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Avatar m tn All were negative / non-reactive including HSV 1/2 igg type specific antibody test by Quest Diagnostics (less than 0.9 for HSV 1/2). I felt little bit better with the results, however recently my girlfriend developed a round pea sized bump outside of her vagina, next to the outer labia.
Avatar f tn Took a battle and a half with multiple med changes and my name is cleared but I feel damage was done. I don't abuse anything, ever. Urine was done by Quest diagnostics. Asked the guy that takes the results to do more in depth testing but he essentially just swore I'm abusing medication on reports. He is not a MRO or even an M.D.. But a PA at Medac. When confronted he was rightly petrified due to liability.
Avatar m tn I never seem to be able to **** when I go for these and end upo drowning in water there just to be able to go.
Avatar n tn i got a blood test from Quest Diagnostics, called a 1800 number and went in to a building had them draw blood and gave my urine, i came back negative for herpes 1, 2 and syphillis. i still have symptoms. They said their test are 99.9% accuarte. Is it possible that i could still have something? Maybe something like herpes but not herpes?
Avatar m tn HSV 2 IGG Herpeselect AB 1.66 H. It was conducted by quest diagnostics. The other part of the test was a Rapid hsv2 antibody positive (negative) test.
Avatar m tn I went to a Quest diagnostics laboratory and took the 8-track STD test, which takes a blood sample and a urine sample. I believe the HSV tests are type-specific serology tests, and I tested negative for both HSV-1 and HSV-1. Sorry for the long explanation, but my question is essentially regarding the accuracy of these tests. Since then I haven't experience any more symptoms, (perhaps it was somewhat mental) but I can't seem to stop worrying that it may have been a false negative.
Avatar n tn in november ( one month ago) we decided to both get tested like i do once a year and asked if she would be willing to go which was no problem. The tests that are of concern were the igg herpeselect test done thru quest diagnostic. when we called days later for the results, mine were both neg with values at .03 and .03 for type 1& 2. hers was .10 for type 1 and 5.00 for type 2.
162784 tn?1227299650 I was hanging on the last thread of hope that I'd be one of the small percentages of women who got BFN's but still had period-like bleeding and turned out to be prego. I know, I'm reaching. Once I mentioned the BFN urine test GYN said not to bother. It didn't matter that my AF was weird and only 2 days long instead of 4. Do you have to lie and say you got a BFP on a urine test in order to get one? I didn't want to lie because they'd just suggest a urine test in the office.
Avatar n tn She was prescribed a 28-day prescription and she finished all. Her test was done at Quest diagnostics, I went to the hospital to get all the results, All I got are those with "postive", "reactive" "non-reactive", "negative" terms. You say the postive IgM and negative IgG may be consistent with a recent infection, could that mean another tick bite after June's tick bite?
Avatar m tn I was then required to take a urine drug test for employment at a lab called Quest Diagnostics the following Friday after taking the last 40 mg Vyvanse pill (approx. six days later). Should I be worried about it being detected in the urine drug test? Also, I took a multi-vitamin pill containing 5 mg of Riboflavin, among other vitamins, which I've read may cause a drug test to show positive. Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn doc i had a urine test done for gon and clam form quest diagnostics i think it was a amplified ct/gc pcr test.the test was negative but i urinated like a half hour before the test.the doctor never asked me how long its been.i was concerned it could be false because i read u should wait 2 hours before test to urinate.so when i had some clear discharge in the morning after i peed i went straight to the clinic where they did a swab test which was sent to the same place.
Avatar m tn 4th Generation tests are available in the US - I had thought Labcorp offered them but you may know better than I. I believe Quest Diagnostics also offer them so maybe enquire of them as well. Your doctor should know. In any event, I do not believe that you need further testing. 3. Is it safe to have unprotected sex with my wife after this negative results on 29 days? From the point of view of HIV you do not have it and so having sex with your wife, if you wish to is fine.
Avatar n tn //www.questdiagnostics.com/ and get some prices. They have a very good test called Heptimax but it might be a little pricey although the advantage is it goes down to 5 IU/ml. Another choice might be their PCR test that goes down to 50 IU/ml. Still sensitve, but probably costs less. Just make sure if you don't get the Heptimax, you get a quantitative PCR which will give you a numeric viral score as opposed to just a qualitative score (positive or negative).
Avatar n tn I had eaten Chinese buffet just a few hours before which was not that great but it did not make me sick. The Doctor took a urine test and said that it was all clear. They however, also took a standard blood test. She said that my white cell count at that time did show that I had contracted some kind of virus.
Avatar m tn com for a complete std checks including Chlamydia (urine test). The test is done by Quest Diagnostics and all came back negative, except a line Leukocyte Esterese Trace. Bacteria line shows "None Seen". I called the girl back and she attests that she regularly does STD checks as recently as a month ago and she was sure she has no STDs. Now it is three months and I developed a vasculitis rash on legs (feet to thigh) and arms.
Avatar m tn If the topical otc antifungal doesn't work, consult with your provider for urine testing for yeast too. it's not a typical test they do when they do urine testing to check for infections. The gardasil shots only protect against 2 of the most common hpv infections of the cervix that are associated with a risk of cervical cancer. fortunately there is also evidenced of some cross protection for the other 2 most common causes of it but it's not going to cover them all.
Avatar n tn Is that conclusive if she didn't hold her urine for an hour? Test was done through Quest diagnostics.
Avatar m tn Can you get urine results in less then 24 hours from quest diagnostics? I wen through a private website that gave me the test at a quest diagnostic facility 2. I had symptoms of needing to urinate all of the time and sensitivity after ejaculation. No morning symptoms at all. It only started as the day went on (i worry i have placebo effect). Anyway, my symptoms went a way exactly 2 days after i started on doxicycline and they never came back.
Avatar n tn However, that is different from a dipstick urinalysis, or a urine culture. That test is a NAAT test, DNA probe, etc. Basically it looks for the DNA of the organism(s) in question. You can also culture other organisms from urine, however some types of STDs require a different culture than what they typically do for a urine culture, for instance Trichomonas or Mycoplasma. Second, a dipstick urinalysis cannot detect bacteria directly.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 years old & I've just started a new relationship. We started off using condoms & several weeks later, we both decided that we we're ready to go unprotected since we both tested negative for HIV.To my surprise after 3 days of going "raw" during sex, I had this horrible pain that shot up to my vagina. I ran to the bathroom & when I began to pee, it burned. Now, what I failed to mention was that he was uncircumcised so my risk for UTI had gone up.
Avatar n tn I've never been to pain management before, I just didn't know if this was a standard test or if they are searching out specific drugs etc. Does Quest Diagnostics automatically test for things such as Oxycodone, for example? Meaning do they automatically test for the "expanded opiates" even though they weren't ordered by my doc? If it is not specified under the gas chromotography?
Avatar f tn 10/4: Quest Diagnosis for HSV2 only: HSV 2.0 (positive) Test 3: 10/5: Biokit test HSV2: negative. Can anyone help me interpret my test result?
Avatar n tn 2- Are the express STD tests reliable? I took a sample at a quest diagnostics (or something similar) and they sent it in I believe. 3- If my partner ends up showing symptoms and gets tested, would they typically test her for STDs or consider it a UTI or something like that and treat accordingly? 4- If not an STD, could i infect my partner w/ something else? Like NGU? If so, is that an STD? Thanks again for any help here. Very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn You don't need your doctor to get that done. Where I'm from we use Quest diagnostics and you can go to your local hospitals I believe also.
Avatar m tn org on Oct 7th 2008 (3 weeks + 2 days) They used Quest Diagnostics and all of the results were negative. - I took another 7 panel std test through www.tstd.org on Dec 9th 2008. (12 weeks + 3 days). They used Labcorp this time and all of the tests were negative again. - I took a HIV Oraquick Advance Rapid Test at a Planned Parenthood on March 3rd 2009. (24 weeks + 2 days). The results for all are negative. Here are my questions: 1. I am having some discomfort when urinating.
Avatar f tn By the way the test was done by Quest Diagnostics. Blood was drawn and also urine for the full STD test. Consultant said to prepare myself mentally for this life changing event. Retest in 3-4 months. I was thinking of retesting now and again in 3-4 months hoping that the first test may be a false positive. I've setup a follow up with a physician to help with educating me and possibly retest. 1.what are the chances that the low positive results are correct diagnosis.
Avatar n tn So I am considering taking an std test provided by one of the internet companies that use Quest Diagnostics for the lab work, (because I can go on Saturdays). Question 1 - I have heard that rectal gonorrhea is almost always asymptomatic. Could these be symptoms of rectal gonorrhea? Question 2 - Would a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test on my urine be able to show, rectal gonorrhea/chlamydia? Question 3 - Is there something else this could be? Viral or fungal?
Avatar m tn 13 I believe it was a urine test, for sure Quest Diagnostics didn’t perform no rectum or oral cavity test when I went. Does HPV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia have symptoms? so far I've not had any discharge symptoms. Dr. HH thanks for everything you are truly a great person and one of the best doctors I've had throughout my lifetime!
Avatar m tn I went to my doctor who said it looks like it could be a herpe lesion but since it had started to heal we did a type specific blood test through Quest diagnostics. My test results came back Pos for HSV1 (5.0 reading) and Neg for hsv2 (.08 reading). Because i was involoved with other partners it was determined that i had hsv1 on the genitals from oral sex which is quite possible due to other partners. I dont know if i had prior hsv1 exposure as a kid.
Avatar m tn About 1.5 months ago I slept with this girl and decided to have the "Herpes Select" blood/urine test done with Quest Diagnostics last week (basically, the test was done a little over a month after I slept with her). The results were negative with a .07 HSV-2 antibody level. They told me that to have a positive test result for HSV-2 the antibody level needs to be 1.1 or higher. I do realize that it's only been 1.