Varicose veins and blood pressure

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Avatar f tn If you have multiple varicose veins, then the cause could be prolonged standing, faulty valves, family history, blood pressure and cholesterol problems, sedentary life style, congenital malformation of veins, and obesity. If any of the causes which can be controlled are detected then taking care of those causes can reduce the progression of varicose veins. A duplex ultrasound of the vein will need to be carried out.
Avatar m tn Its anti-inflammatory properties have been used for over two thousand years to relieve the swelling and pain of varicose veins. Butcher’s Broom, can increase blood pressure. If none of these measures work for you and you do wind up needing surgery, there’s a new laser technique that’s safe and non-invasive, and it makes varicose veins slowly fade and disappear. It works by sending strong bursts of light onto the vein.
1907180 tn?1329454377 I am not sure if I have varicose veins or not. I am around 50 lbs overweight and 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. My legs are aching really bad from the knees to my ankles. I do have some small prominent blue bulging veins near the surface, but they have been there for years and never hurt. Can a person have them so deep that you can't see it? I fell last week and have some very deep and large contusions on the front of my right leg. My calves seem to be slightly swollen, but my ankles are normal.
Avatar f tn Seems like we share a few common things besides varicose veins. Only discovered I was preg at 14 weeks and am 27 weeks now and wld really want vbac but read somewhere saying they usually start inside so was also worried about obstruction of baby.
Avatar f tn This pregnancy i have developed some varicose veins. I have one that is protruding on my left inner calf and is right on top of bad spider vein. It is tender to the touch and i can feel a little discomfort walking up and down stairs. Is this normal or could it actually be a blood clot? It is not warm to the touch just painful and tender.
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Avatar f tn I am not really so much worried as I am curious about the cause (blood pressure is normal, non-diabetic, weight within normal range for my stature, no known disorders other than this and a hyperactive sebaceous glandular activity in the area of the vulva. Happy Christmas, ALL!
Avatar f tn Am currently pregnant and have developed varicose veins on inner thigh and right side labia majora. On some days its sore and uncomfortable to walk when the majora is swollen. Am also worried if this won't affect my trial vbac?
1032669 tn?1252460004 I called my aunt who is an OB Nurse practitioner and she said that it is a vaginal varicose vein that is common with pregnancy (I I never has this before and no varicose veins any where else)..................anyone else have/had this. I feel deformed; like I am not self conscious enough while pregnant I get this!!!! Anyone??????
Avatar f tn Before the first veins showed up, I had been exercising rather strenuously for a couple of months. I also have a history of high blood pressure and kidney stones. I am 34 and have three young children. Any ideas what might be causing this?
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Varicose veins are caused by hormone changes, exposure to the sun, and injuries. Few predisposing factors for developing varicose veins are prolonged standing or sitting, chronic constipation, menstrual cycle, birth control pills/estrogen replacement therapy, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy etc.It may not be possible to determine the exact cause of your symptoms without a detailed evaluation.
Avatar f tn I'm 33 wks 5 days. I have them as well. I asked my Ob and they are varicose veins. Talking about scared when I first felt them. If you get a mirror, you can actually see them. Weird right?! Comes from the pressure of the baby. They will subside once we deliver.
Avatar f tn With my second pregnancy I got them as well as major swelling of the the legs and feet and high blood pressure. Everything turned out fine and my son was healthy. It feels as though the veins have gotten worse this time. Seems to be more swelling and pain. Not likely they will go away but hopefully they will lessen soon. Good Luck All!
Avatar n tn Horse chestnut is the best-known natural treatment for varicose veins. It helps prevent swelling and strengthens capillary and vein walls. The usual dose is 300 mg a day. Side effects are pretty rare, but if you start feeling itchy or nauseous, taper back your dose. Nature’s Way has a widely available, quality product I generally recommend. Grape seed extract also supports the walls of blood vessels. Take 150 to 300 mg in divided doses over the course of a day.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks pregnant and just noticed bulging veins on my vagina anybody else having that???
Avatar f tn When the nurse took the bandage away the blood began squirting again and she quickly had to put the pressure back. To me, this looked and sounded like a possible outcome to my condition. Of course this show worried me and now I'm alot more conscious of the thing. I was hoping somebody on here could identify what this condition is for me, and also, if it is serious or no. Also, anything I can do to ease this, etc.
Avatar n tn for few mounths i have had veins apperer on my back back of arms tops legs and backicly everywhere cant see without mirror and the back ones you can feel easy and some look like rash and i have few bruse type things on top of leg and stomach and went for blood test liver and that all fine and i dont drink smoke and im adverage weight im 18 what is wrong
Avatar f tn What other symptoms are present? Varicose veins are swollen and painful veins that have filled with an abnormal collection of blood. This is often associated with pregnancy as well as standing for a long time and having increased pressure in the abdomen. Diagnosis is made based on the appearance of the leg veins when you are standing or sitting with your legs dangling. Diagnostic tests such as duplex ultrasound exam of the extremity may also be done.
Avatar n tn If you have such a problem, it is better to be cautious about your diet and exercise. Such veins can cause venous pooling, slowing of blood and clot formation. Veins and their problems need special care. Hence consult a vascular surgeon once. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Anyone had any veins pop out in their calves that are painful when walking?
Avatar m tn I have had sex without problems, however I feel that one day I may have vigorous sex and cause damage to it, releasing a lot of blood under my skin. I also worry that blood is pooling inside the vein and could cause blood clots (DVT and other clotting issues have been in my family). I have searched the internet but have never seen a picture or read anything that is in any way related to this.
Avatar n tn I am facing some sort of probelm in my testies, one my right side testies, some bundle of veins comes down and it looks like i have 3 testies, it creates a little bit pain on my lower abdomen, please tell me what that problem may be and how can i get rid of that problem
Avatar m tn Hi and thanks for the info. Varicose veins are more common in overweight people, with prolonged standing and with smoking. Standing for long hours can cause peripheral pooling of blood and increased pressure which could lead to swelling of the ankles and the discomfort. So move yourself around to avoid pooling of blood. Keep your legs raised when you sit down or while sleeping. Also, avoid smoking. Regards.
Avatar m tn -I was squinting under eye muscles almost all the time as a attempt to cover up spider veins, and worked until the varicose veins came up a little while after i began to do that. -Used to be in front of a computer screen a extremely large proportion of the day from about 5th to 8th grade, and still quite a bit but not near as much. -Started lifting weights at about 16.
Avatar f tn My calves have piting edema and my ankles are swollen. I can not walk too long. My blood pressure rises to 157/102. Does anyone know what causes Diastolic Hypertension? When the lower number on a blood pressure tests gets high when standing? . Recently my palms have been getting flushed and my fingertips (nailfolds) swell and get dark red when I walk, also. There is a sense pressure in my hands. Do I have high blood pressure in the veins in my hands, also?
Avatar n tn My mom has lupus, and survived pulmonary embolism one year ago. I have fibromyalgia and bulging varicose veins from head to toe, and I just ignore both of those till I can't. Had tachycardia in my twenties, but no problems with it in a long time. i am not diabetic according to last years tests, but I often catch myself saying that I can't go long w/o eating, I get shaky and can't think, get tired. I'm slender, small, a bit sedentary, a workaholic, and just turned 39 three days ago.
155701 tn?1230050701 Otherwise, it can be due to peripheral vascular disease, faulty deep veins’ valves and high blood pressure as the cause would need to be ruled out. Kidney function tests should also be done. A duplex ultrasound of the vein will need to be carried out. You can gently massage the vein in upward direction, towards your shoulder, 2-3 times a day and see if it helps. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar f tn Lower position of legs as maintained while driving/prolonged standing or sitting in one position is usually the cause of varicose veins/spider veins (the blue bulging veins). This happens due to stagnation of blood in the lower part of the leg or due to faulty valves in the deep veins which prevent upward squeezing of the blood. Also, if you sit in a particular portion for long, the leg muscles stop their contraction and relaxation and this prevents upward motion of the blood.