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Avatar n tn In my urine routine test i found Occessional RBCs and occult blood. I diid other tests like Himogram,Urine crtena,24 hr protein. All test found normal. Wahat could be the reson for these RBCS.How frequently i shold check my urine. Whan these rbcs will clear from my urine.I have cfrequent urine infection with itching and burning which normally go once i apply termeric powder.Is these Please advice what care i should take to avoid further problems.
Avatar f tn My urine test showed the ur squamous epi cells abnormal, bacteria and mocous. What does that mean? Recent Lab Results UR Mucous Present (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR Squamous Epi Cells 4-10 /HPF (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR Bacteria, Present (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR RBC. Occ-2 /HPF (Normal) Apr 03, 2015 UR WBC. None Seen /HPF (Normal) Apr 03, 2015 UA Spec Grav 1.
Avatar m tn Nil Sugar (R) : Nil Deposits : PUS Cells 2 to 3/HPF EPI Cells 3 to 4/HPF No RBC,CAST,CRYSTALS SEEN What does the report suggest and how to get rid of that blister from frenulum? Is it series problem to have PUS and EPI cells in urine?
Avatar m tn I am peeing a lot more,and waking up in the night for a pee. I did a urine test at my docs and there was no infection but did find red blood cells in it and asked me to re-do the test which I did. Waiting for the results now. I'm at my wits end and don't know what the hell this is or sounds like? Can Anxiety really cause this burning/tingling?!
Avatar m tn The results of my routine urine test show: Pus Cells 1-2 hph (great) RBC 4-6 hpf (worries me) Bacteria Occasional I went in to check for infections (my partner had high pus cells ) I need your help to interpret this, my doctor is not back until 3 weeks time.
Avatar n tn My doctor decided to do urine test and found 2 RBC and 2 WBC per HPV. No flu has been detected and according to him, the urine test was normal too. Recently i talked to a renowned nephrologist regarding this and he said, 2 count is the border line, so it should be better to repeat it. now, i am confused.The doctor who always takes care of me, according to him i am perfectly ok and no need to take any further action , but according to other doctor, i should.
Avatar n tn It is best to discuss the above possibilities with your doctor. Test results should always be correlated clinically. Do write to me with more details. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn I was worried so I took an STD test today at the urology clinic I usually go to. The rapid blood test for HIV, Syphilis, and Herpes turned up negative. I took a urine test however, and the doctor said that there is some inflammation. He said that it is "most likely" a minor STD but his English was not good so he could have miscommunicated (I'm currently living in Korea). He mentioned this after looking at my previous tests which did not show any inflammation whatsoever.
Avatar m tn im not sure what this could be, did they do blood test, urine tests and what not? is that all the symptoms u r havin? the hair loss kinda sounds like cancer, I hope everything works out for u hun!
Avatar f tn Please help me interpret my results. Thanks. 1) T4 Free My Result 0.07 ng/dl 2) RBC auto, My Result 3.82 mil/mm3 3) HCT, Auto, My Result 35.3 % 4) TSH, My Result 11.11 5) WBC'S, UA/HPF My Result 10-25 /HPF 6) Epithelial cells, urinary sediment, LPF, My Result Many 7) Bacteria, Urine HPF, My Result MOD 8) Mucus, Urine- My Result Present 9) UA HGB- My Result 0.
Avatar f tn 0 Nitrites negative Leukest moderate Urine Comment Microscopic Examination Performed WBC, Urine 10-25 RBC, Urine 0-5 Epithelial/LPF moderate Ur Mucous present crystal Amorphous moderate
Avatar n tn 87) and high Lymph (50.2%). Meanwhile I got a urine test. The urine test show high WBC (73) and high leukocyte esterase 3+. What the results tell me? My doctor left me a phone message said that my test result is normal. But it is not normal from my point of view. I appreciate if anyone could tell me what the possible reason may be for this and what I should do about it. I had taken radiation contrast when I went through a CT scan several years ago. I am worried this is cancer related symptom.
Avatar f tn I go back to the dr 7/1/09 and also have reynaud's for sure. I also had a 24 hr urine test that showed small 30 protein, and high rbc in it.
Avatar n tn I just got some lab work back and test results are as follows: Microalbumin (MCG/ML) is 697.8 Creat UR (MG/DL) is 78.5 Albumin/Creatinine (Mcg/mg) is 888.9 Are these significantly high numbers -- minimually high or moderate? I'm waiting for a call from the doctor but really don't have any information other than this.
Avatar m tn Around two months ago I started seeing a nephrologist to see if the blood is coming from the kidneys, and around the same time my UA test started showing protein in my urine. Bellow are the results of my last UA and a 24hr urine protein. With this results, Is the protein in my urine secondary to the gross hematuria or am I having protein in my urine because some how my kidneys are not working right??? Any help will be really appreciated.
Avatar f tn Bilirubin, a breakdown product of hemoglobin, can accumulate in the blood, causing jaundice, and be excreted in the urine causing the urine to become a dark brown color...” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemolytic_anemia Your lab values as you describe them above are typical of HCV therapy.
Avatar n tn My real concern at this point is Metastic carcinoma (which just means a type of cancer that has spread) so this can be anything and anywhere. Based on my bloodtest and urine results would it be safe to say that I do NOT have anything life threatening at this point? I have also read that a high alkaline phosphatase level alone is no indicative of any disease and may not be of any significance. I would appreciate your opinion.
Avatar n tn 3 but occasionally spikes up to 100.6. My doctor ordered a blood test and a urine test and when I called for the results today, they told me the results were all normal. I asked what my white count was, and she told me it was 4.1. Normal range for their lab is 4.8 - 10.8 (she didn't actually tell me this, but it's stated on the previous tests I've had done), so actually my WBC is slightly low.
Avatar f tn in emergency room I had systems of sharp pain in right kidney shoot around the front. movement making it worse, Had a kidney infection prior about a week. Urine test results showed RBC result between 3-5 flag A ,also,OCC. BLD. Had a trace,flag A Nitrate trace. Other symtoms prior to taking the antibioctic was swollen lymph glads under arms. Fatigue,muscle and joint pain, and tight in chest? Dr. wanted further test on urine?
Avatar n tn Colored or cloudy urine is indicative of some abnormality 2) Odor - Aromatic • Foul smelling urine can be due to infection or other pathology 3) Transparancy - Turbid • The appearance of cloudy urine may be an indication of the presence of pus, RBC, etc 4) pH - 6.0 5) Reaction - Acidic • Urine is normally acidic and average pH is 6 6) Sugar - Negative 7) Albumin - +1 • Presence of protein in urine is indicative of impaired kidney function or urinary tract infection.
Avatar m tn Thanks for using the forum. I always recommend speaking with your doctor about all test results. Your doctor will know the setting that the urine was collected and your mother's medical condition at the time. Both of these factors can influence the results. Overall, the presence of pus cells and RBC could indicate an infection, but that could also reflect contamination of the specimen. Often some RBC can be found in a specimen if a patient has been catheterized.
Avatar n tn I do not know to read my test results. Please help..this is for a urine test. I went tot the emergency room for like flu symptoms and had a temp of 104.1 they took a chest x-ray and confirmed I had pneumonia. I also had some irritation vaginally so they took a urine test. Since I don't have a PCD I was never given the test results. I went today to the lab and got a copy of the results but do not know to read them??? can someone please help???
Avatar n tn Hi! It all depends on how you interpret the results. Your levels of RBC, hemoglobin and HCT are actually on the lower side of normal. For many women across the globe these can be considered as normal levels. To increase their levels you can take a multivitamin pill along with over the counter syrups to raise the hemoglobin levels. Chances of vitamin B12 deficiency are almost nil.
Avatar m tn hi. i am very worried about the results of my urine test. Can you please help me interpret since i have high WBC count and many mucus threads. transparency: slightly hazy reaction: 5.0 (acidic) color: pale straw sp. gavity: 1.020 albumin and sugar: negative WBC: 5-8 hpf RBC: 0-2 hpf Squamous cells: many Amorphous urates: few Bacteria: few Mucus threads: many i am very worried about the mucus threads and higgh wbc count. What does this mean? I had intercourse three days before the urine test.
Avatar f tn URINALYSIS WITH REFLEX CULTURE Test Results Test Your Value Standard Range Units Color, UR DK YELLOW YELLOW Appearance TURBID CLEAR Specific Gravity, UR 1.033 1.005 - 1.030 pH, UR 5.5 5 - 8 Protein, UR TRACE NEGATIVE Glucose, UA NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Ketone, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Bilirubin, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Blood, UR MODERATE NEGATIVE Nitrite, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Urobilinogen, UR 0.2 0.1 - 1.
Avatar f tn And choose the right fat source. But when I get my base lab test, the WBC and RBC shows close to the bottom line of the range. So that's why I'm very worried about the WBC. About my does. I have peg 180mg, Riv 1000mg (600mg am,400mg pm), Incivek 2pills per time, 3 times per day( I believe it's 375,but I'm not sure, I will check after I'm back home) I guess I'm UND so quick bc my viral loading is low. Bc my dr said my viral loading is low when last time I meet with him.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 19th months old and she is complaining about burning when she urinates, we took a urine test and the results said 1-2 pus cells/hpf and 1-2 Epithelialcel and rest all said Nil can you please help what does this mean
Avatar n tn My urine ( morning mid stream) test indicates 25 - 30 WBC puss cells. what is the implications Bacteria is also reported to be "Present+".