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Avatar n tn hello, i have some red spots appering down below and there getting sore, its becoming dry skin aswell and i just wondered how to sort them? is there any pasific cream? many thanks.
Avatar f tn Hello, The strain of HPV causing genital warts is different from the strain of HPV causing the skin warts. To confirm the strain of HPV causing these warts in the vagina , get a biopsy skin done from a dermatologist or a gynecologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn hi im 19. Asian. I hav just touched the opening of my vagina and it hurts and is not a smooth surface.. Its like little folds. Its NOT INSIDE THE VAGINA bt just at the Opening! The opening skin feels that way.. Please tell me whats up wit it :( im so worried.
Avatar m tn I have notice that some bumps on my vagina since lately n I ignored it. Now if I am bathing and the rag touch the bump it hurts and I am freaking out right now. Can anyone help me or give me a advice what is happening?
Avatar f tn Hi! Im 19. Female and asian. I hav just touched the opening of my vagina and it hurts and is not a smooth surface.. Its like little folds. Its NOT INSIDE THE VAGINA bt just at the Opening! The opening skin feels that way.. Please tell me whats up wit it :( im so worried.
Avatar n tn which is a condition where the opening of the vagina is covered almost completely by the hymen (skin). The vaginal opening is very small and blood can flow out, but it is impossible to insert anything into the vagina, such as a tampon. Minor surgery can fix this condition. Have you ever been to a obgyn? If not, I would suggest you see one - they can determine whether this is, in fact, what is happening in your case.
Avatar f tn Hi Im really confused and worried at the same time Might sound like a stupid question but what should the inner vaginal skin look like? Reason im asking is that Ive looked at mine and when I stretch the skin it looks like "frog skin", like bumps with yellow colour, its not sore or itchy, I think its been there all the time but Im worried, is this normal? Its not just on one side but on both side, Its only more visable when i stretch the skin down there.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with HPV earlier this year but about a month ago i got something that looks like a pimple on the side of my vagina is been there for a while, and i've try to pop it but it hurts too much. the thing is that about a week ago i notice that the skin in my vagina is very dry, the skin actually peels off and i am not sure if i am havring a break out or if is something else, im a little bit scared but it seems to get worst each day, can anybody help me?
Avatar n tn Just to clarify: I assume the flaps are the outer lips (labia majora) and the wrinkled skin is the inner lips (labia minora) the "stretched out skin" is normal....just like everything else, your vagina will look different than someone else's. Some people's labia minora is all tucked in, some are protruding from the outer lips (labia majora). As for the like everywhere else on your body, you itch down there...I wouldn't worry about it too much if its not constant.
Avatar f tn There is some dry cracked skin all around the "lips" of my vagina and its super dry and cracked to the point of bleeding around my clitoris. I haven't had sex in about 5 days and I have had dry skin before but after I showered it was usually fine. I don't know if it's from working out more and it has something to do with sweating or if there are other reasons. I do use lotion so I'm confused as to why this is happening.
Avatar f tn I have red itchy skin around my vagina, it hurts to pee and the skin kinda peels off.. its so annoying, its only came in the past few days. what is it?
Avatar f tn about a month ago i noticed what i thought was a skin tag on my vagina, within a few weeks several more appeared and they have got bigger and bigger, i itched one and now there is like a cluster of them on one side. I'm too embarrassed to see a doctor and havent slept with my partner since i first noticed them and he's wondering why i wont but i dont want to tell him. I'm very scared and embarrassed.
7122105 tn?1407106699 Oh bugger that *****. U can use garlic to remove skin tags. U just cut it in half an rub it on the skin tagg do it once a day till its gone. Its a good natural remedie for warts an tags.
Avatar f tn Tingling under vagina skin but no outbreaks!!!is this a sign of herpes?
Avatar n tn some of my vagina hair came out.. my skin will just peel off alot. at the top of my vagina.. u cant really tell just by looking at it but if i touch it i can feel the bald spot..
Avatar f tn A few days ago while I was in the shower I noticed this bump on my bikini line. I decided to try to pop it and eventually it did, but now I look at it and there is a uncomfortable hard lump underneath my skin where the bump originally was. I'm not sure what it is could it be a ingrown hair, cyst, growth or something worse?
Avatar m tn SO there was a reddish soft lump beside my reproductive organ(vagina). It first showed when I got home from school and remembered I seated on the grass. I think this was just cause of heat. The next day it was gone and the following day it was back and cause pain. It was not the lump that hurt but it was the reddish something. And also when it first showed up, I scratched it because it was itchy.
Avatar n tn I noticed a bump on my boyfriends penis the other day near the bottom of the shaft and it sort of looks like a skin tag but the skin is actually very dry just on that bump an no where else. I have looke a pictures of herpes and genital warts and skin tags and blocked hair follicles and none of these seemed to be it.
Avatar n tn Once I stated getting these bacterial infections I was put on antibiotics which gave me a horrible yeast infection to the point that my skin was rolling off of my vagina. I guess this inflamed the bumps or thinned the skin and when I would wipe I would see this yellow orangey matter on my toilet paper. I felt no pain. So, I get a mirror and see something that is trying to come through my skin. The hole was so big I actually thought it might be a bug or something...I freaked and squeezed.
Avatar n tn Please help, I have no idea if this is normal or not. This is hard to explain. I was using a tampon for the first time. I was pulling it out after 5 hrs of use and found I could only pull it out slightly. It felt like I was tugging on skin. I noticed that a thread of skin from (inside?) my vagina (thicker than a thread, maybe half as thick as a shoe lace) was looped over the bottom of the tampon(the end where the string is attached).