Varicose veins on one leg

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Avatar f tn Well the doctor prescribed compression leggings. Hello who's gonna wear those??
Avatar f tn Does anyone have vaticose veins down under. Am quite uncomfortable on one side and today was swollen and tender and had problems walking. Just curious yo know.
Avatar m tn I've just found that I have varicose veins on my leg, I'm not sure when they realy came, but I'm only 24yo male, most the things I've found say they are more likley in girls and mainly in older people... could it be a symptom of something else? I have another thread, from a different probolem, I have posted this new one before the other I think has been closed, as no one answeres it anymore, and it was over a month ago, but the link, incase anything in it is useful is... http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Ha my sister got one on her labia when she was pregnant with her second baby girl and yes it did eventually go away but I don't know about on the legs...
Avatar f tn Im with u Hun iv got them on my right foot my leg n my vagina. They r so bad I can't even walk straight. I would really do with a cure but unfortunately there's nothing. I'm using compression socks now and they do help a little bit don't know what to do with my private part. Don't worry they will go away once u delievered.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else suffered from vaginal varicose veins this is my 3rd pregnancy and I'm 27 weeks.
Avatar m tn I had an extremely serious case of varicose veins. On the inner sie of each ankle was a sack of blackish stagnant blood, a horror to look at. The skin was thinning and close to rupturing. At some point I adding liquid trace minerals to my drinking water, with no purpose in mind other than adding to my general health. I put one tablespoon in each gallon of filtered water. I also added 16 drops of BioSil.
Avatar f tn DVT usually presents with changes in skin color in one leg; increased warmth in one leg; leg pain in one leg; leg tenderness in one leg; and swelling. If the symptoms persist, it is best that you have it checked to rule out the differentials mentioned. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I always figured they were varicose veins but they didn't hurt, itch, or anything. One of the straps on the leg brace presses on these veins. And I am getting some pain in that general area, right next to it. The pressure on the outside of the leg is causing some pain in the muscle on the side and just barely on the back of my leg, but I'm pretty sure that the veins aren't the source of the pain, since the pain does go up my leg a bit.
Avatar n tn There are thought to be several hundred perforating veins on each leg. Approximately 35% of women have defective systems of reticular veins in the outer thighs. This appears to be congenital as you either have it or you don't by the time you are about 20 years old. Sclerotherapy where eiter a foam or liquid is injected nto the abnormal vein and scarsthe down isthe current treatment of choice for this.
Avatar m tn I’ve had varicose veins on one of my legs for some time and as a result a lump had developed on the calf just below the knee. I had no knowledge about the veins (shame on me), until one day when the lump became red and painful and I started to educate myself after a doctor’s visit. I don’t know if this was a coincident or not, but it became inflamed after my dental appointment where I was given some anesthetics in order to remove a 4 unit bridge.
Avatar f tn I cant remember at what amount so I will have to get back to you on that one but my midwife said I could take a vit e supplement and eat 1 orange a day eating the whit part in the middle to get the same thing.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've got these marks on my inside leg (groin area) they are about 3-4 inches long and are indented. I went to my local GP and he told me they were stretch marks from going to the gym...i accepted this. BUT i haven't been to the gym for about a year now and they are still appearing. WHAT ARE THEY ??? Someone told me they could be varicose veins ?...if so how can you treat them ?
Avatar f tn I've had leg spasticity and the varicose veins are getting really bad. I'll mention this to my doctor next time. You are so helpful to this forum!
6529153 tn?1415281938 I have had a small varicose vein on my shin for years. Suddenly, it worsened and a few more popped up, then a rather large, painful one appeared on my inner thigh almost over night. I saw a vein surgeon, who did an ultrasound and determined the vein down my leg is in complete valve failure. My insurance will not pay for ELT until I do a trial period of compression stockings for 8-12 weeks. I am in so much pain, even with the stockings!!! The lower leg feels better.
Avatar f tn This pregnancy i have developed some varicose veins. I have one that is protruding on my left inner calf and is right on top of bad spider vein. It is tender to the touch and i can feel a little discomfort walking up and down stairs. Is this normal or could it actually be a blood clot? It is not warm to the touch just painful and tender.
Avatar f tn I was recently told that the pain I've been having in my legs is from varicose veins. I've tried compression stockings, changing my shoes, and leg elevation. Nothing has worked and in fact the compression stockings caused more pain. The veins on the insides of my knees are causing a lot of pain to the point that I can't let my legs touch at night. I am having pains up my thigh on the inside and back. I'm just so tired of this pain and Its affecting my sleep and my job.
1504778 tn?1321398245 Are you sure they were "vericose veins" or were they "spider veins" Vericose veins stick out of your leg at least 1/4 of an inch and swell the surrounded area. They are big and thick, between 1/4-1/2 inch in diameter and if unraveled would look like a snake about the size of a full grown grass snake. Spider veins on the other hand are much different, they are a lot smaller and are usually purple.
2020005 tn?1476662562 You can get clots. I thought i had one and they did a ultrasound on my leg. The symptoms of a clot however are hot to touch spot on leg, the leg would be noticeably more swollen than the other, and there would be pain in the leg. However, varicose veins can hurt too. I wouldn't worry just have your Dr. look at it. If your leg gets really swollen or starts to have pain call your Dr.
Avatar f tn I have this one really sensitive spot on my leg, its a bit swollen but theres no bruising so I'm not sure what it is, could it be a varicose vein? I doesn't hurt like a cramp or a charliehorse, just very sensitive when I touch it.
Avatar m tn Aside from the red color, there is also a varicose veins who is slowly grow on the birthmark affected leg, so I just thought that it is connected to my birthmark too, b/c why is it that there's no varicose veins on my right leg which doesn't have a birthmark, its swelling and aching. I wish that their will be a kindhearted one or a doctor who could help me. If there will be a trial medical surgery, then I would be the first to volunteer myself for that trial.
Avatar m tn I don't think you have varicose veins, because varicose veins are always there, not just when you stand up. And they are blue. I think it is more serious. You might have something some kind of POOLING OF BLOOD in the veins. But I don't know what causes it. Tell your doctor and let him see the photo also.
Avatar f tn Had horrible vaginal varicose veins. Soak in bath tub as much as possible. If you have to be on your feet all day-there is a belt like "contraption" that applies pressure to the area and does help with the throbbing some. Keep your legs elevated as much as possible too. Also- My doctor didn't tell me about this..but I found maternity spanx and they actually help with the throbbing too-as well as hiding bulges :) Good news is they go away after birth.
Avatar f tn I have one on my right leg but it has never bothered me .
Avatar n tn The vein that runs external from my thigh to my ankle is extremely enlarged and my foot is just one huge varicose mess. I am 28 years old. If I were to have surgery on these veins, w/ port wine being a vascular deformity would it be likely that I would have other veins become varicose later? I really want to have the surgery. My veins have been varicose since middle school. They are painful and restrict my exercise. I am extremely embarassed, and as could be expected, summer is the worst!
1840402 tn?1355436165 hi all.. im 18+2days and one of my veins in my legs is noticeable and warm to touch, do you think its veroise vains or something worse, i suffer from anxiety and every little thing is panicking me!!
Avatar m tn I have no visible sores or lesions on my body. The only visible symptoms are the enlarged veins on the penis and prominent varicose veins around my right knee and some prominent varicose behind my left knee (I think I have never had varicose problems prior to this). Is this all stress-related or a possible STD? I have been to see my doctor in week 3 and I am currently waiting on tests for Hep A, Hep B, Syphillis and HIV.
542287 tn?1280613967 Hi ,I'am a 57 year old female with varicose veins. Especially on my left leg. I have had them for some time now. But in the past i put them in the back of my mind, as i have more important health issues to deal with. As i am getting my health problems in control, I am now thinking about my legs again, and would really like to get rid of these unsightly veins. They are painful at times and i have noticed a little swelling and of course the bulging bluish in color, it's awful.
Avatar m tn The next day I had a huge bruse. This happened agian on my left leg so I went to the doctors as I have a hole in my heart and thought it might have something to do with my circulation...the doctor siad I had vericus veins and as they have told most of you they are not supposed to hurt. WELL MINE DID. So I check to see if my blood was clotting and they siad it was fine and so was my circulation.
Avatar n tn One might wonder if you have weakened vein walls that they get so big when putting pressure on the leg standing? Was varicose veins suggested? Did they think you might have blood pooling in your lower extremities with standing? I know there are bulges in veins where there are valves, did the doctor say that there is a valve where they intersect?