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Avatar n tn I went to the clinic today and had inflammation in my urine. I have tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
Avatar m tn If so, see a doctor or clinic for a syphilis blood test. Sufficient time has passed for a conclusive result. While you're at it, you may as well also have a urine gonorrhea/chlamydia test and an HIV test. You can expect negative results on all tests. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar n tn It would be most unusual for a syphilis blood test positive at a 1:32 dilution to become negative in just a week. Something is still wrong here. If you have not, you still need testing with a treponamal test.
Avatar n tn Well the treatment is for syphilis because I was still experiencing symptoms like sore throat and fever as a result he said that he has to give me a second dose of treatment. the burning sensation when urine and the warts were as a result of the syphilis. Can you say if syphilis develops antibiotic resistance to the point where penicillin can no longer be used to kill them?
Avatar f tn 2 weeks later I started feeling tired , achy pains , cough, headaches , fatigue , not eating for a day or two, tingling in feet and hands, my face started to break out and I had rashes on my body and feet spots on the bottom of my feet and one on my hand, white patch inside nose, I went to emergency and told them I think I've contracted syphilis , they took blood and urine sample This past Monday .
Avatar n tn I remember them mentioning chlamydia and gono but don't recall them mentioning syphilis. 2) Is my oral sex encounter a risk for Syphilis? 3) Is itching on chest or under armpits a symptom of Syphilis 3 months after the sexual encounter? 4) With Syphilis would there definitely had been a chancre on my penis. Could the chancre occurred someplace else? I did have butt itching and hemorrhoids about a month after the encounter but I'm ignorant if that could have been a chancre.
Avatar f tn i been exposed to unproected sex jan 4 then i developed some symptoms and in jan 27 i tested for syphilis came back negative.. it that legit that i have not contracted syphilis..
Avatar f tn So today I went to get an std check at a clinic in Tanzania, I told the guy testing to test me for syphilis, he took a urine sample and it came back positive. This clinic and lab were really dirty and the lab looked like it wasn't well equipped, but it was supported by various govt and NGOs for testing HIV. After some research I found out that syphilis is detected through a blood sample, nothing about urine.
Avatar m tn while taking a dump some water splashes in my rectum i have an open wound in there also . i'm worried if i can catch syphilis by urine ? i'm also worried because there's so many hookers in las vegas. i searched about syphilis and checked some pictures of it and the chancre looks the same with my wound .I want to have a blood test but i think it is expensive. I have symptoms including: headache ,some rashes . on feet and legs . I also lose my appetite and also always want to sleep.
Avatar m tn Unless you had anal sex you do not have syphilis. Syphilis is only transmitted with direct contact with a syphilis sore and happens where it is touched. Also syphilis is rare in the US.
Avatar m tn Thank u for answer. I know that blood test is the besy way to diagnose. Urine pcr test can be diagnosed false positive or false negative(urine not included treponema bacteria). My question is as follow: Before seroconversion, If Penicillin was injected, seroconversion not occur?
Avatar m tn However, you wasted your money on the STD tests done so far. It is too soon for the syphilis blood test (or any other STD blood test) to be positive; typically it takes 4-6 weeks. And since it was your mouth that was exposed, there is no way you could have caught genital gonorrhea or chlamydia that would have shown up on the urine test. However, a throat culture for gonorrhea might make sense. So wait until 6 weeks have passed and have another syphilis blood test.
Avatar m tn The nurse took a urine analysis for Gonorrhea and Chlamdia and immediately gave me an Rx for a single dose of azithromycin and cefpodoxime (I forget the actual doses - 4 pills and 2 pills). I took the medicine as directed. As it turned out, I got my results today and I tested negative for both. I have two questions: 1.) I haven't tested for syphilis yet (too early), but would these antibiotics clear up any potential syphilis infection if I had one or is that a completely different treatment?
Avatar f tn It's too bad proper testing wasn't done before treatment -- specifically, referral to an STD clinic for a darkfield microscope test, which is the may way to diagnose primary syphilis at early stages. But depending on where you are, such testing might not have been easily available. If you had syphilis, it would have been cured by the antibiotics you took; azithromycin usually is active against it, and doxycycline always is. Early cure often prevents the blood test from turning positive.
Avatar m tn The doctor ran some test we did a screening test for syphilis (VDRL) and HIV. The HIV came back negative but the RPR test for VDRL came back positive for syphilis with a value of 1.16 for me and 1.8 for my partner. We were then giving one dose of benzathine penicillin and some tablets because we were travelling and was told to see a doctor on our arrival. we were also giving a copy of our medical records to show the other doctor.
Avatar m tn However, I made the mistake of not asking ahead of time whether they performed a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. When I arrived and was told they performed the swab test I almost backed out but was told the discomfort would be minimal and very brief. Yet, I ended up enduring 30 seconds of absolute hell. A sadist interrogator at Guantanamo Bay could not have devised a more painful procedure.
Avatar m tn Once i finish my last tablet, i have to return to the doctor and make another urine test. Finally, he gaves my partner which did the urine test (everything was normal) a prevention treatment with same tablets than me: Quinox 500 (ciprofloxacin), 1x day for 5 days 4) if this pre-treament good enough to make sure she will stay away to get same than me? Thank you in advance for a reply. J.
Avatar n tn I was worried so I took an STD test today at the urology clinic I usually go to. The rapid blood test for HIV, Syphilis, and Herpes turned up negative. I took a urine test however, and the doctor said that there is some inflammation. He said that it is "most likely" a minor STD but his English was not good so he could have miscommunicated (I'm currently living in Korea). He mentioned this after looking at my previous tests which did not show any inflammation whatsoever.
Avatar m tn so a blood test will no for sure if u are syphilis or any stds
Avatar f tn no reason to think you have syphilis. you waited long enough for your test results to be accurate. have you seen the dermatologist yet? also anything that disappears in 10 minutes, isn't worrisome at all.
Avatar m tn Based on this unprotected exposure, I would advise a urine test for gonorrhea and a syphilis blood test. These can be done at any time -- enough time has passed for accurate results. (HIV and chlamydia testing are done routinely with HIV and gonorrhea testing, respectively, but oral sex is virtually risk free for both.) 1) Nearly zero risk, but see above for discussion. You can expect a negative syphilis test result.
Avatar m tn My urine samples all came back negative, I think it was chlamydia, gonorrhea and NGU. Tomorrow will get the results for syphilis blood test.
Avatar m tn I developed a rash and a couple of other symptoms (sore joints, low-grade fever). Never noticed a chancre. At exactly 12 weeks, I lab tested for chl and gon (urine - aptima combo 2), HSV1/2 (IGG type specific), HIV1/2 (EIA AB), Hep ABC, and syphilis. All negative except for syphilis (1:32 + FTA-ABS). Treated with 2.4M penicillin three times. Rash and other symptoms seemed to go away. Now, less than a week after the last treatment, I have a sore near my anus.
Avatar f tn I would just ask for a non-specific urine test
Avatar m tn I also took a urine test for other STDs. The HIV test just made me nervous because I was reading online that the two are linked.
Avatar m tn Fast-forward 2 weeks of celibacy and I have swollen bump in my groin along my pelvis so we went back to the clinic and they said it was a swollen lymph node could this be syphilis? Also recently I just got a blood and urine test how reliable could these be? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/STDs/Syphilis-Testing-Question/show/1585878">Syphilis Testing Question</a>.
Avatar m tn 39 year old married male here. I just sent in blood work/urine for a panel of STD tests (10-test panel via stdcheck.com). Results take 2-3 business days, though, so I'm fretting up a storm. 12 weeks ago I had an encounter with a strange male (in the US). Kissing, unprotected oral/genital contact both ways, I received oral/anal (his mouth/my rear). I did get semen on my face, possibly a bit in my mouth.
Avatar m tn Tingling in hands and feet that have been going on for longer than the three months. I got tested for all STDs, HIV nonreactive and Syphilis nonreactive. Can the syphilis test be negative and still have it since its been this long. My recent sexual realationship has been in the clear and my partner was tested before and during our relationship and she is clean as well.
Avatar m tn So the itching is not related to hsv? I wanted to test for hsv but the doc told me not to test for it!!! Yes I will never make the same mistake again. It's hard to think that you might ruin your life for few seconds of pleasure!