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Avatar f tn You need to write a certifeid letter they have to sign for adn you get a reciept for that.. I have enclosed the hair test/urine test done on sucha date that shows I have drugs in my system. I have not done drugs and feel your office handles urine colection in a unsanitary and faulty manner. I am requesting that you remove the positive test from my records and send me a letter to that fact. As my recods for firther care with any professional in the furture may bedamaged by this mistake.
Avatar f tn It might be to check and see if you have a UTI if you've had pain or a fever. It might be to test for illegal drugs in your system. Or it might be something else, or more than one of the above.
Avatar f tn Really, you did and you must own up to your responsibility. You are responsible for yourself and your own actions. It's illegal to accept prescription medicine from someone else. You can not obtain pain medicine from anyone other then your pain management doctor. It clearly states that in your contract that you signed and you did this from your gyno. What happened to your opana? Why didn't you take the meds you were prescribed? You should be very worried.
Avatar n tn You told her the last time you took the lortab so I don't imagine she's expecting you to have it in your system. They also check for illegal drugs and drugs you're not prescribed. It is scary being a pain patient in this day and age. It sounds like you are very knowledeable about your own condition and you have a good relationship with your practitiiners. Get your script filled and and enoy the holidays. If it continues troubling you, talk with them at your next visit.
3167587 tn?1343964176 if you never signed a pain contract, (NY) and your GP is writing your scripts for pain, must you submit to a urine test? i do not use illegal drugs, i know the drs are always under the microscope from DEA. but i wonder what the "rules" are. thank you all for any input i am in horrible pain this evening and typing hurts :( but was really surprised that i was tested today.
Avatar f tn Gonorrhea and Chlymida- 1 week post exposure Most common STD's Syphilis-rare in developed countries and rare in women-6 weeks (not a huge concern, probably not worth testing for ) HIV-6-8 weeks for a good indication and 3 months is conclusive Herpes-4 months But also remember while sex workers seem to be high risk, most test regulary for STD's because they are bad for business.
Avatar n tn You should not consent to either a blood sample test for drugs or a urine test for drugs after a car accident without a court order. Under no circumstance "explain" that you borrowed meds from your mom. The normal blood tests after an accident in an ER, unless you are the driver operating under a CDL or rules of the DOT involved in an accident. A school bus driver would be an example. You are young and naive to believe that the "system" will look out for you.
Avatar f tn I told him that expected the urine test after the blood test negative and over a decade of strict pain clinic protocal put me in this mindset. I think maybe my PC called him and told him how upset I was I don't know, but it wouldn't be out of character for her to do that, she too is a wonderful Dr.
3167587 tn?1343964176 If there is a problem with your last urine sample that you left, you could show the doctor the unopened urine test package that you purchased, and take a urine test right away! of course your test would have to be one of the 'instant result types", but wouldn't that be so worth it, to PROVE YOU ARE TAKING YOUR MEDS.- AND YOUR MEDS. ONLY!. I think it's a great idea, if I don't say so myself!!!!
Avatar n tn They will also usually stop treating you if you test positive for illegal narcotics. As far as marijuana goes, some doctors care, and some don't. I hope this is helpful, so don't take it personally if your doctor asks for a urine sample. Good luck!
356518 tn?1322267242 •A popular and effective way to beat the test is by substituting “untainted” urine for one’s own by carrying a concealed specimen into the bathroom. The only way to thwart this is by supervised urine collection (ie, a staff member observing urine leave the patient’s body and fill the cup). While this is required for forensic urine testing, it could be the ruin of a typical medical practice; it is upsetting for patients and demoralizing for staff.
Avatar m tn It doesn’t make sense to give a scarce liver to someone who will end up dying because of their behaviors when that liver could have saved someone else’s life. Blood test for drugs can only detect drugs within a short time period. For instance, opiates can only be detected 1 or 2 days after use. This is all common sense. Sorry for the harsh critique but I hope you find something you can use here that might help you to manage your way through the listing process.
Avatar m tn pleas if some one can help, i m mechanical engineer in the gulf state UAE and i have medical test for pre-employment i m taking seroquel 200 mg and i don't know if it can show up in blood screening or urine , so i decide to decrease the dosage for 100 mg then i decide to stop it before 4 days of the test to guarantee the best results then after the test go back for 200 mg so is some one have a comment or advice pleas
401095 tn?1351395370 And not just temporarily—permanently. Drug test or no drug test, using illegal drugs (and excesses of alcohol) will eventually catch up with you—sooner (if you are foolish enough to use them during work hours) or later (if you obliterate the rest of your life outside work). Please note: this is not a lecture from Mom and Dad on the evils of drugs. This is a straightforward and honest warning from someone who has seen the negative effects that drugs can have in the workplace.
Avatar f tn Can a Nurse Practitioner cut you off stating it is the law from the DEA if your urine test comes back clean showing no opiates and your consent form you signed for your urine test stated that meds were taken the day before.
Avatar f tn Alot has to do when they test is the frequency of using the drug, mg used, when you stopped ect ect. On a 12 panel test which I took prior to my PM's test showed me positive for oxycodone and neg for opiates which gave me a siegh of relief. I don't know when your test is or how many panel test your PM uses but wish you luck, cause I couldn't due without the pain meds being so dependent on them at this time.
Avatar n tn The company I work for does random drug testing. The first test is an EMIT test. If that test detects illegal drugs, then they test it again with a GC/MS test. Will either of these test determine that I am taking wellbutrin and not amphetamines?
Avatar n tn Some test react positively for the presence of drugs (substances or derivatives) only if those traces appear in the test medium in certain volumes. For example, a person on parole may be given a test for marijuana (cannabis, hash, etc) that will respond positive if the test medium contains traces above a certain “cutoff level” where the cutoff level is very low (10ng/ml possibly) .
Avatar f tn If they are sending the labs out then it is an extensive test that not only test for your prescibed drugs but others as well as illegal drugs too. The test they use in the office varies but will show which opiate your taking. They show the level as well in your system. If your on a daily prescibed medication the level will be consistent with that and if your not taking it as prescibed they will know this too.
Avatar f tn I called union hall yesterday before hiring the attorney to get a copy of the collective bargaining agreement but of course they were in a meeting at the time. No, no weed, cocaine, I do not take illegal drugs. This was done because my test results were sent in to the union from the lab that collected the urine samples from us. They were then sent out too another lab. which did the actual testing.
Avatar f tn I will try and find the link again if you would like it. It test for prescription and illegal substances and will show results up to 90 days. Also there is 13 drugs that will hinder a test as negative for opiates. I have posted them before and will see if I can find them for you. if I am not mistaken Cipro is on that list.
Avatar f tn I don't know there can be a chance but im not sure but when I go back to my appointment on Tuesday ima ask her if it still in my urine if she say yes ima tell her to do a blood test cuz I know for sure meth have never been a drug I have done..
Avatar f tn I'm in southern California and along with all the basic stuff they test for in your urine they test for drugs as well and if you continue to test dirty they will involve cps when the baby is born
535089 tn?1400677119 Ronald Siegel, a psychopharmacologist at UCLA said 'The widespread testing and reliance on tell-tale traces of drugs in the urine is simply a panic reaction invoked because the normal techniques for controlling drug use haven't worked very well. The next epidemic will be testing abuse." Byrd Labs has in its possession an internal document from the Syva Company, makers of the widely used EMIT test.
Avatar f tn I understood the importance of ensuring you were only taking what you were precribed and could be discharged for testing positive for another pain med, as well as illegal substances. The last drug test, I noticed when I took the bottle into the restroom had different colored bands all around the bottle itself. I read several which included TCH, Meth, Cocaine and a host of others I didn't read any further on the bands.
Avatar f tn Thank you for some hope... the Doc wanted to immediately rlease me, w/out any if's, &, or but's... I had to "beg" for the urine test. I have also been drinking a lot of grapefruit juice, and someone on this site wrote about this (I did not understand the terns though), and the urine test was given almost 4 hrs. after a med, the first of the day (none taken over the night before)... yes, I am very upset, worried, and angry. What will happen to me, I'm in very bad shape.
264230 tn?1208799931 as they use the (GAS) method, Do not test positive for any illegal drugs or a drug that they cannot confirm with the pharmacy or dr or you will get the boot and trust me a little bit of weed is all is takes to screw yourself bad, I have overheard patients pleading for a second chance, When it comes to the risk of losing their DEA waiver, They will protect themselves----------NOAH
Avatar f tn I don't see why it would bother them(what goes on in my medical history is really none of there business) they are not Dr's they are looking for ppl using illegal drugs are abusing. The only ppl I have to explain my script to is the lab not them. I guess I am not overly concerned but it is somethng I've alaways dreaded and have never been in this position before so it concernes me a little. The taper is moving along fine so far.