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Avatar m tn Uti's are common in women, but not so much in men. Only about 3% of all men worldwide get UTI's. You are part of that group. Hopefully antibiotics will clear it up and you'll not have to worry about it again. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320872.
Avatar f tn burning while urinating would be constant not just at night and there would be a white puss discharge if there was a real infection. The ab pain is not a symptoms of any std in men but in women its called PID. Not often where there is irritation at the penis tip its from anxiety and constant touching the area looking for things.
4251679 tn?1370305531 UTIs are exactly what their name describes. and infection in your urinary tract. its not in your vagina, however, ive always been told not to have sex while you have one because sex could be the cause of it. and its best to make sure its all better before introducing even more bacteria. Ive never heard of it being contagious, and dont think that it is, but ask your doctor. and ive also never had a cream to use, so im not sure what thats for.
Avatar f tn Im 90% sure that I have a urinary tract infection but I have additional symptoms that I dont usually have. My partner and I had sex several nights ago and I developed the usual symptoms: painful urination general discomfort frequent urination urine is cloudy and pink What is unusual is that I have clumps of something when I pee. They are pinkish is this a possible symptom that will pass just like the others?
889551 tn?1416184483 A strong and persistant urge to urinate Burning sensation while urinating Passing small, frequent amounts of urine Cloudy urine Urine that appears pink or dark like a soda-it means blood is present Strong smelling urine Pelvic pain in women Rectal pain in men When Kidney's are affected: You may feel pain in your upper back and side Have a high fever Experience shaking and chills Have nausea and/or vomiting When the bladder is affected: You may experience pelvic pressure Lower abdominal
Avatar f tn Those are mucus strings. All men have them.
Avatar m tn Sounds like a UTI and/or a yeast infection. You'll want to get to the doctor in case it is a UTI because if it is you'll need antibiotics.
Avatar m tn If blisters are known to show after flu symptoms, then they could start to show in the next days... Symptoms have been prevalent for 7 days now, do you think if there were going to be blisters, there would have been by now?
Avatar n tn You can get a bacterial infection from having sex with someone who has one or just from having poor hygiene in general. What type of bacterial infection do you mean?
Avatar m tn Hi, i have seen here where men contract urinary track infections from oral sex as bacteria common in saliva is not common in the urethra but i you did have and infection, there should be some white discharge 2 weeks later. Gono can can be contracted by oral sex but you would have a white puss discharge around 5 days later not 2 weeks But since you have these symptoms obviously its related. These are called UTI,s which are not really considered STD.s.
Avatar f tn I'd say it's either normal or you might have a uti, only with you saying about when you pee :') i had a uti with my first and didn't even have any symptoms, so it is possible.
Avatar m tn I have the urge to urinate frequently (esp right after emptying my bladder), bladder doesnt feel totally empty, I have pressure in my lower abdomen and low back feel a little sore. I feel tired and run down even after hours of sleep. These all seem like symptoms of a UTI/bladder infection from what ive read....Your saying there is no chance that I have a UTI? These obviously don't seem to be symptoms of any STDs...?
Avatar m tn It is very possible that you could have a uti most men don't have any symptoms but my x was not cut when he was born and because of the he had the tiny pin marks on the head of his penis that iched sovwhen we took him to the dr we found out it was just a uti I hope that is all that is wrong and good luck
Avatar m tn My question is that epididymitis appears to have a connection to gay men and I have engaged in using sex toys in my anus. Could I have got this infection from using dildos in my anus? What risks are there having someone use a toy inside me - e.g. damage the postrate or lining of the rectum? I should add that always use lots of lubrication was and mostly (though not always) use a condom on the toy to keep things clean. Thank you!
Avatar m tn My new gf started having uti symptoms and was positive for a uti and shes had a uti several times in a matter of a year. While she had symptoms i began to get worried i had an std then i started noticing pain in my urine that lasted about two weeks. Please tell me the chances of this being a STD and what are the chances of the UTIs being an std? I also had discharge twice, once while making a bowel movement and once in my sleep. Also a smelly crotch.
Avatar m tn I was on 4 courses of antibiotics, one being in an IV. I do not have the UTI anymore but I have the symptoms. It all started on October 4th and I still have it. I have not been able to have sex or put on a tampon, this is hindering my life and my relationship. I am 20 years old and in a long term relationship, I have been tested for everything and even went to a urologist in which said I had bladder spasms...The medicine does not help me whatsoever, I do not know how to feel.
Avatar m tn When you are seen , get basic urine testing done as well as they should manually examine your prostate to check for inflammation. Prostatitis can cause symptoms like you have had and can be present in men no matter what your age - it's not just something for old men.