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419126 tn?1242415770 Vaginal Heaviness & Vulva Varicose Veins i have vulva vericose veins and ive had them since the very early months of my pregnancy. i really didnt think they were harmful or dangerous in any way. during my internal today, my doc mentioned again that i had them and that we would have to be careful during the delivery. i guess i wasnt really paying that much attention to his comment, and then duh... it hit me at home.
Avatar f tn Its normal for your vaginal area to get swollen down there during the end of pregnancy. It could have been caused by irritation from the salt in the water.
Avatar m tn After my 1st delivery I developed varicose veins in my vulva. I am afraid that if I am or will get pregnant, during my pregnancy and especially after, I will go through all the pain of even worse as I did after the first which was almost unbearable. It took over a year for be to be able to have sex with my husband again and it still is not completely painless at 1.5 years after. Will this happen all over again?
1936698 tn?1333918793 it can also be accompanied by swelling form the increased blood flow or vericose veins... all common during pregnancy...
554321 tn?1215474169 Hi, During pregnancy, your body's blood volume rises by about 50 percent, with much of that fluid routed to your uterus to nurture your growing fetus. As a result, vaginal tissue becomes engorged with blood, leaving some women feeling a bit swollen and tender. The tissue in your vaginal walls fills with blood and so do the external genitalia, this effect will be more pronounced as pregnancy progresses. At 9 month's time it will be at maximum capacity.
Avatar f tn Kinda tmi but I have vulva varicose veins . I don't know how common they are but it makes sex really painful for me I feel bad for my partner because I don't even have the energy to please him other ways at the moment. But he's understanding so it makes me feel slightly less bad but in the last three months we have only had sex twice.
Avatar f tn I was going to leave my job at 30 weeks before they actually closed the company. I've had a pretty crappy pregnancy though. (Vulva varicose veins, extreme morning sickness, low blood sugar, etc) I know I wouldn't have been able to do my job right with everything that I've been going through.
Avatar n tn and the swollen and raw labia it is just vulva veins swollen, like varicose veins or hemmorhoids, warm baths help those. goodluck to you all, and have a blessed pregnancy and delivery at the right time ofcourse.
Avatar f tn A little area pouches out (I can push it back in) and it is a little uncomfortable. Also I have varicose veins on my right leg.. He told me because the uterus sits more on the right, and presses against the vein returning to the heart. He called it vulvar edema or varicosities. He said it was not dangerous, just uncomfortable because of all the extra fluid circulating in our bodies. Great. Another beautiful thing about my body right now!
Avatar m tn Well... we are at home now. The doctors gave us a rude awakening the other day. Came in at 4:45pm and told us. "The test results from your MRI (of the gall bladder and pancreas) are negative so we have prepared your paperwork". "Paperwork?", we said. "Yes, your discharge papers" said the doctors. Needless to say we were outraged. I was FUMED and very loud.
489228 tn?1291535054 I was having a constant dull pain on my lower right side, which was thought to be due to a small cyst that I had developed during the pregnancy. My doctor found the variscosities on my Uterus during the Laprcoscopic procedure to remove the cyst. Since then, the pain is constant and has become a bit worse, especially two days prior to my menstrual cycle. Having no relief from the pain is really wearing me down. This has become a quality of life issue for me.
136122 tn?1218311597 It is particularly bad after sex, so much so that I have to lay down for at least an hour before I can stand up comfortably. This all started during and after the pregnancy with my first baby. So, it´s been YEARS now and my doctor ( male), just tells me to keep up the pelvic floor excersizes etc. , that it will pass ! My husband and my doctor seem to tire of hearing about it, but I am in real pain even if it is not medically recognised.
Avatar n tn I've been to 4 different doctors and have had 2 pap smears which both came back normal, The doctors say they can't see anything wrong and made it seem like it was alll in my head, one even suggested it was hemmoroids but I know the blood is not comming from there, I feel stupid going to yet another doctor but I'm also afraid of what it could be, I also have little tiny bumps on my vulva. there seems too many women with the same problem for it to be nothing.
Avatar n tn ok i recently had sex last night and we used a condom and such but like half way during the sex i realized i was starting to swell down there, today i am in extreme pain and can barely walk, it hurts so bad i have never seen anything like this, i need help any tips that might bring down the swelling i am am in extreeeeeeeme pain,, i am to embaressed to talk about it to anybody some help me thx
Avatar n tn They also found a ovarian cyst on an internal sonogram during this pain. They kept my ovaries in after the hysterectomy and took pictures of them during the surgery. The cyst was not present at the time of surgery. Makes you wonder?
Avatar n tn My cardiologist said that it could be a clot or a problem with the valves in my leg veins (said this may be hereditary and common post pregnancy, not me). They scheduled me for an ultrasound of my right leg (one with the pain) and found no evidence of clots or valve trouble. That's all good but I still don't know if my pain is resolved. It has disappeared for weeks at a time before so I'll wait and see.