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Avatar n tn i am on 450 mgs venlafaxine, 150mg quatipine at night and have prn 3x .25 quatipine during the day. venlafaxine isn't working anymore. I have been given 2 options.. option 1. taper very slowly over a very long period of time and take other meds to stablize me, option 2. go back to the psych ward and under supervision come off venlafaxine which then is going to be replaced by another anti dep.
Avatar m tn I'm wondering about Extended release Effexor / venlafaxine as to whether this could have an additional benefit. Can one also combine the two due to them being different doses as GP proposing max XL with additional 'top up' venlafaxine. Also taking 5-HTP, Lithium Oronate & Omega 3 Fish oil with high doses of Active ED as will take / try anything to get me through and back to being a nicer / fun person again who's able to be socially and professioanl flexible and confident.
Avatar f tn I can't remember the last time I've gone a whole day without having a panic attack. My doctor recently put me on 75mg Venlafaxine and I now wake up in the middle of the night (I tak my meds in the morning) in a panic. I'd like to know if this is normal? And if Venlafaxine really helps with anxiety? I've been on other antidepressant that claim to help with anxiety as well and they just made me feel numb.
Avatar f tn Saw neurologist today who said there was a small palsy there probably brought in by fatigue. He said steriods wouldn't be useful and prescribed me Venlafaxine for the fatigue. Upon reading dosage, instructions etc it looks like it is precribed for anxiety and deepression. Has anyone else been prescribed this for any other reason? I am not depressed or anxious but very fatigued...... Sharon.
1910757 tn?1348686919 should I switch to Venlafaxine or give Sertraline one last try this upcoming week and see if the symptoms get better? I'm just feel really frustrated right now because I don't want to go through another adjustment period again, and having to face more side effects again. I even thought about slowly weaning off Sertraline, thinking that since I'm not going to college anymore I'll still feel a lot calmer and may not need the anti depressants at all.
Avatar f tn When I got my last prescription I was given viepax and today was given venlafaxine hydrochloride. I have had low mood since changing even though my GP says that venladaxine is the active ingredient in all of them. Can anyone help?
6681951 tn?1383711222 I am 24 years old, after severe depression/mania/psychosis from age 12-20 I tried many Antidepressants/mood stabilizers/anti psychotics and even ECT(with no effect), I finally got the right balance of 225mg of Venlafaxine in the morning(8am) and 300mg of Lamotrigine at night(8pm). I have been stable with limited mania/depression and no psychotic features for 6 years now.
Avatar n tn I am reasonably fit and I walk for 30 mins every day. I have a high resting heart rate of 117. I am not sressed or anxious, however I was put on Venlafaxine (150mg) for depression a long time ago now - 18 months. Can you advise the reason for my heart rate, please?
1622335 tn?1299123985 225mg EFEXOR-XR - Venlafaxine -Daily - LONG TERM 250mg AMOXYCILLIN - Daily - LONG TERM 500mg VALTREX - Valaciclovir - 2x DAILY - SHORT TERM SYMPTOMS: NIGHT SWEATS, MILD WEAKNESS, FEELING HOT, GENERALLY FATIGUED AND LASTING UNWELL FEELING. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.
Avatar f tn I have rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed 12 years ago. In my 30s I would get swollen hands and overheat. I am 64 now. I am reading this as it's high summer here in Australia now and once again I google to find out why I am hot! I have aircon, a special cool misting fan, a gel mat to lie on which draws the heat out of body (it's fantastic) but it is burning then so I move it off the bed and it cools down over a few hours. And a dripping wet cloth on my head. This is to cool me in my bedroom.
Avatar m tn I use 20mg at 4pm, 20mg before bed and 10-20mg in the mid night. If I wouldn’t use it I would get anxiety and unrest and a bit of shaking. It is very difficult for me to not sleep in the mid day. I am treated now for 3 months. I have gotten psycho medication (Venlafaxine and Perphenazine) because I am suffering from anxiety and depression and I have mood swings frequently. So the question is: how should I get rid of Zolpidem.
Avatar m tn 5 didn't have any of this sickness before the meds just had a sore back Went to the ER because I felt I was about to have a heart attack extreme tremor, tightness in my chest, very high anxiety, heart palpitations. High blood pressure, cold clammy skin, sweating. The ER doc put me on propranylol Intravenous and I felt better.
6744073 tn?1384774750 org/user_journals/show/16030/Day-18-Cold-Turkey-Withdrawal-from-Tramadol sent a distress call and Rosy and Heather directed me to here please find below said destress call and maybe you could furnish me with some help will also read more through this file etc head is moodled/moddled up, hope the below makes sense what is actually my question?
1477827 tn?1287335896 Blood work was done and it showed that my cortisol was very high and my ferritin was either very high or low I can't remember. But my iron levels were normal. The CBC showed that my red blood cells were small and missshaped along with very few new cells. T4 levels were normal and my thyroid is not painful or inlarged. Plus my blood pressure used to be really high and I was on 3 different blood pressures pills to control it.
Avatar n tn Please please see your doctor so that the both of you can figure out what is the best course of action for you. by the way, why are you wanting to get off the effexor, do you have a plan or med that you are planing on changing to.
Avatar f tn 5mg Tuesday just gone and upped to 75mg Friday anxiety is sky high this weekend and had loads of crying out burst my anxiety is awful in the mornings after taking a zopiclone for sleep I was just wondering if anyone has had anything like benzodiazepines to help with there venlafaxine start up to get you through the first rough couple of weeks?
Avatar n tn I'm 62. I drink very little. I smoke some weed I get high. Here I'm by myself. I ejaculate only spurts of water. I'm considered bi polar and take many medications that could be the problem.
Avatar f tn At around midnight Michael took my BP. The first one was 130/55 - That is very high for me, never get to the 130's territory. It was a few minutes after I came up a flight of stair. So we waited a few more minutes, and the next reading was 128/55 - A bit better. Another explanation might be that I was terribly tired/exhausted, with nausea. This AM at 0800 it was 118/60 - Much better! So I guess it is OK to continue with the Midodrine q6.
Avatar f tn I have been on venlafaxine 150 4 weeks this coming Monday. I have been running fever and sick at my stomach. had a lot of constipation that is bad makes me have real hard cramps. I called the nurse my fever was high I was freezing turned on my electric blanket. I told her about all this and that my stomach brning was much worse she said mybe I should get off the 150 and go back to the 75mg. but the doctor was not in he was gone all week.
309783 tn?1271961829 I usually take Effexor (venlafaxine) tablets. When i picked up my prescription last time I was given Viepax instead of Effexor. Presumably these are a cheaper generic version but are the ingredients identical? Eloise.
Avatar m tn But my blood pressure is still high after withdrawl of venlafaxine? I stopped the medicine and 4months over but my blood pressure is still high? How long my blood pressure is going to high and when it comes to normal stage?
Avatar n tn 1 tablet - 75 XR 1 tablet - 150 XR 1 tablet - 37.5 venlafaxine hydrochloride (??) The thing is that in the last months the pharmacy didn't get the 75 XR for some reason so I was given only the other two. Well, I haven't paid much attention to that and I just started cutting the pills "happily". That is until today, at the pharmacy, when the pharmacist told me I can't do it because it nullifies the extended release effect and pour it in my bloodstream uncontrolled.
Avatar f tn I so badly want to get better. I am also about 20 days off Tramadol. I almost relapsed to get some sleep. I would love to hear from anyone who is taking effexor. Thank you!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, 1. How often do some of you get palpitations and/or an increased heart-rate?...Daily, couple times week, month, etc?...My worst episodes are when i seem to have an increased heart rate (90-110bpm) for several hours...I've been thru the ringer w/testing (EKG's, echo, blood work, chest x ray, 6 visits to cardiolgist since 2009)....All tests came back normal... 2. Does anyone take an anxiety medicine?.....My regular physician mentioned some, one was called Venlafaxine, another was Adavant??
Avatar n tn Yes Erin is right, i need to add that it was under my doctor's supervision that i took Diazepam at the beginning of my Venlafaxine treatment to combat my anxiety until the Venlafaxine started working. Sorry, i didn't mean it to sound so casual, it is easy to misinterpret tone when you're writing instead of speaking isn't it?
Avatar f tn I am taking one capsule effexor xr(venlafaxine) 150mg & Neuxam(alprazolam) 0.5 mg 1 & 1/2 tablet at night prescribed by Psychiatrist for about 12 days for anxiety and my condition has improved a little bit as I am starting to have a good mood.My urine color has changed to dark and I have nause.Before starting the medicine I had upset stomach, gas & acidity.Is my dark urine color due to the medication? should I stop the medicine?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with post-natal depression in December 1998 and have been struggling through on various levels of Effexor-XR (75mg, then 150) and I have now been put on 225mg. I always felt a little "edgy" on the effexor, but since my dosage was upped 2 days ago i've been practically "speeding". My doctor also prescribed a small (2.
Avatar f tn I wanted something that would give me enough motivation to want to exercise and be more active. He suggested I try Venlafaxine and started me on 37.5 mg/day. this was five days ago when I took the first pill. I think this dose might actually be too high for me?? My side effects are dizziness, (only when I have been laying down, and go to get up for bed), a mild headache (off and on) and lastly as someone else described it a "swishy head".
Avatar n tn Thank you for your cautionary tale. I also spent a period on fairly high dose Venlafaxine XL (225mg) about ten years ago. I vividly remember the awful side-effects that would develop within a few hours of missing a dose and would evaporate rapidly when I took the medication. I used to get a 'swishy head' as well: it was as though i'd just gone over the top of a roller-coaster and begun to drop rapidly, except the sensation lasted hours instead of seconds and was crippling rather than exciting.