Vaginal discharge after menopause

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Avatar n tn It seems all the possible solutions the doctor mention had to do with urine loss, not vaginal discharge. For vaginal discharge, he said you might have to learn to live with it. I don't have STD (and have not had a sexual partner for several years).
1354741 tn?1277184842 I am pre-menopausal and have had a dark, bloody and thick vaginal discharge between periods. I have sought medical care and my doctor doesn't seem concerned so much because I am of menopause age. Most recently I saw him because of a blister type lesion that appeared on my labia. Diagnostic culture ruled out herpes but I still have this discharge. He recommended that I return should the blister return. Is it normal for me to have this discharge if I am pre-menopausal.
Avatar f tn Starting last month I noticed that I have yellowish spotting for at least 3 days after using the vaginal cream and sometimes the discharge lasts longer longer. I have to use a pad in my underwear. I had a negative culture both for bacteria and for yeast when I first noticed the discharge . I did test positive for Strep B. I was given the option of an alternative to penicillin (since I am allergic) but decided not to use it since I know that I am a Strep B carrier.
Avatar n tn Yesterday and today I have had creamy white vaginal discharge, like what I use to have before ovulation! No itching or any other symptons. What is going on? Any need for concern? Thanks!
Avatar n tn For nearly a month now I have been dealing with lots of vaginal discharge, which is clear, not bad-smellling. It is runny enough to soak my underwear, and it reminds me of the discharge I used to get when I ovulated because it is a little sticky, but this is excessive. The subsiding (though not entirely) of my menopause symptoms plus this discharge makes me wonder if my body is trying to have periods again? I have also had a few menstrual-type cramps, but no blood flow.
Avatar f tn It very well could be absolutely nothing but, any abnormal discharge or bleeding no matter how slight, after menopause is deemed to need checking just to be on the safe side. Three years with no periods is definitely post menopausal but, that doesn't mean that our hormones have completely settled down and can still have a surge that can create some spotting temporarily and be perfectly normal. However, again, only a doctor can determine this and best to be safe than sorry.
Avatar f tn Had one evening episode of light red vaginal bleeding 2 years after menopause and after a month of extreme stress which was resolved the week bleeding occurred. Also the week before had ovulation like stretchy discharge. Anyway a 2.5 cm cooled cyst was found on vaginal ultrasound. Ca125 drawn but not back yet. Are there any complex cysts at this age that are not cancer?
Avatar f tn I am 50 years old, last period was 2 1/2 years ago. I recently began having breast tenderness, "egg white" vaginal discharge, and swelling in my vaginal area just like I was ovulating and preparing to have a period. These symptoms have lasted for 2 weeks. Could I really be ovulating without a period currently and is it possible after going without a period for so long? I thought I was in menopause. Additionally, 3 years ago I had a pitutary tumor removed.
Avatar n tn One of my problems with menopause have benn hot flashes and vaginal dryness. I have been using a estrogen vaginal cream to relieve that problem. But recently i stop using it beacuse I notice that all the hot flashes have disappeared, and I have a vaginal discharge like the one I used to have when I had my periods. Overall I feel very good. My questions is can I have estrogen surges after menopause ? And if that's not it, what can it be?
Avatar n tn and after i healed up i been having a build up of white thick discharge in my vaginal, that want go doctor say its some kind of linig i for got what does not run out it say in the smell fishy when i have sex.i have taken med but it want go away.what can i do hellllllp.
Avatar n tn Since I had read online that NO bleeding after menopause is normal, I called and got an appointment the next day. He ordered a pelvic ultrasound and then an endometrial biopsy. I had the ultrasound yesterday and the biopsy today. The ultrasound showed up ok with some increase in the lining. I have read in alternative medical literature that bleeding after menopause is ok, especially if you're on hormones...but of course you have to get it checked.
1176126 tn?1263696983 It is vaginal discharge. Girls usually experience vaginal discharge about 6 months before they experience their first periods. It's caused by the changing hormones in your body---and will be with you until (and sometimes after) menopause, which won't come until you're about 50-ish. Completely normal, and healthy. The discharge keeps your vagina healthy and clean. In case you're wondering, it's supposed to have a slight odor.
Avatar n tn I continued to get them every month after that. I had two vaginal ultrasounds which were normal. So 5 months ago I went off HRT ( i had just turned 69.) No more cramps. However, I went into menopause like I never did before- night sweats, more bladder problems, bad hot flashes, unable to get a night's sleep - I was miserable. Two months ago I went back on premphase every other day instead of every day. My doc said go a head and see what happens.
Avatar n tn She had taken premarin for over 20 yrs and has discontinued it because of the complications that come with it. She has full blown menopause, but her major complaint is this watery discharge that has forced her to start wearing maxi pads and it has become so overwhelming that she is very self-conscious and is becoming a hermit as a result. Is there a natural solution or an herbal ****** that will help? Could it also be something she's not eating or eating too much of? Please help? Thanks!
Avatar n tn That's the beauty of being past menopause. It might be a return of the endo, also. Fibroids are supposed to decrease after menopause and if they don't, that's another potential problem. So far, all these possibilities are benign until proven otherwise. Believe me, I asked my doctor a ton of questions and make sure you do, too. Get your money's worth from that doctor's visit. It will drive you mad to guess at a cause. Leave it to your doctor to put your mind at ease.
Avatar n tn I still get a discharge but I really don't notice such a bad odor after it. I do notice that after douching, at the end of the insertion part there is a yellow goo on it. I don't know if all this is normal or not so I'm just checking to see if any other woman has this issue? Thank you!
Avatar n tn i have the same problem but my discharge makes me very itchy i apready went to my gyn doctor and i am waiting the result i am a little big scare my vaginal discharge its yellow-green itchy vagina discharge and also look white at simple view but its really yellow green
Avatar n tn The reason behind the poss removal of the ovary is because they believe the cyclic pattern of building pain, sharp pain ,vaginal pus like discharge has a hormonal base and by removing the ovary they hope it will end the cyclic nature. To be honest I have been seen by 3 consultants and they are all perplexed by the case.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor I have experienced an abrupt Menopause following Surgery for OVCA... I am finding the symptoms very difficult to deal with they really are intense at times. Mood swings wanting to cry feeling down , sweats and discomfort in the vulval area which has impacted on my relationship with my Husband. The tumours were receptive to Hormones so i cannot take any form of HRT my Menopause Consultant has prescribed Efexor I found this made me drowsy and sluggish really slowed up.
Avatar n tn Problem/Concern I am having a clear, orderless, jelly like vaginal discharge 3 years post chemo. It is like having a clear period. Very heavy discharge. After 1 month , I saw my Gyn and it now looks like my overies have regenerated and the ling of my uterus is alive and has a swiss cheese like appearance. My overies appear to be hyperstimulated (per my Gyn) and this is causing the excessive discharge. He told me that this usually only occurs in women on fertility meds.
Avatar n tn It will be exactly 2 weeks tomorrow since the procedure and I am still having the slight yellowish and sometimes bloody discharge. I did experience the excruciating pain and fever days after the procedure and at times the pain still exist. I called the docor a few days after the procedure to complain about my the pain and the high fever and they called out a bacterial medication to treat an infection. It seems the pay is worse during the night than in the day.
Avatar n tn Re: Vaginal odor 1-2 days after ejaculation Have the same problem with my current partner-- Gyno advised the PH of his semen was probably different than my vagina, resulting in a nasty smell. The problem is easily solved by having him not ejaculate inside me!