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9023883 tn?1402946975 Just discovered a wonderful case of varicose veins on my labia majora!!! I'm in so much pain and I can barely walk! Any one else experience this and is there any way to relieve the pain???
Avatar f tn Seems like we share a few common things besides varicose veins. Only discovered I was preg at 14 weeks and am 27 weeks now and wld really want vbac but read somewhere saying they usually start inside so was also worried about obstruction of baby.
Avatar n tn I got varicose veins when pregnant with my first child...they never went away & worsened after my kids are now 3 & 4 years old I have had multiple surgerys on my legs which has resolved all my pain, but my cervix, labia, etc are still full of them & are still very painful. Will a full hysterectomy reslove this pain?
Avatar f tn I have notice a few raised veins on the inside of my labia minora. No other symptoms recently, but during my daily self exam a few weeks back, I began to see a dark line on one side of the inner surface of my vulva just above the vagina. It is not tender, and does not burn or itch, but since yesterday, it has become a raised purple vein.
Avatar f tn Am currently pregnant and have developed varicose veins on inner thigh and right side labia majora. On some days its sore and uncomfortable to walk when the majora is swollen. Am also worried if this won't affect my trial vbac?
1032669 tn?1252460004 I called my aunt who is an OB Nurse practitioner and she said that it is a vaginal varicose vein that is common with pregnancy (I I never has this before and no varicose veins any where else)..................anyone else have/had this. I feel deformed; like I am not self conscious enough while pregnant I get this!!!! Anyone??????
554321 tn?1215474169 As your baby grows, pressure from your uterus slows blood flow in your lower body, with the potential to distend veins anywhere below the waist, including your groin. Like varicose veins on your legs, varicosities in your vulva can cause pressure and throbbing. This will resolv eafter the delivery. ref:
Avatar f tn Have any of you experienced varicous veins in your vagina and/or labia? I noticed mine many many weeks ago, but the doctor varified what they were three weeks ago. It gets so sore throughout the day, its just terrible. I guess im just wonder if you guys have any tips for me besides putting my feet up...... Im 25 weeks and 0 days!!
Avatar f tn I have had 2 partial vulvectomies (1992 and 2005) due to varicose veins on my vulva. The veins were very painful but the recovery from the surgery was almost unbearable! Now I am dealing with other problems due to this. Not only do I have physical discomfort from the lack of 'padding' down there when wearing certain clothing and during sex but I also have taken quite a hit to my self confidence.
Avatar n tn But, since I have not done this for over seven years they wanted me to come in for an evaluation. The doctor noticed some varicose veins in my legs and sent me to a specialist. When I told the specialist that my ob/gyn diagnosed that little lump as a varicose vein, he sent me for an ultrasound. One side is completely filled with winding, curving, thick varicose veins and the other side is normal. Very strange! In my case, I am thinking that it is fall-out from my hysterectomy six years ago.
Avatar n tn I have a long history of varicose veins on my Dad's side and have had varicose veins on my legs since I was 12. I'm now almost 29 and the varicose veins are horrible and seem to be getting much worse by the day. I have my one and only child 8 yrs ago this week which only added to the problem! Last year I went into a vascular surgeon and got hooked up to the machine and sure enough, My two main veins in each legs are bad.
Avatar f tn About 17 years ago (age 6) I suffered from Hemangiomas and Varicose veins in my right labia and inner thigh. It took about 3 years for anyone to figure out what was wrong with me....I even had doctors tell my mother I must be making up storeis. We tried creams, baths basically anything and everything we coudld. It was very frustrating, but I finally had a plastic surgeon perform laser surgey 2 times and then had conventional surgery to remove the masses. Which seemed to take care of it.
Avatar f tn Hi, The lumps in the vagina near the labia can be due to simple boils or due to warts, lipoma, ingrown hair and varicose veins or due to bartholin’s cyst. This needs to be checked and you should consult a Doctor for an examination. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I am now 33 weeks pregnant and getting more and more scared of the delivery as I have bad varicose veins on my right labia. I feel them when I blow my nose and I can't imagine pushing the baby out feeling the veins getting bigger as I push!!!! My GP recommended a C section, which I would love but it's not up to her. The obstetrician will decide. How likely is it for the veins to burst while delivering? What about episiotomy? How can I make sure I can have a C section?
Avatar n tn Hello, Vaginal varicose veins present as discomfort or pain in the vulva or vagina, particularly when standing or after sexual intercourse. As the condition worsens, and the veins get larger, they become more obvious. Grade 2 varicose veins can be seen bulging through the mucosa of the vulva of vagina. You should get it examined from a gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I have been on modified bed rest since early August due to varicose veins in my right leg and my labia/groin. They are thick, blue, raised, and incredibly painful. Try ice for 20 minutes on and off and nothing too tight for underwear. They do go down after delivery as this is also my third pregnancy and I had them with my second as well.good luck.
Avatar f tn I turned 37 in March and after my first two pregnancy's I developed road maps on my legs of varicose and reticular veins. I ended up having a part of a varicose vein removed in March at least the bulging part. In my second pregnancy I developed a varicose vein on my labia which has since gone away but I am pretty sure that appears and gets worse with additional pregnancies. My biggest fear is death (pulmonary embolism) and not being here for my girls.
Avatar m tn Hi, At this point,what you have may be a varicose vein (this is the most likely differential that comes to mind). Varicose veins in the penis rarely involve the head.Varicose veins are simply engorged superficial veins that may be noted even when the penis is flaccid. Without pain, redness, change in urinary pattern ,there seems to be no indication for further intervention. A penile ultrasound may help exclude a blood clot.
Avatar f tn I don't have any werid discharges or STDs, so I'm really not sure what it is. I've read that it may be varicose veins, but I can't tell. I'm a little bit swollen, but I have no bleeding. No burning when peeing either. My only symptom is that it just hurts and is very very uncomfortable. Any ideas???
Avatar f tn Especially with a two-year-old. As far as labor goes, Most of the time varicose veins and superficial thrombosis in that area is not a problem for delivery. If you are extremely swollen though, it might cause extra tearing at delivery, and I might consider a c-section for my patient. I would have to make that decision pretty close to delivery time. An extra stitch or two down there would be a lot less uncomfortable than a whole major surgery elsewhere, so I would not jump into it, certainly.
Avatar n tn I think you can also get varicose veins in that area. Best to have a doctor check it out.
Avatar n tn I have to have an ultrasound next week so that more info can be obtained before I get treated for some vericose veins in my legs along with the one that concerned the doctor today...I have one on my labia. Before I get the in-office treatment for the leg veins, the doctor wants to see if there is something more complicated causing the vein in the labia. It may give us information about what is going on in my pelvic region that may be causing the vein problem on my legs as well as my labia.
1377538 tn?1278916108 Maybe it's varicose veins? They can act up in that area when you are pregnant. Ask your doctor about that possibility. I'm not sure what they can do to help. Ice packs and making sure you stay regular might help some. Good luck. I'm sorry you are in pain.
Avatar n tn Following ablation developed veins visible in my labia only the left side my weakened stroke side, looked like a line of bruising, thought nothing of it, NOW, they are raised bundles of tangled network of capilliaries, feel like needles to touch, everything down there is now hyper- hyper- sensitive.
Avatar f tn I got vericose veins in my right labia with my second pregnancy. Luckily they went away when baby was born. I got them even worse this time and just delivered my baby 8 hours ago but noticed they are still there when I went pee. Hopefully one swelling goes downthese go away. It's so ugly!
Avatar n tn Ladies, I have varicose veins. In my vaginal area. He said he hadn't seen them before, even though I'd been having the pain for years, because I have never seen him WHILE in pain. If you have varicose veins anywhere else (like the legs) you'll know the exact deep aching un-ignorable pain that it causes... and that it's the exact same horrible pain in your crotch/upper-inner thighs. The worst part? They can't do anything for me until I'm done having children... which is who knows when.
Avatar n tn and the swollen and raw labia it is just vulva veins swollen, like varicose veins or hemmorhoids, warm baths help those. goodluck to you all, and have a blessed pregnancy and delivery at the right time ofcourse.