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Avatar f tn I have been getting migraines for a couple of weeks and getting feelings of falling( like the feeling you get in a lift) I went to the docs today and they have found blood and protein in my urine, so sent bloods off for test. Any ideas what may be the problem?
Avatar f tn They have never checked my urine. My sister got admitted at the end of her pregnancy for high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn My visit 2 weeks ago my blood pressure was about 126/80 and then last week was 110/72. So far no protein in my urine, but your BP can depend on your mood. My BP is always much lower at appointments where I feel more relaxed. I went for an allergy test during my first trimester and they took my BP and it was 136/80 and I was freaking out and went the next day to see my doctor, but it was only high because I was late for the appointment so I was running and stressing.
Avatar f tn Can't remember if there was protein in my urine or not, but I was sent to the hospital for bloodwork, urine sample, and NST. They also took 3 different bp readings during my NST. Everything ended up coming back fine and they did not find any protein in my urine, but not I am concerned about my bp and if I am getting preeclampsia. Anyone ever had something like this?
Avatar f tn I have token my blood pressure three times already and the bottom number goes from 70 even higher , I don't see my doctor till tomorrow morninq , but so far my past weeks my blood pressure has been qood
Avatar n tn Also, alcohol consumption has a similar effect. Stress is always on the differential for labile blood pressure. We would like our patients to have a resting blood pressure of less than 140/90, ideally, less than 120/80. Unfortunately, high blood pressure does not cause any pain or discomfort, therefore, going by how you feel is not very sensitive for knowing what effect Blood pressure will have on your body.
Avatar f tn Im 38 weeks and what if I go in and my blood pressure is still up and protein in my urine.?? Will they induce me right then and there.??
Avatar n tn One my blood pressure reached 190/ 110 they gave me some meds to prevent me having a seizure. my blood pressure went down been down a few hours now. But about 10 minute ago it was 140/78 so they want me to lay on my side.
356518 tn?1322267242 I am aware that a lot of people are having this problem and as you say it could be the labs but there's no way to know for sure. I would ask for a blood serum test.
Avatar n tn ) I know it's really scary but don't stress yourself out, it won't help your blood pressure or your baby any. And I do not recommend reading on it, there is too much misinformation out there. If you have any questions ask your dr or midwife.
Avatar f tn Leukocytes +, blood ++, Appearance – slightly cloudy, UWBC 10-12, URBC 30-35. What does this report state? I have some blood in my discharge almost everytime and even flank pain and severe fatigue. Is it a cause of concern?
Avatar f tn They say anythinf over 140/90-100 is cause for alarm and they test your urine for protein..ive been monitored for preeclampsia my entire pregnancy and have lakes of blood in my placenta and a smaller measuring baby... now I have gestational diabetes so the baby might be normal size now... idk... im almost 35 weeks. ..
Avatar f tn I had one when I was pregnant with my daughter. My blood pressure was high, but I didn't have preeclampsia.
Avatar n tn My 10 year old son has trace amounts of blood in his urine. We have had him tested twice in three weeks and it is still there. He has shown signs of lethargy and irritability as well. He was also treated with amox. for strep C. Should I be concerned regarding the trace amounts of blood in his urine, and what should we do at this point? Thanks.
6850426 tn?1385502685 I am a little confused with regard to your blood in the urine. So has blood been detected in your urine when you had your last urine test? Or is it something that is detected from time to time? I am not a doctor and probably would not know what all your test results mean. I am aware of some urine problems like I mentioned in my early message due to my own experience and using a reagent test strip. A laboratory test on the urine is more accurate and gives actual levels. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn They told me I had blood in my urine and asked if it was that time of month. Of course my luck it is. He told me this was an exclusion for this study. He said he would contact whomever higher up and see what could be done considering I had good (negative) results last time. They had to test me again something about the labs before were more than 35 days old. Does anyone have a suggestion as to whats next.
Avatar f tn I just went to the doctor to get a urinalysis and my urine came back with +2 protein and +2 blood in my urine, this has been happening since i was pregnant for the 2nd timenow almost 7 years later it still comes up?
Avatar n tn Hello I've been having trace blood in my urine for some time off & on, I work at a mental health facility and was attacken by a out of control client and was kneed in the lower stomach, maybee that caused this problem. well I'm having all types of test to see what it is, recently referred to a urologist, i'm pretty scard.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks 3 days and I tested positive for slight traces of protein in my urine also. BP has always been great, and doctor says it just means that I have a possible slight uti and he started me on Macrobid.
Avatar f tn After speaking with his Internist and the Radiologist, He recently saw a Urologist for blood tests, and so far they can't tell us what is causing this to happen. At first they mentioned a possible irritation, but ruled that out. Its very very frustrating for him as you can imagine, and its hard sometimes to understand what this is doing to him mentally.
Avatar f tn Im 38 weeks today yesterday I went to dr. And my blood pressure was really high so they r making me do a 24 hour pee thing then makin me coming back tomorrow for more test if everything dont go good they wanna deliver me early I guess my ?
Avatar f tn Have any of you had to do a 24 hour urine collection test to check for high blood pressure ? My ob wants the test to make sure I don't end up.with pre eclampsia. The thing I don't understand is I'm only 15 weeks and I didn't have this test with my first son. Also how can they tell from urine?
Avatar f tn Hi, Traces of proteins can appear in urine normally. However, if the kidney functions are normal, blood pressure is normal, there’s no swelling of feet/face, the total protein excretion which can be assessed by 24 hr urine is < 1g/day, then there isn’t much to worry. It is known as transient proteinuria and should disappear with time. I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind Regards.
1685471 tn?1305364019 Hello, The first possibility for a frequent urge of urination is urinary tract infection. Get your urine examination done and drink plenty of fluids.
Avatar n tn Any ideas on what I should know for my next doctor visit? Is it possible to have a negative urine test and still have Epididymitis. The doctor said he ruled out any major problems and said it is possibly just irritated. It's been 7 days now and isn't getting any better or worse. Please help.
Avatar n tn I am on two opiate pain medications. Last month they said I came up positive for heroin. I also take a lot of high blood pressure medication, cholesterol meds, COPD meds, glaucoma drops in my eyes, and a medication for toe nail fungus. How could I possibly get a positive result for heroin? I get drug tested every month at the pain doctors office. They also send the urine to a lab. They say it's to make sure I'm taking my medications. I don't understand how this could happen.
Avatar m tn Get a urine routine and microscopic examination. Internal bleeding of any kind can cause low blood pressure. If either the stool or urine is positive for blood then you can investigate in that line further. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!