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Avatar n tn It's initial symptoms closely resemble the herpes virus, causing inflammation, vaginal sores, cuts, boils, fissures, or folliculitis. Other symptoms develop years later, so it is very important that you find out just what it is that is causing your symptoms. Don't be too quick to brush it off as nothing, Behcet's disease affects people of every age and every race. It is important you see a doctor who know's enough to help you.
Avatar m tn what should i do im now suffrening 3 months with this boils in my body, im having now them at mi vaginal area. not only one but 3 boils at the same time ang there is one forming also. what should i do?
Avatar n tn He said that shaving is a cause of vaginal boils. When you nick yourself even if it is so small you don't even know you did bacteria can get in there and form a boil. He put me on some antibiotics and told me to use antibacterial soap. If you continue shaving I suggest use antibacterial soap if you don't already to minimize the chance of your little nicks getting infected.
Avatar n tn ever since I got in my 30's i have been getting alot of boils in my inner thigh and buttocks. why is that? and is ther anything that i can do for that ?
Avatar n tn In the past couple of years I have been getting risens or boils on the inside of my thighs. They leave dark colored scars after they heal. Sometimes they are so bad that I have to drain them myself using a sterile needle. I also have had few of these under my arm. Am I lacking a vitamin or is there a way to prevent them? I do not think they are ingrown hairs.
Avatar f tn How Can I Soothe The Pain Frm Vaginal Boils?And How Or What Do I Wear As Far As Underwear To Help The Irratation?
Avatar n tn I was also told that I now had three vaginal warts in the area which were removed. (FYI- About ten years ago, I had two vaginal warts and they were removed. I never had another problem with hem until now. For years, my paps would come back irregular, but for the past two, they have been normal). My doctor also had me tested for diabetes. While taking the tetracycline last week, the second much smaller boil began to go away, but never drained, just went down.
Avatar f tn I started getting boils/pimples on the inner side of my lips after I started taking the birth control pill. After a while of being on it, they seemed to go away (with the occasional one or two right before my period). However, they still have a tendency to break out if I swim a lot. Therefore I assume the cause is mainly hormonal and then aggravated by chlorine/environment. I found the best way to limit my outbreaks is to use a washcloth and carefully clean around the area.
Avatar f tn You need a diagnosis to ensure they are boils, before determining the cause. Tight clothes make boils.https://www.healthline.
Avatar n tn I have recurring boils/lump in the vaginal area that are hard and after some time draw pus,my boyfriend had the same last week,was treated with antibiotics but got another painful one again,should i be worried?what underlying infection could it be?
Avatar n tn I still feel a little dry down there and I really think they are probably just boils but does anyone have any experience with this or have any insight?
Avatar f tn of last yr august i've notice some boils occurring my vaginal area, At first i taught i was areaction to some birth controll pills i was taking and then it started to hurt. I noticed that i would jus be a few at time scattered along my labia majora and one on my perineum. it really hurt when i sat down or walked around. So visited a local clinic and they sent me to do a urine test and the results that i have have bacteria "Pus cells 8 in 12 fields" and red blood cells 4 in 12 fields.
Avatar f tn This was was accompanied by blisters/boils in her vaginal area. She was seen by her primary care physician and also by her gynecologist. Her gynecologist cultured the the blisters for Herpes and the test results came back as negative. She was never really given an idea what they were or how they were caused. She is now again sick, she has bronchitis, and she has stated that she again has these blisters in her vagina. They are quite painful and they burn when she urinates.
Avatar f tn I have these pretty sizable bumps around my inner-thighs and vaginal area, they are filled with puss and blood and they hurt very, very much. Does being overweight have anything to do with it? I'm a virgin so I'm absolutely sure it's not and STD. I didn't want to go to my doctor if its not anything serious. What is it that's causing these bumps? And what are they?
Avatar f tn I keep getting boils in my vaginal area they are painful what causes them and how can i relieve some pain, i have tried warm compresses that doesnt help
Avatar f tn I have lg pimple or boil like bumps always in my vaginal area & inner thighs & panty lines. When I get them I always get more than one or one rt after the other. When they pop or I pop them it's always pus & blood. They are sore & then itch. Anyone know what's causing these?
Avatar n tn i have had a case of recurring painful boils in my vaginal area that are hard when they start forming and later redden and yellow before they exude pus,i took some anti biotics and they are back again,my boyfriend has had them as well,could this be a sexual infection?
Avatar n tn But apparently, and this started over a year ago, i would get very itchy, painful lumps around my vaginal area, only the outer sides. They occur in the same three places. usually it is only one lump and it comes and then goes in a about a week. It seems especially when it is time for my period, i get one of them. This happens once every few months. I was tested about 4 months ago and i didnt have herpes, but i am still worried as i have been sexually active, with condoms, since then.
Avatar n tn i noticed some tiny boils on my pennis has some whittish substance in doesnt hurt much but the pain is obvious at times.there are a few of these boils in my pubic hair area as well. its making me nervous. no painful urination or discomfort.pls help. what should i do?
Avatar f tn i am 13 and im not a virgin i already know i am too young for sex you dont have to tell me , i only did it with one person and i have a boil in my vaginal area and i do shave often down there but i cant go get checked because i would have to tell my mom i had sex before and i cant tell her that so please tell me what this boil is from , also its just one big boil next to (not on it) my vagina lip
Avatar n tn I am 25 yrs female,married since 2 and half years.I have recurrent boils on labia since my marriege and I had not a single month without it.pattern of it keep on changing from amoll pencil head to large pustule. hey end rupturing with pus. consistuncy of pus varies from thick to liquid.sometimes whole labia gets swollen,painful and inflammed even affecting my sexual life.
628073 tn?1222213921 i have a 3 1/2 y/o that has numerous pimples on backside. she had one above her vaginal area and one on the back of her thigh. they both came to a white head so i popped them. they drained pus and blood. they are extremly painful for her. so i am wondering if it is acne or something else. my husband used to get numerous pimples on his backside so i am not sure what it is. i just know that it is not normal to have a pimple drain pus and blood.....
Avatar m tn i occasionally break out with boils on my face/head once every 6 months. i also have had cysts removed from my head. i've had the same sexual partner for 4 months. two weeks ago i had a sexual encounter with a friend that included brief unprotected sex and unprotected oral. my normal sexual partner and i have regular protected sex with condoms and unprotected oral sex. today i've noticed red soreness bump almost at the bottom of the shaft of my penis. all most feels like a paper cut.
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been suffering from boils/pimples inside my vagina. I definately do not have any stds as i had a full MOT. And i am very careful with personal hygene. they seem to be linked to my hormones. Normally use magnesium sulfate cream to drw them out. This time however i noticed a small painless one. I gave a little squeeze and it dissapeared without and muck. It seemed to have just gone back inside somewhere.
Avatar f tn I have marble and up to golfball size boils on my bottom and vaginal area. The bigger they get the more painful they are and I cannot get them to break. I went to a clinic, because I currently do not have insurance, and she did not lance them. They keep multiplying and the are very deep and hard. I got the first 2 after having sex with my husband after three years of nothing. I have never had these before but he has. I had an STD scrape but cannot afford blood tests.