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Avatar f tn I don't want to switch the lexapro all together because its def. helped more and has had less side effects than anyother I have been on. I have also tried zoloft, prozax, paxil, and wellbutrin xr. Anyways, I was just wondering what expeirences anyone else has had on abilify? I know it effects everyone different but.....
Avatar n tn Hi Crafty, if you're still here, I tapered and quit Zoloft in March/April and had lots of problems, although not as severe as yours it sounds like...mostly depression, nausea, and rage. It gradually got better over about a month after I completely stopped the medication (which i did early because the withdrawals were just so unpleasant I wanted to get them all over with at once).
Avatar f tn I read side effets of drugs like Depakote, Lamactil, Abilify and Seroquel and blanch and yet people who look at Lithium see it as scary... May be that I am biased because it works for me but its nothing to be scared of.
Avatar n tn But I did switch drugs because I was on Zoloft for a year and a half and gained 30 lbs. and could not, for the life of me, lose any of it. I could eat 700 calories a day and exercise 30 minutes a day and still not lose one pound. Took 4 months after going off of it before I could lose anything. I've been losing weight lately, but I've also been working at it.
Avatar m tn so we can talk about this condition. and discuss what we can do about it and what treatments are available for it. is anyone interested?
Avatar n tn With the encouragement of family and friends I made it through the initial onset of the side effects and they've subsided. My headaches are minimal and my depression is under control and I haven't been able to say that in 3 years! I too have struggled with my weight due to all of the anti-depressants I've been on and off, and on again.... but this combination works for me.
Avatar f tn I am taking 75mg. of topamax and also taking Zoloft and Verapamil for migraines. I am not loosing any weight. I am so frustrated because I feel that I'm the only one that's not losing. Does anyone think it's because of the other drugs I'm taking? Next week I go to 100mg.
Avatar n tn I was then put of Zoloft plus Topomax. All of these meds were for my migrains and chronic daily headaches. Topomax definitely makes you loose weight. I recently switched to Effexor 75 and still remained on the Topomax, had no weight gain, but as soon as I went off the Topomax (I realized it was hindering my headaches, not helping any longer) I have gained 5-7 pounds. This is making me very depressed, my doctor just upped my Effexor to 150mg and told me to exercise.
Avatar n tn Upon taking opiates for pain I noticed instant relief from my depressive symptoms that I had never experienced through numerous meds and years of therapy EVER before. After several years of opiate use for back pain I had become physically dependent on opiates. They are difficult to stop in the short and long term. I started reading about opiates and all of the horror stories from those who became addicted freaked me out.
Avatar m tn I just have gone through it and switching around witht the medicines could do damage in itself. We should always learn about our medicines and I commend you for being aware of yourself and how you react to the medicines. I only want you to be careful because this fight against depression is a long one. It takes major changes and major sacrifces to get through it. However in my opinion I will go ahead and tell you that you may ask your dr about a mood stabilizer like Abilify.
Avatar m tn i went to my doctor today and i told him about my side effects with zoloft and he told me to get off of it and put me on lexapro... anybody have any experiences with lexapro?
Avatar n tn i'm telling you from experience, negative thoughts like that can make you suffer waaaay too much. be mentally strong and use the force of your own personality to fight off these obsessive negative thoughts which lead to no good. i mean being depressed or having doubts is normal, people who dont need or take psych meds feel those things too. BUT DON'T OVERDO IT AND DRIVE YOURSELF TO DELUSIONS AND INSANE THOUGHTS - DOING THAT TO YOURSELF JUST AIN'T WORTH IT!!!!!
Avatar n tn I need to be able to sleep and the depression, Anxiety, highs and way lows (days and days of just trying to avoid life) have to go before I go crazy and lose all motivation. Anyone out there have amazing luch with Seroquel and think I should give it another go? Maybe another suggestion of anything that helps give you that euphoric zest for life that could save me too? Please help and thanks to all in advance!
1515545 tn?1291399364 My psychaitrst gave me zoloft and xanax which both helped tremendously. I am on zoloft along with neurontin and abilify now and live a very normal, happy life. I hope that you just need a med change but I agree with the person above that you need to be seeing a psychiatrist who specializes in this problem.
1526148 tn?1295434820 I'm just so sick and tired of all this stuff. I think i just may use the trackers on this website. I've never thought to actually do it, but i'll give it a try. If something so simple as typing in my daily activities can help then i'm up for it. I'm willing to do pretty much anything to get this figured out. I really don't want to be bipolar... I mean some days it kinda makes sense. Some days I have no idea where it has come from.
Avatar f tn The second option would be to place her on a antidepressant, which she recommended Prozac or Zoloft. Both options A and B terrify me. As she is only 10 years old and I'm severely afraid of the side effects and or damage any of these four medications could do to her body or her brain at such a young age. But I also don't want my daughter to be suffering with in her self on a daily basis either.
Avatar f tn he takes 25 mg straterra in the am and 2.5 mg of abilify in the evening with the 25 mg of Zoloft. Please if anyone has any thoughts, info, techniques, that could help us please let me know. I'm feeling overwhelmed and scared for him.
Avatar m tn She started to shut down more and more. She started taking prescribed Xanax and Zoloft. Then she started saying the FBI was after her. She lost 15-20 lbs and continues to lose weight. She is down to 110 lb and is 5'7". She voluntarily went to a mental health facility, she came out 3 weeks later a basketcase... drugged, restless legs, rubbing arms, crying in a ball. They had her on Abilify and Lunesta. Her husband took her back to his place, her parents handed her over.
Avatar f tn I also seem to have some sort of anxiety disorder, and have been on xanax, clozapham, and valium (which does nothing). All I know is I am an emotional wreck. Its affecting my family life to a point, I want help, I want to be as normal as I can, I want to not want to cry all the time. I have had problems in the past with cutting, nothing I am proud of, and embarressed with the scars they have left - physical and emotional.
414223 tn?1202530624 He is much better now and has stabilized on 50mg Zoloft, benadryl and 100mg Sequel at bedtime (this has been a period of almost 3 weeks). He is in a group therapy on the base (3 times a week) and has has 2 one on one appts. also. When I talk to him he seems himself almost completely now ...just sleepy and tired before noon. This is such a stressful time for us but looks like when he gets his release from the Navy he will be able to function just fine.
544292 tn?1268886268 So glad you are choosing to join us. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol. Lots of love, information and empathy here!
Avatar n tn His energy was depleted and he drug himself through each and every hour of every-day work or not. He hadn't been my husband I'd always known for what is now 12+ years since his inhibitions where lost once beginning the Klonopin. We literally lived a two year nightmare - that once identified as such only began the second phase of the horror. "Withdrawal +!" In my desperate search for a treatable 'reason' for his suffering.
447130 tn?1225474466 I think I've been manic for 2 months and all I'm on is a starter does of Lamicatal and 4 days on Abilify. Does anyone have a suggestion I can bring up with my doc? He says once my mood levels out-I'll sleep but how long is too long. When I wreck my car and hurt someone. I've heard or seroquel for sleep as well as something that starts with a T. Any suggestions would be great.
544292 tn?1268886268 Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here. The length of time withdrawal symptoms occur can range from a couple of days to weeks depending on how high your dose was and how long you were on the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can be reduced by discontinuing use of the drug slowly (i.e., gradually reducing the daily dose).
Avatar f tn We have done rewards, consequences, contracts, charts, grounding,severe discipline times, light discipline times and he is on Concerta and zoloft. It is like he needs the supervison of a toddler. This is overwhelming and exhausting on our family. He can be fun but will ruin it by starting arguments or getting handsy with people or name call. He takes everything personally. Therapy does not seem to be working. What can we do?
Avatar m tn I've been on just about every antidepressant on the market since the late 80's. Before just starting Fetzima 3 weeks ago, I was on a combo of Cymbalta, Wellbutrin and Abilify. Also, Valium up to twice a day as needed, AND Lunesta to help me sleep. I'm a pretty major case! Anyway, now I'm off the Cymbalta and on the Fetzima with everything else staying the same. I'm feeling much better - more energy and a more positive outlook.
1190024 tn?1264692022 and I have great anxiety and lots of stress. I have been taking xanax for about 3 years, and it seems like it's only thing that helps me. Currently I'm on 2 mgs per day. Last April I was evaluated by a Psychiatrist and diagnosed with Bipolar II. She tried to get me off my xanax and prescribed propranolol, which I didn't feel was effective, but propbably just didn't wait long enough so I stopped taking it .
439168 tn?1307935340 I am currently taking Lamictal, Risperdone, Topimax, Celexa, Xanax, Trazadone, and abilify. Has anyone heard of anyone with Bipolar taking this much medication? I have had a few cycling over the years but nothing I think that would warrant this much medication. Could all this medication be making me feel unmotivated and tired all the time? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't live like this...I'm so unproductive!
Avatar f tn I take Trazadone, Zoloft, Abilify, and Klonopin (all in small doses). I'm also an addict. So...I DO abuse the Klonopin. And, as an addict, I'm curious what larger doses of Trazodone will do to me. It's simply my nature. I could certainly benefit from counseling or a 12-step program. BUT, I'll let you know what one abuser of medications thinks of Trazodone once I know- just began the medication. Your significant other is lucky to have you! Hopefully, he appreciates your patience.