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7748835 tn?1393868668 Hello. I'm 16, 5'6 and 118lbs. I've had asthma since I was little and I just got a diagnosis that it was moderate persistent asthma but has worsened since I've had that diagnosis so I'm sure it's severe now. I'm on Advair 250/20 as a preventor and I have Ventolin HFA as a rescue inhaler. I take Advair twice a day, but sometimes forget to take it. I don't believe it helps prevent any symptoms or attacks whatsoever.
Avatar m tn g montelukast, ventolin inhaler and symbicort. Xray for the sinus and chest were also ordered which resulted to bilateral nasal congestion and clear chest. The problem is, I have been experiencing symptom of dizziness. Its been a month now and I could not take it anymore. As if I am floating always. Please, could you help me with my concern?. . Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn Under PFT test it shows FEF25-75 IS SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASED SUGGESTING INCREASED SMALLER AIRWAY AIRFLOW OBSTRUCTION, attending doctor started Ventolin HFA , please suggest what can be done? does this is serious concern in future.
Avatar f tn I been smoking for 11 years now. The er at the time prescribed me ventolin hfa. I went to my regular dr a week later and they ordered me a pulmonary function test. I got the results and it says that there is nothing wrong with my lungs. But i still continue to get the cough off and on every 3-4 months. Every time i use my inhaler, my chest gets aggravated and congested and it makes me cough of 2013, im 28 weeks pregnant and im still smokin cigarettes.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Bronchiolar asthma all my life (22 years), My inhalers have not been a bother with me worked perfect helped me so much expect the Blue one which made my Asthma worse.
Avatar f tn You might be reacting to that and not the medication, switching to the HFA inhaler version would help that (or vice versa). If is VERY unlikely you are allergic to every single medication for asthma because there is a lot of differing types and specific meds. You might want to talk to a pharmicist for less common alternatives if your doctor is having trouble - they may not know of the other alternatives.
Avatar f tn I did that and the results came back fine, and there was nothing wrong with my lungs. The er gave me albuterol ventolin hfa. Whenever i use it, the medicine makes my chest more worse. I dnt know why, but as of now im 28 weeks pregnant, and as of right now since mothers day, i been having this whistling in my chest and i have been coughing since last week sunday, with a rumbling sound in my chest wen i inhale and exhale. I havent used my inhaler or nothing else.
Avatar f tn Can't say that I get that symptom but everyone is different. What inhaler is it? Ventolin or a steroid one? Ventolin normally increases heart rate and makes you shaky. I don't know of any inhalers that make you drowsy?
Avatar n tn Hi, i I am using ventolin inhaler regularly for past many years. Also i am using Pulmicort and Singulair regularly. I am from India.I may be travelling to US shortly. I am worried about the availability of Ventolin inhalers. Some months i may need to use more than one Ventolin inhalers based on my asthma triggers. Will it be a problem to get 2 ventolin inhaler prescription per month in US.
Avatar f tn after being on the blue Ventolin inhaler I had experienced severe headaches and a jittery feeling in me everytime I took it, the headaches became increasingly worse so I got took off Ventolin and put on Bricanyl Turbohaler. I have been using Bricanyl along with my brown inhaler and antihistamines as it was believed that I had allergic asthma.
1515545 tn?1291395764 Oh, caregiver222 is right about Walmart. They do have a "sample size" inhaler for around $4. It only has about 60 puffs though. I am thinking it is Ventolin, but it could be something else. Take care.
Avatar f tn ll get used to the inhaled medicine better or later he will reduce the number of times you need to take the inhaler---or give you an inhaler that delivers less medicine and doesn't have this effect. I hope it's better by now.
746512 tn?1388807580 Symbicort has a counter, too. When it gets to the yellow area time to refill prescription...haha. I've also had problems because my Proair was low. I agree that rescue inhalers should have counters...people don't have running tallies in their head as to how much they've used. If Symbicort and Advair have them, I don't see why Proair, Proventil, etc can't. It doesn't make sense to me, either.
212161 tn?1599427282 I don't know what inhaler was prescribed for you, but "rescue' (acts quickly) inhalers such albuterol can cause palpitations and arrhythmias. But this reaction is rare as long as you use the recommended dosage. Steroid inhalers are maintenance inhalers meant to prevent asthma attacks. They do not have cause palpitations and arrhythmias.
Avatar n tn I have also started waking up in the morning with severe wheezing (relieved by a Ventolin inhaler) and coughing. What could be causing the problem? Also does using the inhaler too much cause migraine like headache symptoms? Thankyou.
Avatar m tn I have cough for almost a week. My doctor told me to took ventolin spectorant for 4-5 days 3 times a day. But i only took 2 times a day bec. I am relactant in taking medicine.may i know if ventolin expectorant is safe for a pregnant women for 16 weeks. Is there no side effects for baby?
Avatar n tn my pharmacist says I shouldn't be using flovent but ventolin. When I told my Dr. I was very wheezy in the a.m. and at night.....he increased my flovent to b.i.d. who am I supposed to believe????? Also, why not...
Avatar f tn Advair is only a maintence drug which will only help you over time but it is not an emergency inhaler (like ventolin or proair). Advair if not taken as prescribed can make things worse and can make you very ill. Please never take more than the 4 puffs per day. Anxiety can do really bizarre things to people. It can make you feel like you are sufficating.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed an inhaler about a week ago, and it doesn't seem to be helping with my breathing problems. It feels good and works for about a few seconds after using it then it doesn't make a difference at all. And the other day it actually made my symptoms A LOT worse (I could barley breath for the whole evening and felt pressure). Is there a reason for all of this or should I just switch brands?
Avatar m tn You will feel a lot better then having to take ventolin all the time. Use one inhaler properly (try not to miss any doses) and see how you feel at the end. Use a journal (or the asthma tracker on here) to keep track of symptoms and peak flows if you have a meter. Assess at the end of one inhaler (probably 2-4 weeks) and then talk to your doctor if you don't feel like you want to continue using it.
Avatar n tn Hi i am having throat tightness everyday for 15 years. I am regularly using Ventloin, Fomertrol+budesonide and Motelukast+LC. The only problem is breathlessness arising from throat tightness. I never wheeze in the life. The throat tightness is getting reduced when i take Ventolin. The doctor say i don't have to take ventolin beacause Fomertrol+budesonide and Motelukast+LC. will prevent the difficulty. But only medicines which seems to be working is Ventolin and Motelukast+LC.
Avatar m tn When Albuterol was taken off the market she prescribed Ventolin HFA inhaler. I used to go into my PCP for a breathing inhaling solution to help me breathe if I whenever I contracted bronchitis, and she also placed me on steroid, cough syrup and antibiotics for the bronchitis which at times left me very breathless. Last March 2014 I developed bronchitis and went in to see my PCP, and she gave me a breathing test, and said my asthma developed into COPD.
Avatar n tn i'm using aerocort inhaler(each actuation deliversBelcomethasone Dipropionate-50mcg;Levosalbutamol Tartrate-50mcg;Absolute alcohol-7.4% v/v suspended in propellant HFA)....i feel problem in breathing 2-3 times a day and i take a dose and taking it for 7-8 years and also have much mucus developed....but "i feel drowsy and headache after taking each dose"..i have to take a light sleep to gain the freshness...what should i do, should i change my inhaler or consult doc.????
Avatar f tn I did have a chest x-ray which was clear except my doctor said that my small airways looked pronounced which could indicate airway inflammation. I had allergy testing and had a mild reaction to ragweed. I was prescribed Ventolin HFA and Asmanex. I took these medications and had a lot of side effects from both medications. The side effects felt worse than the actual symptoms.
2206935 tn?1373638605 I stopped using my brown preventative inhaler because I kept getting a lot of oral thrush from it. I still carry the Ventolin albuterol inhaler to give instant relief should I get an attack. Doing exercises and breathing to full capacity is good for the lungs so is breath control especially when you sing.