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Avatar f tn It could be a yeast infection/UTI and i say that b/c i have actually had one the past 4 days.
Avatar f tn so if you keep on havin uti, ot can mess up the chances of havin children
Avatar f tn I don't think so. I had a yeast infection and uti and the doctor never mention that it could hurt the baby.
306245 tn?1244384967 s 2, something with his large intestine where the doctors thought it would rupture(dad refused surgery) he was septic from a UTI something about VRE from the UTI. and he has pleural effusions and one is encapsulated. he keeps running a low fever (they say it due to fluid restrictions he dehydrated) Now to repeart the real issue he keeps coming back with a positive UTI and can't come of VRE precautions.
Avatar n tn Hi I just thought of another possibility. UTI infections in children can be brought on by worms, such as threadworm or strongyloides. Better than the other possibility I thought up...sorry, but you never know.
Avatar f tn PID is pelvic inflammatory disease. UTI is urinary tract infection. Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder. No surgery is needed for this, but not treating infection leads to pelvic inflammatory disease, and pelvic inflammatory disease causes scarring and infertility. You just need antibiotics, but you should have had them a long time ago.
Avatar f tn I have a uti infection. I'm worried it's going to reach my baby. Can it harm her?
Avatar n tn t feel safe taking them I did my research but some woman at its fine others said it gave them some problems in just curious on what some of you did. That is if you guys have had a Uti infection before?
Avatar f tn I’m about 19 weeks with my baby and me and my husband used live for the first time having sex I’ve never really had a infection besides a uti before, however after we had sex I just fell asleep and didn’t clean myself the next day I showered and washed down there with non scented soap, I’ve been experiencing a light itch that comes and goes and pressure that makes me want to pee, should I go in for a appointment? Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I am scared that I may not be able to have children. I have a period every month. But I recieve d three or four UTI's. In I am scared that it's ruinning my chance of having children.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have or had a bladder infection (UTI) during pregnancy? What did u do to get rid of it without meds? Doctor refused to give meds and I'm glad she didn't.
Avatar n tn Children often point to an area with pain it could be one and the same cause,I am guessing she is on meds for the UTI ?
Avatar f tn 09 I had a severe UTI for the first time ever. Was given cipro. Made the UTI go away, but after that I got this funky discharge and I still had pain with insertion/pelvic pain. My question is if all my cultures keep having 0 growth, but the Dr. insists it's a bacterial infection, is there anything it could be that wouldn't show up? I've been reading a bunch about ureaplasma and mycoplasma and am wondering if this is the next step of something to test for.
Avatar f tn I been having a uti for a while now like months. And it does not want to go away. I get on antibiotics, then I feel better but it seems it doesn't go away completely and it comes back, I start feeling kidney pain thrn it goes away with antibiotics, then comes back. Im not sure if is thr same bacteria that is not fully killed or have different bacterias im just very overwhelming and starting to get depressed. So far I had two ultrasound my kidneys look fine no stones.
Avatar f tn It can be a uti that's the symptom I had when I had mine . Call you doctor just to make sure .
Avatar f tn m actually finishing up my dose of antibiotics for UTI. We all worry about taking meds but honestly research the risks of leaving the infection untreated and you will feel less guilty for taking the meds.
Avatar f tn I feel like I might have some sort of infection... possibly from holding my urine in too long? I'm having really bad lower back pains & lower stomach pains...not like cramps but deep pains. I have an appt tomorrow, but if I do have an infection, is that dangerous???
Avatar f tn I am now 36 weeks and have my 3rd yeast infection and have had one uti since I hit my 3rd trimester. I am so tired of getting infections. It just want to cry about it but I know it won't change anything.
Avatar f tn surely this is not the answer as my body just gets used to them and i cant be on them forever. this time it is suspected to be a possible kidney infection. im so sick of this now and it is really getting me down. i cant work because i have had these problems for so long and not really got the help i need. anyone out there that has any advice?????
Avatar f tn Had a call from my midwife today to let me know the results of my urine test and they show I have a urinary tract infection (UTI). I've had no symptoms but she said I need some antibiotics. Has this happened to anyone else, should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Either an UTI or a yeast infection. Tell your dr what's happening and he or she will prescribed you something. That was happening to me but no yellow discharge and I went to my OBGYN yesterday and she prescribed me something.