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Avatar f tn i have a couple of tears inside my vagina, its not (itchy, red, bumps, discharge) and i would like to know what causes this and how should i treat it?
Avatar n tn The opening to my vagina is much larger after having my baby six months ago. The tissue(I'm not sure if it's cinsidered hymen)between my urethra meatus and vagina tore so that the opening to my vagina is much more exposed. The tissue that used to be covered is riged, like an acordion. I feel strangly overexposed during initial sexual contact and sex is a lot less comfortable with a condom because the ring of the condom rubs the ridges(of my vagina). Is this a tear that can be repaired?
Avatar f tn Is it possible to get tears in the INSIDE of my vagina? Not on the outside like in other forums. Unbearable pain in every position except for when he is behind me. Not a UTI or an STD, we are both clean. I assume lots of rest is what I need, but I came here to look for some answers. Please help!
Avatar n tn It tears from the entrance of the vagina to the perenium are (between vagina and anus). It's hard to enjoy sex when you are waiting to rip down the middle. it kind of ruins the mood. I don't know what to say.i tried alot of creams and even sweet almond oil. nothing seems o heal me. the skin is like paper in that are and i do not understand why doctors cannot cure our ongoing condition. at least we know we are not the only one out there with this horrible skin problem!!!
Avatar m tn I need help please, would really appreciate it After reading all the posts about vaginal tears i realize i am not alone in this problem. I have a tear at the top of my vagina, i have 3 children, two of them were breach. i have experienced all the pain of a vaginal tear after giving birth to my children, i thought it was normal at the time. now, i have a strong urine smell, which was why i took a good look at my vagina,,i even went to my GB to have it sewn up,,he said it couldnt be done.
Avatar f tn They tears don't bleed and they cause no pain, but they give me some sort of discomfort, plus it really affects my confidence during sex because of the way the inside of my vagina looks like now. Will the tears (inside the vagina) ever close up naturally? any medication i can use to speed up the closing of the tears? any other solutions? Please help, I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to solve this.
Avatar f tn Ok, here's the deal. I get small tears (like papercuts) just below the opening of my vagina. I get them almost every time that I have sex. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant but the pain is awful. Does anyone know what the tears might be caused by?
Avatar f tn Hi I would like to ask for some home remedy tips on vigina tears ,I cnt go to a doc coz I dnt want my bf or parents to knw nd I also cnt go to a clinic coz my sister is a nurse nd I'm kind embarrassed to ask her what I should use for the pain
Avatar m tn I took a mirror down there (always a scary idea) and notice I believe 2-3 separate red-lines/potential tears. They didn't seem to bleed, almost just looked like stretch marks but for your lady parts. No blisters, no itching, just those tears and pain. My husband and I had sex a couple days ago and didn't lube up as much as we normally do, and I started my period recently. I don't know if those things really factor in but what the hey.
Avatar m tn 4 months ago, my boyfriend started having problems with my tears right below my vagina enterance. It heals until we have sex again, and it tore again. This happened several times. I went to the doctor, but unfortunatley, he was not very helpful. What can stop it? Thanks a lot!!!
Avatar f tn lichen sclerosis in vagina has pretty much shut down this 49 year old unterine cancer survivor's sex life. He tries, using globs of lubricant, and we have tried them all. One mis moove, one slip, and I can feel my vaginal flesh tearing like razor blade has been used on it. I have the standard "corti-steriod" topical cream, but I am concerned that my marriage will not survive years of minimal (the more minimal the better for me) sex... men feel the need to have sex regulary. HELP..
Avatar f tn You will have severe, one sided localized pain if you were having an ectopic. You wont hurt in your vagina. Call your doctor and get an appointment tomorrow to make sure everything is ok.
Avatar f tn Dumb question... Is there a way to "condition" your vagina to reduce the chance of vaginal tearing? I'm having a home birth so I'm not planning on being sliced for an episiotomy? Spelling? But I also haven't discussed this issue with my midwife yet. So my question... Can having sex more or having my husband stretch it out more with his fingers help? Fingers might be a bad idea actually... But I mean should I just be doing more kegals? Sorry, I know it's dumb...
Avatar n tn I don't know how long vaginal tears would take to heal, but it sounds like a good idea to use a really good lubricant (formulated for sexual use) when you have sex. If your chosen method of birth control is condoms, be sure they are the lubricated kind and that the lubricant you use is compatible with condoms (i.e., not Vaseline!).
Avatar m tn I'm 20 and I think I may have vaginal tears.. It started with three days in a row where every time I had sex it hurt as if I was suddenly not 'flexible' enough to endure penetration (I have been sexually active for 6 months, never have had pain before this week, although I have been consistently 'dry' and unable to naturally become lubricated since I started taking birth control pills two months ago.) I saw my doctor a few days ago to be tested for infection and stds and I'm clean.
Avatar n tn in 2 days to have my vagina looked at and tested for STI's, just incase this is NOT from those tears. I hope everyone is getting the help with these problems that they need!
Avatar n tn every single time that i have sex with my boyfriend, no matter how wet or dry i am, i always get a bunch of very painful tears. it doesnt hurt when were having sex, but afterwords i look at it in the mirror and it is like scrapes that are open. I have no idea what to do, my skin is very sensitive. if my bf just grabs my butt, i will get a tear, somebody help me ehre, what can i possibly do????
1925157 tn?1328932617 Okay, this is pretty akward and alittle TMI lol but can your vagina or hole get tighter while your pregnant, I'm 21 weeks 4 days? Because recently when my and my bf have sex it hurts me to put it in and he tells me I feel a lot tighter! We do use lub, and he didn't get bigger, but he is above average in size. And also after I've notice like not bleeding or spotting but a grain of sand or alittle bigger size drop of blood on the toilet paper.
Avatar n tn in the last week i started getting pains in two spots up in my vagina. after that i had an iud fitted (emercengcy contraception) and when the doctor did the internal with her fingers it hurt so much, both inside and the actual entrance. but she didnt say anything. and neither did i. my sweet bf tried having sex with me this weekend but had to stop because it was just too painful. i went to the bathroom and got out a mirror. there is a 1.
Avatar f tn I have small tears that are also like stretched skin on my vagina, right above the clitoris. They are very painful and itchy, but go away in some time if left alone. I get in a really hot bath and try to burn them, as in cauterizing it. It works a bit but it goes back with in a shot time, especially after I urinate. It doesn't burn to urinate, but when it go to the wiping process it is very itchy. Please help, this has happened before and would like to find a solution.
Avatar f tn and had an implant, which now allows us to have sex. As a result of not having my vagina exercised, I have vaginal atrophy, my gyn said my vaginal opening was about the size of a 3 year old. My husband's penis is not anywhere near as large as it was before his surgery, but large enough to accomplish the deed. My gynocologist has me on 2mg Estring, but I still tear when my husband & I have sex, every time, and we use plenty of lubricant.
Avatar m tn So, I am young and my boyfriend and I have been having sex for maybe a month or so? I had Two yeast infections and just recently, after the last one, I found some tears between the anus and vagina. I have three large vertical ones and tiny ones around the opening.. SEX HURTS LIKE HELL! My boyfriend is like 7 inches and hes thicker than any of my other partners. Sex with him hasn't been too good yet because of my pain. He is also a little rough.
Avatar f tn It can be due to infection of the vagina, cervix, tubes by bacteria, yeast; lower urinary tract infection; endometriosis (deposits of the inner lining of the uterus in the pelvic cavity); ovarian cyst and tumors ;remnants of hymen; vaginismus (reflex tightening of the muscles at the opening of your vagina);vaginal dryness etc. Other possibilities are sexual response problems (such as lack of desire or arousal; emotions like fear, guilt or shame etc) which are more likely in your case.
Avatar f tn could chemicals from the discharge have infected the tears?? please help, it's very painful and seems the tears are not healing as fast as they should be!
Avatar n tn Since being with my boyfriend I've noticed that the area between my anus and my vagina feels scratched . almost like my skin is stretched and forms a small tear. also i have some minor itching and what seems to be a cut.