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Avatar f tn So now that i found out that i have hsv-1 do i need to take valtrex everyday for the rest of my life if i dont want to get my partner infected?
Avatar f tn My doctor told me to stop taking Valtrex for a while to let my liver regenerate. While I think Valtrex is an excellent drug for treating HSV 2, I think users should take into consideration that long term use can cause some mild to moderate damage to the liver as my tests have proven. Also, anyone using Valtrex should not drink ANY alcohol while on it because it will exacerbate the problem with your liver. I'm hoping in a few weeks my liver tests go back to normal.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc, Does taking Valtrex after exposure to HSV-II reduce the probability of seroconversion? If so, how successfully? If it does, I would assume that the longer you take to commence treatment the lower the positive effect. How long after exposure do most people seroconvert (assuming no lesions or eruptions)?
Avatar m tn If I take Valtrex 500mg every 2nd day will it be effective as suppressive treatment? Also, if I take Valtrex 500mg every day for the forseeable future are there any risks? i.e. kidney/liver problems down the track etc? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I am about to go onto Valtrex suppressive treatment 500mg daily. I am visiting Laos/Thailand in Jan 2011 and I have been advised to take anti-malaria tablets while there called Doxycycline. Does anyone know if there is any interaction between these two drugs? Can it make one or the other not work as effectively? Thanks.
608386 tn?1226457028 Second, I have to wonder why you are taking Valtrex. There are two main indications for such treatment. The first is to reduce the frequency of recurrent outbreaks, but apparently you have had only a single recognized episode, diagnosed 2-3 months ago. I advise my patients to wait several months before starting suppressive treatment, to see whether they have recurrent outbreaks and, if they do, their frequency and severity in the absence of treatment.
Avatar n tn She had an outbreak, and took Valtrex and we waited a week until the sores had healed. Then she skipped one day with the Valtrex, and the next day we had unprotected oral sex. Immediately afterward, she noticed a sore directly on her lip. This has made us both quite nervous. This second outbreak was unusual because in all the time she has had it, she has never had a "second outbreak".
Avatar f tn Or know of any other drugs that are in the test phase for the treatment of herpes? (Besides Valtrex, Acyclovir, and Zovirax) The article I located is dated 2003
Avatar f tn I had two outbreaks in the first trimester. At doc appointment yesterday, Dr. said that's too many, and put me on 500mg valtrex daily for suppressive treatment. I thought baby was safe from contracting it while in the womb, and was only at risk during vaginal birth, but Dr. said that babies CAN contract herpes in utero. I'm worried sick now about it, and cried after my appointment. I'm also worried about valtrex's affect on baby.
Avatar n tn I went to the dermotologist to confirm the herpes diagnosis but since I was in the middle of my treatment with valtrex, she was inconclusive and blamed the leison on my scalp as folliculitis (spelling?). and she blamed the little bump on my upper thigh as Molluscus Contagiousm and tried to freeze it off. Immediately after completion of my valtrex treatment (within 48 hours) I have noticed itching in the genital region where the leisons first occurred.
Avatar f tn Has anyone with a chronic back condition (pain associated with different diagnoses) been prescribed Valtrex? My doctor told me part of the pain and fatigue I have can cause more pain in my back. He also says that some viruses can be dormant for many years, like the Epstein-Barr virus, which I scored very high meaning I have a current infection or one in the past and it is dormant in my body.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to take more than one pill/treatment type for Herpes. I'm taking Valtrex 1 gm per day and also have started taking a pill from Herpaflor that contains Lysine, Purella Vulgaris, licorice root and vitamins A,C and zinc. I'm doing a lot of research on the internet trying to learn what other herbs I can use to help prevent an outbreak. Is there something topical I can put on my upper lip and other areas that will prevent an outbreak from recurring there?
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed Valtrex to take for the remainder of my pregnancy. Im 35 weeks. I was wondering if any of you had to take it or know someone who had to take it and if there was any side effects to the baby..
Avatar n tn no difference between using valtrex and acyclovir for suppressive therapy. valtrex is less pills a day. acyclovir is cheaper. sex isn't a typical trigger for folks though certainly dryness during sex that causes "trauma" to your genital area could trigger a recurrence . hope that makes sense. his risk in the course of an entire year is only 4% if you only avoided sex when you had symptoms and took no other precautions. the risk per sex act is minuscule.
Avatar m tn I used acyclovir, and I believe it was 4 days I was given a one day treatment of Valtrex. 4 pills 2 times in one day, in all 8 pills. I can't remember what size they were. My blisters have improved dramatically, and the swelling in my lip seems to have completely subsided. My question is this. After having taken the valtrex, am I know much less contagious? Let me be more clear. When I look at my lips closely, I see what I think could be remaining small blisters.
Avatar f tn July 2009 1st OB Jan 2010 2nd OB Feb 2010 started Valtrex May 2010 3rd OB When I wasn't on valtrex I got 2 OB's in 7 months. On valtrex since Feb 2010 and still getting OB, 1 in 4 months. I thought the drug was suppose to surpress the virus. I didn't expect to see an OB for the remainder of this year being I put myself on this drug. 500mg daily. My 3rd OB actually started today May 2nd.
Avatar n tn Ok, I've been on Valtrex since Friday and my symptoms have not subsided or even alleviated in the smallest amount :( I am not having common symptoms i.e. lesion breakout..It's more general discomfort, slight difficulty urinating, frequent urination and feeling like I'm not quite emptying, irritation, needles & pins or icy hot sensations in my buttocks and back of calves, ..sometimes even in my feet and over all weakness.
Avatar n tn Hopefully that convinces him that it's more than just about the number of ob's if you are in a relationship where one partner is hsv2+ and the other isn't. there is also some terrific info on hsv2 and valtrex on the valtrex website under the info for medical professionals section ( it's even good for folks who aren't in healthcare ). Do you have a regular partner and if so have they been tested yet?
Avatar m tn Hi, My doctor just put me on 1,000mg daily valtrex for supression due to frequent recent outbreaks (and to decrease the risk of transmission). I realize that individual results will vary, but I was wondering whether some people could write about their experience with Valtrex and how succesful (or not) it was at reducing their outbreaks.
Avatar m tn About a year ago, I was asked to go on a Acivir regime to supress herpes outburst because treatment of my other disease would have reduced immunity and doctor wanted to avoid any complications. However, within couple days starting the oral acivir medicines, I developed severe allergic reaction to it. There were red patches all over the body and they were very itchy. Scratching them even led to open wounds.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have read that the active ingredient in Valtrex is L-Valine. L-Valine is available at health food stores/vitamin shops and is much cheaper and obviously less embarrassing to buy than valtrex. My questions are: 1. Is L-Valine, by itself, as shown on the link below an equivalent treatment for HSV2? 2. The web also states, L-Valine Ester...
Avatar n tn She ended up going to the OB, but did not offer to speak to me about diagnosis and treatment. I even asked her if she ever got a diagnosis or presription, and she said NO. So the other day, I find a bottle of Valtrex in her car. I Googled it and from what I can tell, it is for treating Herpes! I am totally freaked out now - I think she may have cheated on me, contracted an STD and I do not know how to bring this up with her. Can anyone give me advice?
Avatar n tn I have never presented anything genitally (that I was aware of)until about 1 month ago - a small lesion on vulva that was cultured and result was HSV(+). Dr prescribed Valtrex but only enough for recurrent episodes. I have since told my current partner who was stellar in his reaction. He does not live near me and we may see each other every 2 months. We had unprotected sex 3 times - that was before I knew the HSV result.
Avatar n tn the intercourse was always protected, the oral was not. Last night I noticed she had a Valtrex prescription in her washroom.....I am not a doctor but I'm pretty sure the only thing you take that for is genital herpes. I am now panicking like crazy because I am sure that I have been infected, and have not brought it up to her yet because I am so furious that she was that irresponsible and putting my health at risk for not telling me. Based on the at risk am I?
Avatar m tn He prescribed me and my girlfriend Valtrex 1 gram twice a day for 10 days. I told her I thought I had the lessions before, and she wasn't very convinced about it, thought I was cheating on her, but is taking the medication on my advice. I am now on my 8th day of treatment (about 3 weeks after the contact) and the lessions have not changed much. They are also still itchy. I also noticed a stronger than usual smell from my genitals, not foul, just stronger.
Avatar f tn How severe was it? Contrary to your statement, suppressive treatment with valacyclovir (Valtrex®) does help prevent recurrent outbreaks. But so does acyclovir. However, not all genital herpes should be treated with ongoing suppressive treatment. For example, if your infection is HSV1, recurrent outbreaks usually are very infrequent and ongoing treatment isn't necessary.
Avatar m tn Thank you fleetwood. I have read that herpes doesnt cause the scrotum to burn and maybe that is true but my scrotum was on fire and I took valacyclovir 2 hours ago and it is already starting to dissipate. I am already HSV2 seropositive with no outbreaks, diagnosed end of April with IgG type select at 8.46. The day after the diagnoses is when all the symptoms started and have stopped since. I had no symptoms or problems the 6 months prior that I had to have had HSV2.
Avatar f tn Hello there, I am a 52 yo perimenopausal female and am trying to come off Valtrex. I contracted HSV2 in 1989 and did not have any further OBs until a pregnancy in 1995. After the birth of my second child in 2001, I was having monthly OBs so began suppressive therapy (500g daily). In 2010 I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic neutropenia (I don't know the actual neutrophil count, just that it was low enough for me to have to see a hematologist).