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Avatar f tn Anyone have success with valtrex alleviating symptoms ?My Dr. prescribed it for 1 week. I also take desipramine (TCA) and have not had any relief from that yet either. It has been 2 weeks. How long can this crazy virus last? Does it subside or run it's course within 6 months? I thought I read this somewhere. Sorry for the multiple questions- this is just so frustrating... I want relief. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn I would say it was conclusive but for added peace of mind, cease the Valtrex immediately, there was no reason for you to start it in the first place, and retest at 16 weeks and take that answer as fact.
Avatar f tn No that's incorrect. You do not have genital HSV1, there is no reason to suspect that you do in addition to the fact that you have near immunity from being infected genitally in any event. Add to this you are getting no relief from antivirals, which are most effective. Normally you can expected improvement within a couple of days. I think you need a fresh approach to identifying your problem.
Avatar n tn For example, if he goes on it then decides to discontinue, will his body be more susceptible or prone to an outbreak because of taking it? He has always been symtpom free and would only take valtrex to reduce transmission to me, not because he has discomfort or outbreaks. Will taking Valtrex change his immunities against the virus when he is off the pill?
Avatar f tn those brain symptoms sound really DANGEROUS it could be causing brain damage. wikipedia and other sources like pubmed have lies about antibiotic drugs. I was taking it because of hearing loss at some crazy dose of 1000mg every 8 hours and after reading this I may stop it tomorrow.
Avatar n tn All the same, when I started dating my boyfriend almost a year ago, who does not have herpes, I chose to go on valtrex preventatively just to take that extra step to not transmit it to him. Well, even though we're still together, the herpes has been an issue and we haven't had sex in a very long time, lets put it at that. This leads me to my problem currently with valtrex...
Avatar m tn no bumps/redness/itchyness etc,just normal i guess my questions are,how good does this Valacyclovir work on reducing transmission only being on it one month,all the studies/research is with people that have had it for sometime! and how easily is it transmitted without sores being present and on meds? and if i was infected should i have of seen/felt noticed something going on with my private area..
Avatar f tn The platelets were explained by continuous oral birth control. If I was to do PCR how long would I need to stop Valtrex for in order for a valid test? Would I want the PCR done on day 1 of a severe outbreak or is later better?
Avatar f tn I'm not sure how long you mean when you ask about long term. I'm taking the medication because I'm going on another medication Lemtrada. I believe everyone on Lemtrada takes it at least 2-5 years.
Avatar n tn I tried to ask but they could give me the test today because they said I needed to not eat for 12 hours prior to getting tested. Does that mean that being on Acyclovir or Valtrex will interfere with the blood test? There are still active sores that haven't healed so I'm hoping that a culture can be done. I've taken one acyclovir 800mg tablet today but I don't take another one tonight if you are telling me that it will kill any active virus that may show up on the results.
Avatar f tn I have had it scraped and cultured probably 3 times always coming back negative...but really think this has to be herpes. Is it worth trying to take Valtrex to see if this goes away? Is there a risk to taking Valtrex even if I really don't have herpes? Whatever this condition is hanging around defying all my doctors, but one thing is for sure, it's been going on since that guy!
Avatar m tn And by the way if you notice at the top that of my posts that I addressed them to someone. Notice how it wasn’t to you. That means I wasn’t ******* talking to you. So quit harassing me and trying to cut me down. I don’t know if you get your jollies sitting on this forum cutting people down but I don’t appreciate it…..and from what I see from other people they don’t either.
Avatar n tn He said that it should work the same and you take it the same, but he said if I notice I am getting an outbreak that I need to talk to my doc about going back on the other valtrex and see if I can get it cheaper. This has thrown me for a loop as I am scared that it wont work the same or that I will get a small break out that I wont notice and infect my boyfriend. I am just not sure about it too as i was never told of a new one coming out or even heard of it.
Avatar n tn I also went to a General Practitioner and she told me that this pain may last 6-12 months since it is a pretty new infection and since it was an initial outbreak. I used to work out by doing weights and kickboxing 2-3 times a week for about an hour and a half but ever since I contracted the herpes it seems that I don't have a lot of energy or stamina. I also seem to require more sleep now.
Avatar f tn Dr said they feared it was the start of my OB but as I have HSV 1 it was probably going to be less sever than it could have been. I was put back in valtrex 500mg 2x a day. Swabs weren't done as no open lesions exist and they didn't want to disturb the bumps they could see. The discomfort is UNBELIEVABLE. The tingling/burning all over my vagina/anus and the pain in my legs is distracting.
Avatar m tn Because you get more of the active medication in your body that way - you don't have to take it as often. The advantage of valtrex is - less pills to remember to take so a greater chance of actually taking them. There isn't any other real difference between them. I'm not sure where you are being followed up at but according to your profile you are near one of the best herpes clinics around. Is that where you are seen at?
Avatar f tn Only thing that came about is that I had a sightly over active thyroid. And the doctor advised not to treat it since it was mild and treating it could make it worse. I also had nodules on my thyroid that were biopsied and are not cancerous. I do not have HIV either. I cannot figure out why all of a sudden my body cannot control these viruses and I am having frequent outbreaks. What are these new symptoms? Is it going to kill me? Have you heard of this before?
Avatar n tn My wife just got vaginal herpes and we got the medication a few days ago. It is agonizing to see he apply the medication. My question is how long does the fist outbreak last before the pain subsides?
Avatar n tn I went back to the NP at my OB/GYN this afternoon to undergo additional testing. LapCorp (I cannot afford Quest's $475 test not covered by my insurance) didn't know what the Western Blot was or how to get it to Washington. So, I personally googled the contact information for the UW lab on my iphone in the office to get the info. The lab tech my NP and I spoke with said that he had to send a "kit" to us first with instructions on how to ship the sample prior to shipping.
Avatar m tn I have read accounts of some others also who take higher doses and only have success with suppression at 2 or 3 grams per day, but I am unclear about how safe this is. My Dr. thinks it is ok, but he also said it is best to take the lowest dose that seems to work effectively . . . I just haven't found that ideal dose yet, I guess, or maybe it just doesn't work very well for me for some reason.
Avatar n tn If this was an allergic reaction to the cat (or something else), is it really feasible that an allergen exposure 9 weeks ago would still be generating symptoms? (e.g. how long does it take for the lining of the urethera/bladder to repair itself?) Finally, what do you make of the nighttime relief?
5264083 tn?1404669334 I know many women have experienced late periods from antibiotics. I'm hoping that someone can tell me their experiences, and how long it took for their period to come.
Avatar m tn if yes, how long will it take for the antibodies to show up in the blood with Valtrex in his system if he is now taking it consistently? and why do his symptoms keep reoccurring? even with a maintenance dose of 1 gram after his symptoms disappear?. he has been under extreme stress lately for a prolonged period of time now, so could that be driving it?
101028 tn?1419606604 Famvir is usually the most expensive option though it recently has been released in a generic form so depending on your insurance it might be cheaper than valtrex. You need to take it twice a day. Acyclovir is the old tried but true but it's also the medication that all other herpes meds compare themselves to. It's been available in a generic version for a long time now and is usually the most affordable option. You have to take acyclovir twice a day suppressively.
Avatar n tn urinate on my own, but I still have the numbness - some days it seems to subside, but how long does this last? It is mostly in my buttock area - a little numb in my vagina - still just doesn't feel the same. I started w/the bladder retention on 10/4/06 - I also take a maintenance dose of valtrex (after the 10 day treatment), a multivitamin, vitamin E, 500 mg of lysine, 2 green tea supplements, calcium supplement and 50 mg of zoloft. Am I overdoing it? Do any of these contradict each other?
Avatar f tn really not too much I can add at this point since it's been too many days for a lesion culture plus you were on valtrex. how long ago was your last sex prior to all of this? best thing to do is to be seen again monday and get another exam to try to see what is going on.
Avatar n tn If you have HSV 1 oraly and you get it in your genitals or you have HSV 2 on your genitals and you get it oraly, how does a blood test show them apart or does it just show you have HSV 1 or HSV 2 or do you have to wait for a lesion to show and have it tested, or is it hard to get the same herpes type in other areas. Just wondering, as there seems to be some people, me as one of them, who are confused by this and test results.
Avatar n tn the partner i described in my original note is hiv- as well. so, i will take your advice and encourage him to get a full std work-up. it seems entirely probable that he may indeed have hsv2 as well, in light of your statistics. so anyway, thanks again!
Avatar f tn He is constantly worried about it and makes me feel dirty that I have this disease. I don't believe it is possible to transmit it without symptoms or contact, honestly. But many people, I have found, feel this way about herpes when they don't have it and make others feel like they are horrible dirty people for no good reason other than their own fears.