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Avatar f tn Varicose veins are painful, I would mention it to your doc as they will be able to tell the difference between them and blood clots, I'm nlt sure that blood clots are usually visible, but you are def better to get them checked out. There are treatments for varicose veins in injection form which really hell, but I'm not sure if that could be done while you are pregmant. Your doc will be able to advise best.
Avatar f tn They may be painful and can make your legs feel heavy and achy. The skin around the varicose veins may itch, throb or feel like it’s burning. When clots form in veins near the surface of the body, swelling and redness appear along the affected area of the vein. You may consult a doctor and get your doubts clarified. Don’t cross your legs or ankles while sitting. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods at a stretch. Sleeping on left side, wearing compression stockings may be helpful.
Avatar f tn ve raised the head of my bed in an effort to ease the burning feet at night, and it has helped, but now I have visible blood clots in my ankle, the pain of which is eye watering, especially when I try to walk. A brief medical history: I was on Metaprolol (75mg daily) for about five years and in the past month have gone on to Plendil (felodipine) 5mg. My blood pressure has been much more stable since the change over and the burning sensation at night has ceased, BUT...
Avatar f tn I have a blood clot disorder. You can get tested for disorders simple blood test. Second, blood clots hurt bad not just move but..also staying stil. Check with your doctor because clots are.very dangerous. I don't think.
10404685 tn?1418830427 Yep. Gotta love the extra weight of baby and pressure on the veins! I have varicose veins in my legs and my vagina. It's really unattravtive and is constantly swollen unless I'm lying down. And of course comes the pain and heaviness too. Ugh. I'm just glad I don't have them around my butt hole.
Avatar f tn I went to see a nurse practitioner and she said the feelings I was having was due to varicose veins. Are there any treatments for varicose veins?
Avatar f tn s I developed road maps on my legs of varicose and reticular veins. I ended up having a part of a varicose vein removed in March at least the bulging part. In my second pregnancy I developed a varicose vein on my labia which has since gone away but I am pretty sure that appears and gets worse with additional pregnancies. My biggest fear is death (pulmonary embolism) and not being here for my girls. Otherwise I am 110% ready for another baby.
2020005 tn?1628125976 t cause any issues with clots or anything? I only have one!, like in one vein, I thought it would be multiple veins... stupid thing!
2020005 tn?1628125976 If that is your concern also, there are signs that could indicate you have a clot somewhere along the vein (typically clots will be behind the knee in leg veins). If you notice your affected leg is red, swollen and tender then I would definitely call the doctor. I have an appointment tomorrow and plan on mentioning my vein issue, but I am pretty sure its just what it looks like, a wonderful varicose vein. I never got them with my other pregnancies so this is new territory for me.
Avatar n tn I've been on the Nuva Ring for almost two and a half years. My whole family is very fair-skinned, so I've always had very visible veins my whole life. However, it wasn't until I began the Ring that I noticed my first varicose veins on my right calf. I didn't see the connection at the time, but now it's two years later and the same leg is in so much pain almost regularly, and I'm almost positive it is because of the Ring.
Avatar m tn Severe venous insufficiency is pooling of blood in the veins that slows the return of blood to the heart. This condition can cause blood clots and severe infections. Blood clots can be very dangerous because they can move from leg veins and travel to the lungs. Blood clots in the lungs are life-threatening because they can block the heart and lungs from functioning. An aneurysm of a leg vessel is a varicose. Blood returning to the heart from the heart, lungs, etc.
Avatar n tn If you already have varicose veins you may have some doubts about taking birth control pills. If your varicose veins are mild and are not a symptom of a more serious condition, your doctor may agree to prescribe a low-dose estrogen pill. In this case it's up to you to decide what your priorities are. You may feel that the advantages of taking the pill outweigh the risk of varicose veins. That said I doubt if taking the pill would stop the problem! Ask the doctor for his/her opinion.
Avatar m tn t think you have varicose veins, because varicose veins are always there, not just when you stand up. And they are blue. I think it is more serious. You might have something some kind of POOLING OF BLOOD in the veins. But I don't know what causes it. Tell your doctor and let him see the photo also.
Avatar f tn Yes. Lord yes. They appeared after delivery with my 1st baby and I imagine they will get worse with this one.
1255761 tn?1294681089 If the vessel loses the ability to properly function some blood volume and pressures may cause varicose veins. If the blood return to the heart is severely impeded, that can increase the blood voume and increased work for the heart.
4296717 tn?1352378358 The only point of consideration is clots in these veins. However the clots make them painful. So if there is pain then also consult your doctor. Do not fiddle with it. Leave it alone. This needs to be treated with either local injections or medications or even surgery as a persistent varicose vein may hamper erection. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar f tn I have varicose veins and had to get an ultrasound my last pregnancy for blood clots too. Luckily nothing. This time around my leg is swollen but not as painful as my last pregnancy. Good luck to you. I hope they don't find any!
Avatar m tn varicose veins, shortness of breath upon exertion, intermittent cold/clammy extremities, myoclonic epilepsy, headaches, larger than normal menstrual clotting, and dark menstrual blood and dark blood when drawn in tubes (of course, docs are never around when blood is drawn to see it).
Avatar m tn I had an extremely serious case of varicose veins. On the inner sie of each ankle was a sack of blackish stagnant blood, a horror to look at. The skin was thinning and close to rupturing. At some point I adding liquid trace minerals to my drinking water, with no purpose in mind other than adding to my general health. I put one tablespoon in each gallon of filtered water. I also added 16 drops of BioSil.
Avatar n tn Note that when you have laser treatment it destroys the veins so the blood will go to other veins and the problem will most likely return.
Avatar f tn What causes varicose veins ?and what is the difference between spider veins and the bigger ones ?
11587059 tn?1427628263 The tingling fingers and feet sound like poor blood circulation which is also related to varicose veins I think. (Varicose veins are due to blood not pumping all the way through and backlogging/leaking back into the veins.) Bruised legs also circulatory, sounds like spider veins, which are related to varicose but don't stick out and they spread out more. Itching could be circulatory as well, or puppps or liver issues or allergies or sensitive skin.
Avatar m tn Varicose veins are in some cases unavoidable. Many times, there are ways to naturally prevent and soothe them. Get plenty of exercise to get your blood circulating, Elevate your legs on pillows daily for 10 minutes or more, Avoid excess weight gain, Dry-brush your legs daily to improve circulation. (This can prevent varicose veins from forming.) Use a natural-bristle brush with a long handle that allows you to reach all parts of your body.
Avatar n tn Well I have pitting edema in my legs and a varicose in one, lots of spider veins..I have some major swelling and itching that's mostly at night...when I walk you can see the water move in my legs..the doc has given me water pills,and seems to do no good..I also get numb fingers,but I don't know if the two go hand in hand..I'm 28 years old...5'1 and 184 lbs I would love to walk and work out but my legs just don't have the strength..Please help..Thank You..
Avatar f tn I was taken off the blood thinners after 7 months after the Dr determined I was not at risk of more blood clots. I was tested for all the major blood clotting disorders at the time the clots developed; but nothing came back positive. It is unfortunate that I never knew the reasons for why I developed clots; but it was at the same time I was diagnosed with Graves.