Vaginal discharge bumps

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Avatar n tn I have vaginal swelling (inside the vagina) and yellowish discharge. The discharge has no odor. Sometimes there is pain on my left side and lower abdominal pain. She believed that it was some type of vaginosis and has prescribed three different types of antibiotics on three different occassions which didn't work. I have small (tiny) bumps right under the skin on the labium minora.
Avatar f tn They are usully a lot of bumps closer to your vaginal opening. I really do not think you have an STD so just go about your life dont worry about it and dont touch it, you will irritate it more. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hello, You may be having a yeast infection or vaginal candidiasis, which typically causes swelling, redness, and itchiness of the vaginal area. It also causes a curd-like vaginal discharge. There may also be skin involvement wherein the skin around the vaginal area also becomes infected and become red and have rashes. Try to avoid wearing tight underwear and pants. Wear cotton underwear as much as possible and maintain proper hygiene.
Avatar n tn i have had a few red bumps on my vaginal area. its really uncomfortable and itches. what can it be?
Avatar f tn i have this vaginal discharge, dirty white in color but it has no fowl smell. and i've this two pinkish in color bump on my vagina..on the hole... it is paired..two... im worried and i think its genital warts.. i have a vaginal yeast infection two weeks ago and i guess it was gone because i never felt any itchiness on my genital area.. but im worried about this vaginal discharge i have is a sign of genital warts this vaginal discharge i hev now? plz help me..plz..
Avatar n tn I need help , I have these little white bumps and discharge . I went to the doctor about a month ago to get checked and I didn't have anything she said . Is this common ? Should I get checked again ? I'm really scared . I haven't changed sexual partners .
Avatar f tn About 4-5 months ago I began to notice a small bump near my vaginal area (but it kind of appeared near my menstral and it came and went),,,but it im experiencing it once again but there's more than one. I always check and examine myself, but I cant figure out why its here. I do shave down there but it dont seem like one of those bumps because when I popped it puss came out and left dark marks. What could this be?..
Avatar f tn I am not getting vaginal discharge. In addition to this i am also getting very hard bumps in the inner region of my thighs. I am not a slim person i weight roughly about 190lbs.
Avatar n tn i had sex for the first time a week ago, 2 days after i noticed red bumps on my vagina. they dont hurt, i dont have any discharge, they are the skin color and it just itches. its freaking me out, could this be an std??
Avatar n tn am seeing white sticky stuff from my vergina and there is some small bumps that itches me too
Avatar n tn Could this be a yeast infection (no weird discharge, but the itching seems a bit worse) the itching isnt what worries me it is the bumps? I have looked at a million STI pics online and it looks like nothing on there....any clues???
Avatar n tn i just recently had a ruptured ovarian cyst. now i have a white vaginal discharge.. i also used to shave my whole privates area. however i recently stopped. i thought i had an ingrown hair but now i have a few as in like 5 bumps that hurt and itch on the lips of my vagina. i am in a relationship where we practice safe sex and only have sex with eachother... do i just have maybe ingrown hairs or do i have an std.
Avatar n tn I have been worrying about this for quite some time and I have a dr appt next week but in the meantime I wanted to ask what you thought. I have these little tiny vaginal bumps on my labia majora – like on top of the clitoris (you can really only see them if you stretch the skin and look closely). I have found that a few times in the last year they seem to get inflamed or infected and swell up into more of a pimple.
Avatar n tn Okay, so I read through everything you had to say about discharge and how it is normal, and I have to think that I don't have a yeast infection because I don't itch and nothing is inflamed or anything. The thing is that I have a ridiculous amount of discharge (for me) and it is yellow and doesn't smell very good. Should I see the doc? I haven't had my period in about 2 and a half months due to the stressful life of basic training either, could that have something to do with it?
Avatar f tn When i urinate and the pee hits those bumps the pain is extremely bad and also I have had an increased in vaginal discharge it's cloudy looking. The vagina area where the bumps are extremely tender to the touch it is even uncomfortable to sit and walk. I've been self diagnosing my self it sounds like herpes but that is not wat i want it to be. I'm am running myself crazy. What do u think and do u know what can relieve this painful urination.
Avatar n tn I have also documented a yellow mucus like vaginal discharge the last 3x's. I'm not sure it this is related. It comes all times of the year and I can not pinpoint it to anything I've eaten. I've gone to a dermatologist who thought it may have been caused by a virus but I usually feel really good when it first appears and then start to feel sick as it progresses. The rash also used to go away within 24hrs but the last 3x's it has lasted a whole week.
Avatar f tn i don't smell any different, and there is no vaginal discharge. - oh i forgot to mention, i saw my gyno about the first bigger bump. and she said it was an ingrown hair...i don't think thats the case anymore. so i just shaved and there must be like 50 randomly placed bumps. its really hard to concentrate with this on my mind. and i am going to make a doctors appointment soon, but in the mean time i was just looking for answers. oh. and i have had to sexual partners.
Avatar f tn It started with one bump on labia minus then went away but now have various on my vaginal orifice & a few smaller not so raised bumps on my labia. I have no pain or anything, just these bumps, im pretty sure it is genital herpes or warts. i am going to a doctor soon, but need some thoughts and guidance until then, i am worried sickless! If I pop the bumps(which I know I should'nt do)a white chunk comes out and its like a rubbery squishy consistency,and it will bleed a little.
Avatar n tn I noticed that I have sour-tasting vaginal discharge. I noticed it one day while my boyfriend and I were having sex, I went down on him and I almost gagged because my discharge on him was so sour tasting ... it really took me by surprise. I never had this problem before, and my discharge never tasted sour before except for these last couple of months. There is no smell to it at all, the discharge is pearly white, not clumpy, and I have no redness/itching nor any other symptoms ...