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Avatar m tn I have never had blisters, mostly swelling and burning (but not standard herpes symptoms), this has not resolved after 2 full months (I didn't think herpes went that long for outbreak) and from what I understand these are low results (posted below) so I ask your thoughts as my doc basically said there is no such thing as low positive, you have herpes, the me and will help but it didn't and now I'm symptomatic without sex. Would I benefit from retesting?
Avatar n tn There is another type of med thats over the counter for yeast infection that isn't the one you have taken and the generic name of it starts with a "T" just look for the one with the different name than the one you got and try it. You may need diflucan prescribed by your doctor to get rid of the yeast infection.
Avatar f tn Hi Guys, I am sure that many people with MS and other neurological diseases suffer from constipation, this can happen either due to the medicines that we are taking for our MS or due to the nerve pathway damage, in my case it has been caused by both, for a while I was on a drug called Vesicare which I am sure many of you take for bladder urgency. This drug is known to cause constipation as it drys out our mucus, so usually we end up with a dry mouth and dry other bits.
Avatar n tn FINALLY a name for this. PHANTOSMIA. I found some links regarding this when I did a search for olfactory damage since I had a cat-scan done and the ENT specialist said that although the scan did not show anything - that it sounded like my past illness had caused some olfactory nerve damage. There also has been some mention of possible damage being caused by certain medications.