Varicose veins and hot tubs

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Avatar f tn I am 55 and was very active when I was younger but the last couple years my arthritis kicked in, but I can work through that, but these cramps are unbearable when they hit and I feel like my muscles are curling up. Heat and hot soaking tubs are the only thing that eventually helps. I am eating 1 to 2 bananas a day and have increased my water intake. This is getting a little scary.
Avatar f tn ex. varicose veins, etc. they can be inside and not visible, too. It may be hard or impossible, but maybe try exercising with tight on to help compress the veins. Does it go away when you rest and put your feet up? Best wishes.
Avatar n tn You might want to look up Compartment Syndrome- there is a test they can do for it. I was diagnosed with excertional compartment syndrome and had a fasciatomy done. My symptoms were similiar to yours, but got worse as time went on. Just a thought.
Avatar n tn I don't want to just take Viagra or something because im worried it will just poor blood into already engorged and irritated veins and arteries on my penis and further irritate them. I have started taking a multi-vitamin and omega 3. I need some REAL advice on what I can actually do, Urologists have been no help. Anyone have a similar experience? I truly think it was the marijuana that did it.
Avatar n tn I think it is related to internal leg temperature, blood flow and hydration. I'm 27 year old male and live in Ohio (hot, humid summers), this started in my early twenties. It might be helpful if people also posted their age, sex, climate that they live in to give more info to draw conclusions.
Avatar n tn I sit at my desk at work all day waiting for it to be time to go home and clean my tubs and toilets, sinks etc. I get this weird excitement when I sprinkle the powder and add a little water it turns into a paste ... OOhhhh I just love it!!! With my first pregnancy I had a craving for Gain detergent (powder)... And that one I actually ate... My husband thinks I'm going nuts!!!!
Avatar n tn Many woman have hysterectomies and were still menstrating leave their ovaries in to avoid menopause and hot flashes. This makes having a hysterectomy easier especially since uterus' may be removed through your belly buttom or vaginally. No long incision is required. If you still have your ovaries and fallopian tube, but no cannot get pregnant. You will still ovulate, you might have sore breasts, achey side, white mucus.