ones are u planning to be on?
Avatar f tn Bree61714, I often think of you. How are you doing? Well I see your asking about birth control choices/options so I guess I won't ask if you planned to try soon again.
Avatar f tn I just saw a different post and i just thought about something i just recentley went on the depo shot for birth control its probably the same and the pills but maybe not? maybe thats whats causing this anxiety? i started on it a week or two before my first panic attack? does anybody else possibly think this?
Avatar n tn I have used the Nuvaring off and on for years. I love it. You put it in and leave it in for 21 days and then remove it for 7 days to have a period. Then simply put a new one in. No worries about taking a pill at the same time everyday and I also found that I have no side effects from it as I have bad side effects from all the other pill forms if birtcontol. For me it has been the best. Everyone is different though.