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Avatar n tn During rough sex that involved objects, one of the objects broke and punctured the inside side of my vagina. I can not tell how bad the puncture is. I am still bleeding (not much more like heavy spotting and most of it stays internal, only showing when I wipe the area). There is some pain but not much, more discomfort. Is this something that will heal on it's own? What home treatments can I use?
Avatar n tn I delivered a 6lb 10oz baby boy (1st baby) 4 months ago and had a very deep 2nd degree perineal laceration involving the skin of rectum. It was repaired after the birth and I was in agony for 2 months. I am now left with a "Frankenstinian" scar and want to know if there is anything I can do to make me look human again? My perineum is misaligned,sunken inward and only half of what it used to be. I have extra skin flaps at the entrance of my vagina and my anus.
Avatar n tn Also, my new partner has a genital piercing (new one for me), we were SHOCKED to look down after sex and see blood (alot of it).After much cleansing and panic I found 2 tears or lacerations to my vagina. They are in a peculiar location,stemming from my urethra upward to below my clitoris. The only conclusion we could draw was that either it had been SO long for me that it was strenuous & I tore...
Avatar f tn However, this last time, during a change of positions, we noticed considerable bleeding coming from my vagina. We both concluded that there's no way it was menstrual blood since I am on birth control and am coming up on the middle of my pill pack. We decided we had better not "finish" our intercourse for fear of "damaging me." I have not had sex since this occurence for fear of reopening whatever wound I may have.
179530 tn?1368940203 If your DH will dip his finger tips into the oil, then slightly pinching and rubbing on the bottom part of the vagina, to the left and then to the right, then repeating several times, helps to stretch this area out. This is where you will usually tear when the baby is very large or the doctor's have you pushing like mad. If you have a fast delivery of the head that happens naturally, there may be no way to prevent a tear.
Avatar n tn I have been in a relationship with my partner for more than a year... there are times that we have have contact the "entrance" part of my vagina hurts. While doing the act I feel pain on my external skin (skin in between the vagina and rectum). And after the session, there is a burning sensation when I pee... the other day i look at my private part... there are some red lines sort off cuts/laceration on the in between skin... is there anything i can do or use?
Avatar m tn I would also advise you to see your health care provider either way--even if you are not pregnant--I would want to rule out some type of laceration of the vagina that might need stitches. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Recently when me and my boyfriend have been having sex I have had this pain inside of my vagina like it feels like he is rubbing against something. It feels like a cut or something. The pain is excruciating!! Could this be the bladder ulcer or an STD??
Avatar m tn when i looked at the finger later i saw that there was a cut / laceration on the skin close to my fingernail of the finger that i entered. now i am very afraid that i might have become infected. how high is the risk and do i need to get this pep fast? does the burning of the wound mean that some of the fluid entered the bloodstream?
Avatar n tn Everything is fine but ever since I have been bleeding from the vagina. I am on birth control so am not sure of the cause. Is this natural, or do I need to see a doctor?
Avatar n tn Did you insert you finger in her vagina that had a laceration that needed sutured
Avatar m tn In the tear of my vagina there is a little laceration and she said that could possible be herpes. After I took a urine test it said I had blood in my urine and she apologize and said I just had a horrible bladder infection and multiple ingrown hairs. Should I be worried? Is it possible that my urine could have irritated my tear and created a bump? Do bumps happen in tears?
952567 tn?1266454194 Hi I feel really weird and embarrased for posting this. I have a finger laceration it happend about 5 weeks ago and I wanted to know if a infection was to happen would it give my vagina a funny smell? I wanted to know if it was possible for this to happen.
Avatar n tn you do have glands on each side of the vagina, and they are under the skin. They can swell up if infection is present. all it takes is one nic from a dirty razor........just keep waiting it out, and go to the doc if it doesnt seem to go down.
Avatar f tn Bleeding both from rectum and vagina after an assault with a broom can be due to some injury---a tear or laceration. It could be due to a pre existing condition like polyps that caused the bleeding under assault. In a virgin the hymen could have ruptured. Please discuss this with a doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn The egg gets fertilized and usually sits there for around 5 days before it implants. It could be ovulation spotting, or it could just be a minor laceration to the vagina from intercourse. Nothing to do but just wait and see if your period will come in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn yesterday i was having sex with my boyfriend standing up when his penis forcefully came out of my vagina as it came out it pushed down inside me and really hurt i think my perineum is a little flamated but im not sure as ive not checked around this area before im a little worried i have damaged the area as it hurts please help me i am 17 and i do worry a lot
Avatar f tn Yesterday I posted explaining everything I've had going on and in short I went to the hospital for vaginal laceration they tested me for stds the tests came back fine they said the laceration was healing fine and sent me home with a cream. I did mention that I've been straining to go to the bathroom but he said there were no hemmeroids. Since then I've gone to urgent care and I was put on an antibiotic for a double infection.
Avatar n tn If a flap of skin at the entrance to the vagina was torn but not entirely, it might heal. But a doctor would not say it "grew back," he would say the laceration healed, or something like that. The whole story sounds a bit odd -- a friend "was told" her daughter was "molested," does that mean rape, and the vagina, or does it mean groping inappropriately, or does it mean anal penetration? Someone can truly get molested and still not have the hymen be involved.
Avatar m tn The first occured about five months ago I had my first lapdance and the lady was sitting on me her back facing me and I unfortuanltly procceded to touch her breasts and vagina with my bare hands. I also remeber that before the dance I went to urinate and when I took my penis out of my panst I may have cause a slit laceration due to the fact that my nails were really long.
Avatar f tn I took the monistat one day and the itching stopped but I started to notice sores. There are some laceration like cuts between my vagina and anus (I know I scratched there). In addition to that there are some sores and blisters in different areas that I had been picking at. We do have unprotected sex so I'm worried that it could be herpes. We are monogamous. My discharge has stopped after the monistat. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to be looked at but I'm just looking for some opinions.
Avatar f tn I am fingering her with my middle finger, whereby about 4 minutes I just rubbing her vagina and for about 2 minutes or less I dipped my middle finger in her vagina (about 2 cm depth or less). During the fingering I did not feel any sore on the middle finger. Immendiately after the fingering, I went to the bath room and wash my hand with running water and soap. Due to worry, I washed my hand twice.
Avatar n tn Hi! I think you may have a laceration somewhere in the vagina which is another way of saying something tore. It can occur from stretching. If my patient called with this question, I would send her in to the Emergency Room, as she might need some suturing. Something to try to slow the bleeding while you are on your way in might be an extra large tampon--this has the effect of putting pressure on the cut and can sometimes reduce the bleeding. All the best!
Avatar n tn I was told that a low positive is still positive but have had no real symptoms except a recent laceration to one side of my vagina. What does low positive mean? I have seen other postings where people have numbers 1.06 etc. but the person who gave me my results had never heard of a low positive and when I went to the clinic today was once again told that low positive is still positive. Is this true?
Avatar m tn I had my finger to her vagina too, and in-out some times.But later ,when I got to bed, i see a little cut in the finger which i used, it seems like a cast(or another word describe skin cut when it is dry). I tried to press the cut, and I saw a little blood. But what that happened after 1 hour from the massage room. I am very affraid now, Depends on the situation. Shall I have to have a test?
Avatar f tn he noticed a protrusion on the right wall inside my vagina about 2 inches in. it was about 3 inches long. later that night in became severely painful. this morning it is 10 times worse, so painful i couldn't even let him check it again. hurts to cough, sit, sneeze, stand, walk, wipe, e.c.t. any idea what it could be? i have no insurance and cannot go to doctor?
Avatar f tn Hi! It is possible that you have a laceration in the vagina. I get this question fairly often. If the bleeding doesn't stop within 24 hours you should probably get an exam. You can try using a super tampon to apply pressure to the area, just like you would to a cut on your skin. If you are bleeding through the tampon and/or a large pad in less than an hour, you need to be seen sooner. Hope this is helpful! Good luck!
Avatar m tn And it's odd because the blood is like usual blood, not period blood or any discharge. It's like I have a cut or something on the inside of my vagina. I only see it when I wipe. But, two days ago I had intercourse and it was rather rough and I hadn't done anything in quite some time. So is my spotting from changing birth control pills, the rough intercourse or possibly something else? I'm almost positive I'm not pregnant considering that implantation bleeding doesn't occur until a week after.
Avatar n tn This struck me as odd because we have had sex thousands of times and these same situations have occurred, but I have never been cut, is there a link between pregnancy and a thinning of the linings of the vagina? As with any laceration, I am cleaning it with gauze and neosporin, and sometimes peroxide, but I don't know if this is a good idea for this area, it seems to be healing but I still don't want to be doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn i'm 23 years old ang haad sex with my partner for the first time. but i'm just wondering why i didn't have laceration (correct me if i got the wrong term) because i heard that once you have your first sex, there will be vagina bleeding, is it true? i hope you'd help me.