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1378325 tn?1285350225 Hi, I get my prescriptions through Express Scripts and they recently contacted my doctor about a generic for Effexor ER called Venlafaxine. The problem is, I now take the extended release Effexor and the supposed generic for this med is $70 more than the brand name Effexor ER. How could a generic subsitute be more expensive than the brand name, just doesn't make any sense to me. If I chose to take the non-extended release generic Venlafaxine, it would be $80 cheaper than the Effexor ER.
Avatar m tn I recently came off Venlafaxine after 20years, I did it over a period of four months as I was on 75mg morning and 150mg at night, and getting zapping noises like electric noise you get when combing your hair a lot. Now after coming off it, I am still getting a zapping noise in my head, can you tell me if this noise will go and when; as I have been off it for 8days now?
Avatar f tn When I got my last prescription I was given viepax and today was given venlafaxine hydrochloride. I have had low mood since changing even though my GP says that venladaxine is the active ingredient in all of them. Can anyone help?
Avatar m tn I emailed to verify the price because I thought it was like the discount cards but when they went to fill it the price jumps back up. They verified the $40 price and in fact today when I got an email that it had been processed it came to $26 for 90 days of 75mg Venaflaxine HCL XR (TEVA). I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will work the same as the one I have been on. I will post after trying it for a month.
Avatar f tn I found the generic Venlafaxine were quite different to the Effexor brand name. Doctors and pharmacists have told me they are the same, but my body knows different. I got my doctor to wite Effexor on the prescription, which he did. Mind you, here in the UK we do not have to pay for meds when we are over 60. One doctor told me there was hardly any difference in the price, and wondered why I had been prescribed the generic and not the brand named Effexor.
Avatar m tn I have had depression for around 5 years now and been on venlafaxine for nearly 4 of them. I have been upto 300mg and then dropped to 225mg 150mg in am then 25mg as doctor prescribed. These were all on effexor. had a letter earlier in the year saying the drug is being changed from capsule to tablet but is exactly the same. i am taking viepax xl. before i was on effexor modified release.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your cautionary tale. I also spent a period on fairly high dose Venlafaxine XL (225mg) about ten years ago. I vividly remember the awful side-effects that would develop within a few hours of missing a dose and would evaporate rapidly when I took the medication. I used to get a 'swishy head' as well: it was as though i'd just gone over the top of a roller-coaster and begun to drop rapidly, except the sensation lasted hours instead of seconds and was crippling rather than exciting.
603543 tn?1255298050 I too was concerned about changing when nothing was wrong except price. Effexor XR was going to cost me cash price for 120 caps of 75mg--$550.00+. Couldn't do. The Pristiq he said was A purifies form of Effexor with the side effects (bad) removed. My only problem is a slight headache, but that could be fron number of things. It is only $132.00. He gives samples. I have been able to go to a site at, I believe, someone help me here.
Avatar n tn - Costco has great prices on generics, I think they are about 40-60% of the price of the same generics at chain pharmacies and you do not need a Costco membership to buy from them (although I think you have to pay by check or cash). Unfortunately, "Venlafaxine Hydrochloride" is not a covered drug under Walmart's or Target's $4 prescription program, but these are good programs to know about if you don't have insurance - these may come in handy:
822153 tn?1333066595 I know alot of people had that same issue with Effexors generic Venlafaxine. Sometimes I question the quality of generics because many are made in such places as China. I have also noticed that Generic Xanax (Alprazolam) is not as strong as the name brand. Problem is, who can really afford the name brands now days. Thay cost 4 times as much.
Avatar f tn Quetiapine is the generic of Seroquel, which is an atypical antipsychotic. You can use first generation antipsychotics (like thorazine) in bipolar, but they come with higher risk of movement disorders, so most doctors don't prescribe them for BP. Venlafaxine is the generic of Vyvanse, which is for ADD/ADHD. Some docs prescribe stimulants off label for BP, but generally not as a first try. Do you have a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD?
Avatar f tn I was on 75 mg effexor IR caps for 1 year now and im on brandname venlafaxine tabs wah? 37.5mg day one. lazy, eyes hurt, want to lazy around i usually sit around but this is worse. Also panicking about my bitcoin i invested in hoping the price stays up and rises. my eye hurts, light burns my eyes, worse headaches, feel hot, feel like my brain is zapping, my foot is too, and i am confused about life and have no energy. day one on switching to zoloft 100mgs once a day. 4 days left on 37.
Avatar f tn Three years ago I was proclaiming how wonderful effexor is--now I realize this medication did help my depression but oh what a price I have paid! My depression began to ease in 3 days! I also developed a craving for chocolate (I have always hated chocolate-it give me a headache and made me nauseated). I began eating sweets (something I NEVER ate) like a crazed person. I couldn't stop. After 30 days on 75 mg. I began to get depressed again so I started on 150 mg.
Avatar m tn I may make some changes in the quantity of anti-depressant medication that is of effexor(venlafaxine) in the months ahead reducing the effexor level below 75 mg./day. At least that is the message I am currently running with until some advances in chemotherapy and psychiatry come my way or until I feel the need for a change due to some symptoms raising their head again.
Avatar n tn I just know that my hair is terribly thin and in extremely bad condition. This is a very small price to pay for my treatment and clearing the virus. I've also heard that after the treatment meds leave your system, then the hair comes back nicely. I'll just have to wait and see. I have about 11 more weeks to go and then I may have to do an extension after my 48 weeks. Hang in there.!! When you think that your hair can't fall or thin out anymore, it does.
Avatar m tn Because unless Wyeth releases the drug at a lower price point than Effexor XR (which is highly unlikely), Pristiq will have to prove itself as more than just another antidepressant. IMO sometimes the older AD meds work better, although most of them do have a higher occurance of side effect. Some people are more resistant to AD meds than other. Why this is so is not fully understood.
725248 tn?1316165845 Invega (paliperidone), Adalat Oros/XL (Nifedipine), Jurnista (Hydromorphone), (Venlafaxine) ER and Concerta (methylphenidate). Again the OROS is the term used for how the Hydromorphone is forumated and delivered. It's available in Europe but I can't find it's availablity in the US. If anyone can please let the board know. Opana ER is an extended release form of Hydromorphone (Dilaudid). Opana ER utilizes the TIMERx delivery system and not the OROS delivery system.
Avatar m tn My aim here is to state as succinctly as possible the new set of symptoms as they had developed since I began the new medication package of sodium valproate(NAVAL) and venlafaxine(effexor) in April/May of 2007 and as these symptoms were exhibited; firstly, as of 30 November 2007, the date of the first consultation summarised below with my psychiatrist; and secondly, as of 13 November 2008, the date of my last consultation.
Avatar n tn What is wrong with you people yes, I don't want to go back to bad anxiety or not sleeping but this drug Effexor/Venlafaxine made me feel better in some areas and horrible in others. I am afraid to come off of it yes, cuz it helped my mental state than any other drug I was prescribed but it also has made me have a severe skin disorder that gives me open sores that the skin peels easy. So I ask you how do you weigh your mental health for your physical health?
Avatar n tn So the next time I am in there I am going to pick up a bottle or two(since they have that special if you buy one the second is half price). Its just what I read so who knows. But I do know that low magnesium levels is what causes RLS as well as other things. That is even when you are taking opiates, you can get the overall feeling of your legs just not feeling right. So I am going to pick some up and see how it works. Stuff like that can't hurt.
Avatar f tn It became a little less severe when I was switched to Effexor/venlafaxine, which caused a host of other problems. I have now been off these drugs and back on my original antidepressant, Wellbutrin, for roughly two years and nine months. The chronic severe diarrhea has never gone away, although the fecal incontinence is not as severe as it was while I was on the Zoloft/sertraline-- then, it was during the day and at night; now it happens primarily at night.
Avatar f tn I break out in a cold sweat and feel like I am going to faint. I am on venlafaxine (Effexor 75mg) he increased it and it helped for a while a year or so and now I am going through some stuff with the family. it doesn't feel good to be left out of things. I ordered some gloves that fit on the fingers but they are not tight on the wrists. so theydid help my fingers and hands but nit the wrist. just going to wrap them. I don't eat very much maybe one meal aday.
479244 tn?1271567259 (can't remember the cents) but it was the cheapest price I had ever seen. We had quit taking the Sam e for a while because of the cost. After 9 months of pegasys /Riba and Alinia Joe was still detectible so they have switched him to daily Infergen and I bought some more Sam e and will try 1200 mg for a while but I don't think it would be a good idea to stop the Celexa. This article below gives me some peace about it.
Avatar m tn Part 2: A Personal-Clinical Study: A Chaos Narrative by Ron Price 2014 Account of 70 Years of My Experience With Bipolar Disorder: A Personal-Clinical Study of A Chaos Narrative by Ron Price FOREWORD This is Part 2 of a 110,000 word(270 page, font-12; 350 page, font-14) longitudinal, retrospective and prospective account of my experience with bipolar disorder, as well as several other mental health problems over 70 years: from October 1943 to March 2014.
20003388 tn?1515169640 The worst thing I drink would be unflavored carbonated water. As far as my current meds, I take 40 mg Fluoxetine, 75 mg Venlafaxine XR, 150 mg Lamotrigine (down from 200, tapering off) 15 mg delayed release Lansoprazole and 100-200 mg a day of Provigil. I take a whole food (none of that chemical crap) multi-vitamin, 3000 mg a day high quality Omega-3, 5000-10000 IU per day Vitamin D3, 2500 mcg Vitamin B12, 200 mg chelated magnesium and 120 mg magnesium L-threonate and occasionally 2.
Avatar m tn the changeover to sodium valproate(2007) and venlafaxine(2007) in April/May 2007 each had its own story and its problematic for periods of time in the main for less than two months each as I have described as briefly as I can above. By June/July 2007, after 7 consultations with my psychiatrist, in the January to July period of 2007, it was obvious that the new medication package was giving good results.
Avatar m tn A Personal-Clinical Study of A Chaos Narrative by Ron Price Original written in English. PREAMBLE The many manifestations of health problems like neurotic, personality, psychotic and non-psychotic mental disorders is now one of the leading causes of death globally.(1) Mental disorders also account for a significant percentage of the non-fatal burden of disease. This is my personal story and experience of bipolar disorder(BPD).