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Avatar n tn I would try and see if that is the case, and avoid Vaseline, because petroleum jelly is Vaseline. and for me at least, I can use Vaseline anywhere else, except on my lips. On wiki there is a list of other things you can use, like coconut oil/butter to soothe chapped lips, or even honey. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Don't go overboard on price, ones that you can in a drugstore should do. (I've also tried expensive brands like clinique, they were useless) Vaseline (petroleum jelly) didnt help much, it was really the blistex relief cream that helped the most (although it left white residue on lips after, not nice!) and then use a really lip conditioner. If this doesn't work then go see a doctor if your still worried.
Avatar f tn now either walk around in circles for a few minutes or go sit down and let your lips dry out just a bit more on their own (id say 10 minutes maybe 20, after that grab some petroleum jelly AND ONLY petroleum TRUST ME, aquafor is good for a while but then it just end up doing the same **** as chapstick. get th damn jelly.
Avatar n tn Yesterday (Monday) it was the same and I applied vaseline lip therapy which is in a tube. Monday nght i went to sleep and today I woke up (Tuesday) to real chapped and dry lips. Like it stung and it hurt to even move my lips. I washed my face and applied protreloum jelly. It sorta help with the stinging but it didn't. I went online and got freaked out by most of the things and I steralized my tooth brush and then exfoliated my lips.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just a thought but it may help to try to eliminate yeast build up in your body, there are also some good detox therapies to try. If you don't find out exactly whats causing it maybe you can still manage it with the therapy. Be careful and research your detox remedies careful, especially if you have allergies. There are a lot of natural ways to rid the body of fungus, yeast and mold. A good site to research is www.****.com . Hope this helps........
Avatar n tn and it still happens!!! Arg!! So, the dermatologist gave me this eczema medicine that is the consistency of vaseline that literally burns the **** out of my skin and makes it itch a million times more!! So, now I am at an ultimate complete loss for words, my frustration level is high! Just out of curiosity, how many of you guys have some form of red hair and fare skin?? B/c I have Irish in me, and I have a red tent to my hair and am definitely fare.
Avatar n tn When I wake up it's sometimes so swollen I can't fully see. I also have a small rash on the side of my face, below my temple, about the size of a dime. Could it be eczema? The inflamation reduces during the day but by morning I wake up with the puffy tightness again. I haven't changed make up, lotion, detergent or anything like that. And I don't wear contacts either. And the itching drives me crazy! My health insurance doen't cover dermatology :( so I'm trying to solve the mystery myself.
Avatar n tn When I shower, I put a small piece of a cotton ball in my ear and put Vaseline OVER it so water doesn’t leak in. For years I put the Vaseline on the part of the cotton inside my ear, but that just unnecessarily gooks up your ear and pushes the Vaseline towards the ear drum. Right now I’m trying homeopathy and, so far, it's not helping—but my homeopath wants to try again. I'm also thinking about acupuncture, but it might take a while, because it'll be hard to find practitioners in my area.
Avatar n tn *When it's really awful I use hydrocortisone cream but try not to use it often, as it's petroleum base can provide a good place for yeast to grow. *if Im going to be having sex, going in the hottub or getting my period, I "prepare" by using a tiny bit of zinc (Desitin diaper cream, actually!) on my labia, to protect the delicate tissue. These things have made a huge difference for me.
Avatar n tn wow i have been feeling the same thing i have left this guy i was datting for long time 2 years ago and i just got back with him and now when me and him have sex i hurt so bad the health dept told me to use petroleum jelly when i have sex because maybe it is to dry well i did and that did not help so therefore reading all this i believe now i know what it is tearing and i have never felt like this in my life now every time i go to bathroom and wipe it make me want to cry along with haveing sex
Avatar n tn Well that's a relief...Has your doctor done a biopsy on any of you? If so you would know. They stick you with a needle on your labia or where ever they see irritation and she had this instrument that was called a "hole punch" and punched a hole the size of an eraser in my labia and put the sample in a jar. She is sending to the lab and I will find out the results on August 1st. My doc said she doesn't want to prescribe me anything until she knows what exactly she's dealing with...