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Avatar n tn My Mom is 92 years old. Has been living on her own in Elderly housing for 20 years. Her dementia consisted of repeating and repeating, forgetting who visited, etc. but went throughout her normal activities w/some services very well and very happiy. Always knew us but was starting to forget other people but after prompting she would be ok. 3 weeks ago she developed a very severe resistant UTI and then got c-dift (not sure how to spell that). Anyway ended up dilusional, confused, etc.
Avatar n tn my mom will be real confused and talk out of her head, she falls alot her legs just get so weak with a UTI that her legs dont work, she gets very sick at stomack, and dont remember anything, my mom just got out of hospital with one , her bp was 70/45 when we got her to hospital, it came on fast, she has bladder damange from the radation they gave her when she had cancer, so she keeps uti only thing we can do is make her drink 3-5 glasses of water a day or anything you can get down her it helps
529224 tn?1400648219 The elderly can often have a UTI (urinary tract infection) with no associated pain. It is very important for her to have a urinalysis done to rule out an infection.
Avatar f tn An infection like a UTI certainly might add extra burden to a body trying to heal from the surgery. This is something that can be overlooked when her healthcare professionals are focusing on other problems. With so much to consider, you need to have a good "Captain of the Ship", doctor. Finding a good doctor can be difficult. If you do not live close to a major metropolitin area, your choices are limited. If you have choices, interview the doctor before choosing one.
Avatar f tn If a person is young (ish) and otherwise healthy and gets a UTI, that person will feel the normal symptoms of it, but someone who is elderly (although someone does not necessarily have to be 'elderly' to have Alzheimers), and suffers from dementia or Alzheimers, will have a much different experience. I went through this with my mother and currently, my MIL, and it is absolutely true. Below is a short excerpt taken from the link I will share below...
Avatar f tn I have a UTI and I've been feeling confused, foggy, poor concentration, anxiety and depressed. Just really out of it mentally. I'm 46 years old and never have felt anything like this in my life. Has anyone else had mental symptoms while having a UTI? I've read online that it can occur in elderly but haven't seen much in other age groups. Any info would help.
493068 tn?1224765315 I have chronic bladder infections and on long term Macrobid and still get frequent UTIs. I have had 3+ bacteria for the last 2 months despite Cipro and Levaquin. This morning the UTI is back with burning, frequency. They did not do a C&S before Cipro I think because it is always e-coli. What could be wrong with these 2 meds not working?....I am so tired of this pain and burning. I also have had lower back pain and groin pain for the last 2 mos.
Avatar f tn yes, my mother had to have a catheter the last 12 months of her life and if they are left in a long time it can cause infection/UTI. we would watch the color of her uriane and if it got dark or cloudy than we got meds for her. they did not change moms to often but most the time they like to change it once a month , but that causes infections to.
Avatar f tn I don't think so. I had a yeast infection and uti and the doctor never mention that it could hurt the baby.
Avatar f tn I have a uti infection. I'm worried it's going to reach my baby. Can it harm her?
Avatar n tn t feel safe taking them I did my research but some woman at its fine others said it gave them some problems in just curious on what some of you did. That is if you guys have had a Uti infection before?
Avatar f tn I’m about 19 weeks with my baby and me and my husband used live for the first time having sex I’ve never really had a infection besides a uti before, however after we had sex I just fell asleep and didn’t clean myself the next day I showered and washed down there with non scented soap, I’ve been experiencing a light itch that comes and goes and pressure that makes me want to pee, should I go in for a appointment? Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Does anyone have or had a bladder infection (UTI) during pregnancy? What did u do to get rid of it without meds? Doctor refused to give meds and I'm glad she didn't.
Avatar f tn It can be a uti that's the symptom I had when I had mine . Call you doctor just to make sure .
Avatar f tn m actually finishing up my dose of antibiotics for UTI. We all worry about taking meds but honestly research the risks of leaving the infection untreated and you will feel less guilty for taking the meds.
Avatar f tn I feel like I might have some sort of infection... possibly from holding my urine in too long? I'm having really bad lower back pains & lower stomach pains...not like cramps but deep pains. I have an appt tomorrow, but if I do have an infection, is that dangerous???
Avatar f tn I am now 36 weeks and have my 3rd yeast infection and have had one uti since I hit my 3rd trimester. I am so tired of getting infections. It just want to cry about it but I know it won't change anything.
Avatar n tn I went to the Dr. and he assumed it was a UTI though I had no pain. I took the antibiotics and forgot about it because the blood went away. Last Thursday I went to the GYN because of difficult periods and abdominal pain just below the belly button. she retested my urine and still found large amounts of blood, even though I could not see it. I was shocked. It had been over a month since I first noticed the blood.
Avatar f tn Had a call from my midwife today to let me know the results of my urine test and they show I have a urinary tract infection (UTI). I've had no symptoms but she said I need some antibiotics. Has this happened to anyone else, should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Either an UTI or a yeast infection. Tell your dr what's happening and he or she will prescribed you something. That was happening to me but no yellow discharge and I went to my OBGYN yesterday and she prescribed me something.
Avatar f tn I had a uti and never knew until i went to my doctors and had to pee in a cup. I guess some people never have symptoms while some do.