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Avatar f tn Hello, I had an unprotected encounter with a woman and was tested for all STD's over the course of about 9 months. At 9 months I did a herpes/HIV/syphilus blood test and a urine test for gonorrhea and chlamydia. All were negative, however, I have a concern. The internet tells me that you aren't supposed to urinate for at least 3 hours before taking the urine test for it to be accurate.
Avatar f tn does urine test is 100% detects old gonorrhea in women?what another test for women can be done?
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I went to my doctor with a complain of burning sensation while urinating. He took the urine sample for testing and gave me doxyline and ciprohexal antibiotics. Urine test shows high white blood cell count but it was not tested for gonorrhea. So doctor again took the sample of urine for testing but i was already on antibiotics for 5 days.Eventually the test came negative for both gonorrhea and chlamydia but the burning sensation was still there.
Avatar n tn - 1-Culture and sensitivity Urine , the resalt is --- No pathogens grown after 36 hours of aerobic incunation . 2-Gram Stain Examination ---No intra or extracelluar gram negatiove diplococi seen .no organisim seen. 3-CBC Test ---Result Normal 4-Urine Routine Examination ---Result Normal 5-VDRL ( RPR ) ----- Result Nonreactive 6-Sonograohy Of Urinary Tract ( KUB ) and Pelvis .
Avatar m tn i did an std test (blood, urine and thing down my japi) and everything was negative. so everything was ok, but last week mid april I start getting the burning urine again, the sensitive penis and then the secretion!!!!!!!! so i went back and did another std test, urine and japi thing (swab?), then while waiting for results i take vibracina again. got the results back today -negative!
Avatar n tn Hi I had a std test panel done and was positive for oral gonnorrhea(throat swab), urine was negative. I was treated with an injection of citro(something) and 1000 gm of azithomyrin. I had a white tongue and mild sore throat before treatment. My tongue become completely normal after treament but now 8 days after treatment the whiteness of tongue has returned and so has a very mild sore throat. Do you think these symptoms are gonorrhea related and I should have a retest.
Avatar f tn Symptoms of gonorreah include greenish discharge and pain during urination. A gonorreah test can be taken from a urine sample or swab from the urethra anytime after a week form last sexual encounter. Testing is the only conclusive way to know if you are infected. Dont guess by symptoms.
Avatar f tn no I wasnt treated to after they drew blood and took urine first,once tht was done I cryed explainin to the doctor how it made me look to my husband amd she suggested I take the shot anyway so I did and so did my husband.
Avatar f tn I'm going to be getting tested as soon as possible with my gynocologist. I know one way they check for gonorrhea is through a urine test. I've had two urine tests this year. And you would think if I had gonorrhea it would show up in those urine tests, and the hospital that I visited last monday would've told me if they saw that in my urine right? Can anyone tell me more about my boyfriend and I's case. My boyfriend is taking antibiotics right now and I'm currently on my period but I feel fine.
Avatar f tn my test for gonorrhea came negative.but i still have the symptoms like before treatment.can urine test be false?
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor- What is dead gonorrhea bacteria and how long it remains dormant? I read that NAAT test can detect dead bacteria. Is this how they can detect if one had gonorrhea in the past that self resoved or is only by the antigens (since they remain indefinitely)?
Avatar m tn Blood test for chlamydia is useless for her, tell her either urine or swab test for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Don't know how long it will take for results, she has to ask her Dr. As for you the symptoms really point to a STD, but you have to wait till the tests come back for you.
Avatar n tn He try to find any discharge for testing but he cannot find any. He make a culture urine test. I did not receive the result. This is the 3rd day in treatment I didn't see any discharge but still have burn in my pines and under my abdominal. Is this the right Treatment? As I didn't see any discharge is this mean I'm cure from gonorrhea? Do I need to change the Medicine even if I don't have discharge only pain?
Avatar f tn I think blood im not sure
Avatar f tn You would still probably pick up gonorrhea in a test 3 days later. The first test was probably a false positive.
Avatar f tn May have gonorrhea. Irritated tip a little of my penis. No discharge except once 19 days after unprotected sex. The day after mutually masturbating with a neighbor who is monogamous with her husband no we were on opposite ends of a couch I rubbed myself raw on the tip that was 15 days after sex. Started using alcohol wipes ginseng extract and cranberries juice. Urination seems 90% normal? Will I clear it up with this? Or should I not worry. Today is 5 since masturbating.
Avatar f tn We had unprotected oral for a minute and sex with a condom.. I have no pain, but today I started to have white cloudy urine. Could this be a std????
Avatar n tn Dear Doc, I was diagnosed with a positive gonorrhea last May 30, 2005 and went back to the ER again on June 5th..and the test came out negative before they gave me a antibioctic shot on my buttocks and doxycycline pills for 7 days. The thing i don't understand is that my husband's test came out negative. And he too was wondering why mine came out positive. He swore to me that he has no other sexual activites outside our marriage and so do i. After being diagnosed with gonorrhea on may 30th...
Avatar m tn month of Feb 2014 i have sex with my ex girlfriendmonth of March 2014 i have white discharge every morning, pain in urinating and itchy sensationi go to urologist and he said i have gonorrhea without any test, he describe me an injection andmedicine 2x a day for 1 week. the symptoms gone and after a month its there again, then my doctor describe again a medicine, then symptoms are gone again then few months its there again. few months without taking anymore medicine the symptoms are gone.
Avatar m tn hello vance i went to the doctor today and had urine test and came negative. tomorrow i will make gonorrhea.
Avatar n tn Q2) After two weeks of medicine on doxy(not sure with the spelling). They perform a swab test(inserting something into my urine tract to collect samples) on me. Really felt pain. The doctor said that my test had cleared of gono. However, there is still some germs and bacteria which they said is also considered std. I ask them and they cant give me the name of he std. Quite a complete of silence in the room. i was given metronidazole 200mg to be taken 3 times daily.
Avatar n tn I understand that swab tests for gonorrhea are site-specific. What about a urine test: will it be able to detect oral gonorrhea?
Avatar m tn After one month, I did a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea and the results came negative. I gave my urine in the morning at the Lab without urinating for 6 hours before the test but I am concerned if the results are accurant since I filled all the cup . I read in some blogs that it should be15-20ml. Does the quantity of urine affects the results? should I test again? I had a itching on the head of the penis for 2 weeks after exposure without any pain when urinating.
Avatar f tn I took a Chlamydia and gonorrhea urine test 5 days after the potential exposure. I think I might have provided too much urine. What impact would that have on test accuracy.
Avatar n tn How can we understand Gonorrhea from urine test? Do leucocyte or erythrocyte indicate the STD? Please just answer my question. I ask for my bf.
Avatar n tn they gave me a urine test and said all was clear in my urine no infection. doc thinks it was a reaction to some allergy medicine/possible prostate infection that would not show up in urine. gave me dioxycyclin? and a prostate pill. anyway my question is its been 9 days since i was with this someone i thought might have gave me something since i had these symptoms, the urine test i took would have shown chlamydia, gonn, etc. this early right? i take it clean urine no infection means no std?
619690 tn?1221836541 That said, to get the most an accurate results regarding gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU, then I should test by urine. I tested for each of gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU by urine test. And as we know, the urine test contains three parts: Physical, chemical, and Microscopic examination. Now I am going to talk about WBC, because some people "not experts" diagnose appearing of WBC and in particular more than 5/field as NGU. But STD's Experts from Medhelp.