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Avatar f tn Yes. Not last time but the time before apparently I had blood in my urine. So they made me do a urine culture. I was fine but they test for it and tell you at that same appt.
Avatar m tn I did about 8 lines of cocaine wed night and I have a urine test the next wed and I heard it will out of my system in 2-3 days but if its a lab test it can be detected later than that which if I dont get tested wed the next wed I will definatly be tested and that one will sent to a lab that will be 12 days since my use will I be ok it is for an out patient program should I come clean and suffer the consequences or keep quiet Iam so nervous I swear Iam totally done I had 4 months clean time I can
Avatar f tn You seem to suffer from a UTI and henc e resulting in the symptoms and the findings on the urine test. I’ll suggest a prolonged course of antibiotics and maybe some antibiotic prophylaxis once you have recovered from the infection. Keep on drinking plenty of fluids as it’ll go a long way in helping you out in preventing recurrent infections. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn My urine test showed the ur squamous epi cells abnormal, bacteria and mocous. What does that mean? Recent Lab Results UR Mucous Present (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR Squamous Epi Cells 4-10 /HPF (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR Bacteria, Present (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR RBC. Occ-2 /HPF (Normal) Apr 03, 2015 UR WBC. None Seen /HPF (Normal) Apr 03, 2015 UA Spec Grav 1.
619690 tn?1221836541 That said, to get the most an accurate results regarding gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU, then I should test by urine. I tested for each of gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU by urine test. And as we know, the urine test contains three parts: Physical, chemical, and Microscopic examination. Now I am going to talk about WBC, because some people "not experts" diagnose appearing of WBC and in particular more than 5/field as NGU. But STD's Experts from Medhelp.
Avatar f tn You did know about your appointment and you do know that they have the right to do a urine test at any time. Getting in to pain management is getting harder and harder. We just can't afford to make any mistakes. I do understand what severe pain is like and how you must have felt when you realized you did not have your meds with you. It would have been a good idea to take Tylenol or Aleve though. Or, you may have been able to call your Dr to explain your situation.
Avatar m tn Don't worry about the silly test. If it's a urine test the medications will show up in your urine, especially the methadone. It has a very long half life. Please reconsider the way you are taking your medication and be honest with your self and the doctors. You will be much better off in the short and long run. good luck.
Avatar f tn Had old 10 mg of opana from script 2 yrs ago left over when switched pain has been pretty bad so I took them in place of my oxycodone for a few days no help. Will they show up on a urine test 5 days after I stopped taking them?
Avatar n tn Im in the UK and it seems the first step is the urine test according to my NHS walk in centre but you can ask for the blood test straight away if your really worried....but I think that depends on any symptoms. Ive heard different opinions on the urine test though, I have been told that its no good by one or two people but then afew others have said its fine for an intial check. Ive had a urine test and it was ok so Im just curious, as it was clear is that it? am I clear for diabetes? thanks.
Avatar m tn Good Day Doc, I had a protected sex encounter with a sex worker about 3 weeks ago. At the third day of my exposure, i did an Urine Culture Test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Test result is negative. However, these few days i am having some weird tickling feeling on my penis. Sometimes, i can feel some sharp tickling at the tip of my penis, especially when i am walking. But, I do not feel any pain during my urination. My questions are: - Is the urine test on the 3rd day conclusive?
Avatar n tn When white blood cells are in the urine, it may mean a urinary tract infection. Extra protein in the urine may also mean your kidneys are not working as well as they should. Do a search on it and see what that means.. Sounds like a bladder infection.. shouldnt prevent you from conceiving.. just take your time and get better!!
Avatar n tn Seek professional help for your OCD. This is an HIV forum.
Avatar n tn When you have a high concentration of protein in your urine, the protein reacts with the air as you urinate, and you notice it when it hits the water, creating foamy or bubbly urine you may see from time to time. Sometimes you may experience this foamy urine or bubbly urine after eating a lot of fish, chicken and other meats. These meats contain muco-proteins. People who take a lot of protein supplements, such as whey protein powder, may see this bubbly urine as well. Why is this?
Avatar n tn Why did you let your urine "settle" for awhile? Did you have any burning upon urination or any other abnormal sensations that might cause you to observe your urine? I am not a doctor and certainly not a urologist, so I can't even hazard a guess as to what "cloudy and milky substances" in your urine might indicate. I have never noticed anything about my own urine other than color changes. Diet, medications, time we have "held" our urine, some beverages............
Avatar n tn please consult urologist urgently, u may have to undergo urine test, if needed ultrasound test too.
356518 tn?1322267242 With all the posts inquiring about false negative urine test I wanted to put this in my journal for reference. When this issue comes up I always have to research the information so it is easier to just add it here in my journal. It is unacceptable that this is happening to anyone who religiously takes their pain medications. When they are tested and then fired because their test are negative for the medications they are prescibed it is unfair.
Avatar m tn On september 22nd, i went to have an urine test both for gonorrhea and chlamydia. I was wondering if I waited long enough. Both results came back negative. Is the urine test valid or should I go back and ask for a culture test because I do have something that looks like balanitis and have had throat problems for about a month now....it causes pain at one place when I swallow.
Avatar m tn you want to have a urine or a culture done not a blood test.
Avatar m tn Ok after having been treated for Clamida and no sexual contact and a few trips for urine check which showed no bacteria...I still have discomfort from time to time . On my last trip in they did a full cbc and a urine test . My urine showed few coci all my blood work was normal . They did an ultrasound and checked my bladder and prostate all was fine ... WBC normal .... What the heck is going on ...... Anyone have a clue ... Now my treatment was back in February . So we are talking some time .
Avatar m tn However, I made the mistake of not asking ahead of time whether they performed a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. When I arrived and was told they performed the swab test I almost backed out but was told the discomfort would be minimal and very brief. Yet, I ended up enduring 30 seconds of absolute hell. A sadist interrogator at Guantanamo Bay could not have devised a more painful procedure.
Avatar f tn my urine test report are protein 3+, blood 3+ URO 2.