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Avatar n tn Ultimately, I do want to be uninhibited with the person I'm with (no condoms,etc), herpes or no herpes. Im not going to get tested for a few months now unless I get an outbreak. Thanks again for all of the advice/information.
Avatar f tn In july 2010, I got an eye infection cause I slept with contacts lenses for about six months with out taking them off, I was diagnosed with having either chicken pox in the eye or herpes in the eye, they werent sure, the docs priscribe valtrex and eye drops, my eye cleared and conrea was perfect. I just did a blood work and hsv 1 was negative >500 and my hsv 2 was positive 1.11, doc used the iGg test, he told me not to worry and want to retest in 3 weeks time.
Avatar m tn - Could the corneal scarring and other ocular problems, includding having to have my tear ducts reconstructed because of continual low-level eye infections (which I have had for many years and were extensively treated by an Ophthamologist) be caused by HSV2? Many thanks and thanks for helping to facilitate such a terrific community.
Avatar f tn not washing your hands after using the bathroom isn't a risk for spreading herpes.
Avatar n tn asp where patients were treated with 400mg, 5 times daily for 10 weeks. I just had some inflammation in my eye two days ago, but have been unable to see a doctor due to the Thanksgiving holiday. By Friday, it seems to be going away. I am wondering what is the best course of action preventing any future outbreaks. Thank you very much for any advice you can give on this matter!
Avatar f tn a support group for those with the Herpes STD or a support group for those with CATS suffering from feline form of the disease. What resources are there to help? Are there forums, chatrooms, books, magazines, anything available so that I can connect with others also feeling the impact of this disease on their lives? Feeling very alone here, anything would help. Thanks.
Avatar m tn In any case, few providers would repeatedly mistake herpes for other kinds of genital rashes. Yes, of course it is possible for a man who is HSV-2 positive to not transmit it. In couples like you--steady partners, with one person having HSV-2--only about 1 in 20 susceptible partners become infected each year. So the odds are in your favor. Still, since you were the regular sex partner of an HSV-2 infected person, you could be infected.
Avatar n tn OLE and lysine don't do anything for herpes. it's a waste of time and money to take them for herpes. they won't affect your blood tests since they don't affect the way the body produces antibodies. how long did you take herpes antivirals? if it was just a 10 day course, it won't affect your repeat herpes igg blood tests. should you get a return of symptoms, be seen again. if a blood test comes back as hsv1+, no way to know if it was from an oral herpes or genital herpes infection.
Avatar m tn Doctor wrote for me Valtrex 500mg to be taken twice a day and supposed to see him after 2 weeks . Plz let me know , what these symptoms sounds like , is it Herpes or what as am really confused ? when i can do test for herpes and will be reliable ?
Avatar n tn I have experienced bad outbreaks of herpes simplex on my face the day following an eye exam for several eye exams in a row (spaced one to three years apart). The exams were with different eye docs. Is there any evidence of a link between herpes simplex and the drops used to dilate the eyes, or the slit lamp? It's very difficult for me to believe there is no link because I very rarely have herpes simplex outbreaks, even when under extreme stress.
Avatar n tn valtrex only helps with herpes issues. unless you tested + for herpes being active in your eye, no reason to start valtrex. corneal ulcers are a side effect of contact wearing.
Avatar f tn I have only i bump on the side of the top of the crack of my butt,dr did a culture called me told me its herpes simplex virus and told me to take valtrex i took 1 pill last night and this morning i feel kinda wierd like my right eye is all messed up and side of my face feels burning i also feel nauseated and very afraid to take more of the med as im home alone,i have bad anxiety..
Avatar n tn You should be on chronic antivirals (Famvir, Valtrex, Acyclovir, etc) for HSV suppression.
Avatar m tn I am really worrying that I have contracted disseminated, drug-resistant herpes, including ocular herpes and herpes encephalitis, and don’t know what to do. I am currently still taking Valtrex 1g twice a day, but feeling that it’s not working. I am considering increasing it to 2g twice a day again, which seems the only way that helps. Meanwhile, I am concerned that this may cause further drug resistant. What should I do now? Please advice and help!!!
Avatar n tn I kissed this same woman 1 yr ago and a few weeks later ended up with temporary facial palsy due to what doc thought was Herpes Zoster reactivation (treated with Valtrex). After this most recent encounter, my face briefly felt the same way I experienced earlier (tingling, etc), although no palsy developed. My major concern is protecting my wife from my incredible stupidity, and to figure out if I have something lasting/serious: 1.
Avatar f tn Red bump on the corner of my bottom right eye for three months 6. swollen tonsils for three months, ENT said I need to get them removed I'm on 500mg of valacyclovir, is that not enough?
Avatar n tn My eye lid has been peeling for quite a while since I found out I had herpes. I do not know if it relates, but I would like to know if it relates because I stoped taking valtrex continously and I dont know if the eyelid situation is an out break or what it is. It is usually remedied partly with benadryll but it comes back. Now im getting the same thing around the corner of my mouth, but that one goes away. What should I do?
Avatar m tn I often feel like the valtrex does nothing, and the eye drops they give for conjunctivitis do nothing. I just wait it out for 3-4 weeks and just keep taking all the meds and hope it goes away. I have seen many doctors all who believe it is herpes. I just feel at such a loss because it feels like the meds do nothing and I just have to wait it out all the time. I feel like it happens all the time and I constantly live in fear of outbreaks.
Avatar n tn Well, my doctor just called me the other day and told me that the results came back positive as did my HPV results for abnormal cells (I dont think HPV and herpes are related). She didnt say for which kind of herpes. So I immediately was devasted and started doing as much research as I could and found out that there are different tests out there. and I found that some tests are more accurate than others.
Avatar m tn Is the conjunctivitis viral or bacterial? I often feel like the valtrex does nothing, and the eye drops they give for conjunctivitis do nothing. I just wait it out for 3-4 weeks and just keep taking all the meds and hope it goes away (it does). I have seen many doctors/specialists all who believe it is herpes. I just feel at such a loss because it feels like the meds do nothing and I just have to wait it out all the time.
Avatar m tn If they look quite different, it kind of makes me wonder. You may wish to consider getting these swabbed for herpes to be sure that these are actually herpes outbreaks.
55646 tn?1263664409 Nationally, there are at least three different studies beginning for the treatment of genital herpes. First, the Genocea phase one (first in humans) trial. Instead of an oral medication to treat herpes, Genocea out of Boston has taken the approach of stimulating the immune system to respond more robustly to the herpes virus in people who are already infected with the virus.
Avatar f tn So far everyone says no herpes. I wake up every morning with a warm flushed feeling on my face. My body is obviously fighting something. I just wish I could feel normal. Mind, body and spirit. This is one of the most tryint times to try an cope with. Do you think I am have herpes?
Avatar f tn Upon observing any signs of swelling, tearing ,redness, soreness and irritation of the eye it is very essential for an eye doctor not to overlook the possibility of eye herpes. If detected with an eye herpes disorder, the location of the infected eye layer is important in order to proceed with further medication and treatment. Most eye herpes related problems can be cured by using anti-viral eye drops, ointments and pills.
Avatar n tn After all this he said I'm going to give you valtrex as a test FOR cure! I asked him why are they beating a dead horse on this herpes over a red mark that has been there for 1.5 years and has not went away has just remained right there with the skin discoloration!!! Here are my issues after all these tests and visiting the doctors for 1.5 years I am still dealing with the following... Burning after urination with penis tingling mainly after urination.
Avatar m tn I wasn't hospitalized as it was misdiagnosed originally and when the pain got worse I had two separate dermatologist recommending daily suppressive medication, one dermatologist recommends 6 months while the other recommends up to 1 year. (2 valtrex a day for the first 2 weeks, and then one daily for up to a year) One also brought up the possibility of using intravene medication (through an IV?) if symptoms didn't improve.
Avatar f tn I'd suggest working on accepting herpes rather than waiting for a cure for it. If we do get a cure, it won't be anytime soon.
Avatar m tn It is a little comforting to hear that this is highly unusual for herpes and I thank you for your timely response and help
Avatar n tn I typically do not recommend any of the products advertised in google ads here except for the 3 herpes antivirals we talk about all the time - acyclovir, valtrex and famvir.
Avatar f tn I did a full STD test at the first of May. Everything came back negative except my herpes results. I tested positive for both 1 & 2. They told me over the phone. They did not give me lab values or anything. All the nurse said was to call if I ever had an outbreak, and they would give me a prescription for valtrex. I've never had an outbreak. The last time I had sex (and it was unprotected) was at the end of December 2012.