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Avatar m tn My question is- why is the swab test still being used by health departments when there is a urine test available? Is the swab test more accurate or is usage based solely on cost considerations? I think more men would take advantage of the value of free, routine STD testing if penis torture could be eliminated from the experience.
Avatar f tn If you need it, ask that a more sensitive test be done -- a blood test for cocaine metabolites. This may cost you, but it will prove that this test result was an anomaly. But don't be surprised by a suspicious doctor. A couple of years ago a conscientious pain doctor I know, a man whom I respect as a doctor and as a pain patient advocate, once reported his astonishment over finding UDT results that were positive for cocaine in his patients who are now in their 70s.
228641 tn?1190908220 A positive line is usually faint. You should use the test that SAYS Pregnant/Not Pregnant. they cost a little more but they give you a better result. Now you will probably buy another test, so the amount of money spent on the test you just took and a new one is probably more then the digital. Just get the digital, and let me know what happens!
Avatar n tn That is why the blood test for antibody serology is not very useful. The most useful test for detection is a PCR test (urine or swab), even in absence of any symptoms.
Avatar n tn I'm confused I went to the doctor on 9/16 because I was vomitting and had a headache. The Dr. took a urine pregnancy test which came back borderline then a bloodtest that also came back borderline. He wouldn't say much about it but told me to start taking prenatal vitamins and only take tylenol for my headache. I have never been pregnant so I don't know what to look for in signs. I should have had my period 2 weeks ago but I never did.
Avatar f tn Not too many employers test for suboxone though, as it doesn't show up as a opiate and would only get picked up on a (gcms) mass spectrometer specifc gravity test, which cost more money than the nida 5 whiz strips which only tests for the more common drugs, marijuana, cocaine, morphine, meth, etc.
172023 tn?1334675884 (He's had repeated infections before, but those were very obvious with bloody urine and frequent, small accidents). This time we're pretty stumped b/c of the appearance of his urine. No blood at all in it. It is highly, highly dilute, even when his water intake is restricted. Plus, the vomiting shouldn't be going on. The vet is a bit mystified by it. All his chemistries (he had an extensive panel) came back completely normal yesterday. CBC only showed an elevated WBC.
Avatar n tn My bi hon has been suffering from bladder stones since 2013, we tried the food and antibiotics several times. She continued to get urine infections. She would bleed. The cost for the surgery was $2000. But my dog doesn't tolerate pain very well and I was avoiding the surgery. I didn't want to put her through that pain. I didn't know what I was thinking . I thought I had to make to tough decision to put her down vs surgery.
Avatar n tn I am interested in information about where to get hcg injections in Utah. Also any info on their cost would be most appreciated.
230262 tn?1316649534 I just got the bill from the Lab taht did the drug urine test..... $442!!!!!!! I cant even believe my eyes!! this was a URINE TEST, not a DNA test for god sakes! I cant even fathom how it would be so high! I guess in a way i deserve this as punishment, but man...that is just CRIMINAL to charge that much for some pee!!!! Just another reminder to me how much my addiction has cost me!!!
Avatar f tn What comes back from the doctor after a urine test at a primary doctor on pain contract?
1381087 tn?1279226927 I'm sorry for the people that can't re-take the test, I think they should allow you to take the test again, let you put on a patch and then later do a urine test in front of them and see if the fentanyl shows up at that time. Instead these doctors that are testing patients and that are coming back with no fentanyl in their systems are just removing them from the practice and it just seems so cold.
Avatar n tn Went for a physical a month ago and they detected a trace of blood in my urine - they repeated the test and said it was less but come back in 3 weeks - I did and there was still a trace - I have never seen blood and have no problems - I saw a urologist who felt "to be sure" I needed an ultra sound - then I had a cystoscopy - both were clear - but they are sending the sample from the cystoscopy urine for furthur testing.
Avatar m tn This was in PA-- I guess if you're an opiate addict, PA is a good place to live, economically. I only had to pay $8 per office visit, and that was only for the urine test. My co-pay for the prescription was $3. When I began treatment, my state insurance wasn't set up yet so I payed cash for the first few visits. This was back in '05, but the office visit was $78; urine test $8; and the Rx for a weeks supply of 14, 8 mg. tablets, was around $68 (from K-Mart).
Avatar f tn 16th and we took the dog to the vet and after a urine test, the vet said it was very diluted, and i had to take away his water until i had to get the moring urine for a sample, which was still diluted. very strange. he mentioned diabetic something that he could possible have which means he cant concentrate his urine. the only way to know for syre is a specialist which will cost me thousands he said.
Avatar m tn Has anyone experienced this with their dog and may give me some info. Vet wanted to run a particular test that cost about $150.00 and I could not afford to do it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Or you can call your prescribing physician and get a straight answer.
Avatar n tn oxy,hydro are not in the search area of this test. now most emplyers are asking for a additional test to be conducted called a "home" opiate test. this test stricky searches for oxy hydo etc..........only then will sub show up. i always requested the additional home test which is conducted from the same sample..........also the 5 panel will show tylenol,aspirin etc,many will ask that the home test be conducted if high levels of this shows up......
Avatar n tn OK folks... I have had two 48 hr urine cultures (negative) One 72hr urine culture (negative) 2 urine analysis (negative) Normal urethra flora Would T. Vaginalis be discovered in these types of tests? I am overwhelmed here. I about to just treat myself for it, even though I don't know if I have been tested for it already. The docs don't tell me much... just "I think you are fine...." Based on what? I can get the meds, in Thailand antibiotics are OTC.
172023 tn?1334675884 It was loaded with crystals, both tripleP and amorphous. His urine Ph was 8. No bacteria, no white cells, nothing else. (last UA didn't show crystals b/c the SG was 1.002 from his excessive drinking) So the vet put him on Hills c/d. I thought it was wet food, but they had it in dry so that's what I got--they said it didn't matter which kind I got. My questions: 1. Can he be on this indefinately? The vet kind of made a "Well...." noise and didn't answer. 2.
1297538 tn?1278549702 I just mailed in my LUAT Lyme Urine Antigen Test to IgeneX today. I have to say that the three antibiotics I was on (Doxcy, Flagyl and Zithromax) were pretty rough! I'm wondering if anyone has heard and or done this test and knows what results can be expected. I did have a suspiciously negative Wester blot IgG and IgC test come back which prompted my LLMD to do this LUAT test. Anyone have any experience with this? How accurate is it?? Any help is appreciate! Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Hi. I test my urine on 2nd Dec. After 5 minutes appear -ve result. So I just put away my test. But on 4 Dec I pick back my test supprising result appear +ve. It is consider I'm pregnant? Tomorrow morning I will re-test my urine again.
Avatar n tn hi - im over a week late and i have done 6 cheap pregnancy tests and 3 was positive and 3 negs - but with in 30mins of having a wee i took a test which cost more money and it was a neg - do you have to wait so long before you have a wee between tests?
Avatar f tn Google them, Chlorine and first morning urine, baking soda and fmu, and the red cabbage test too. They are not 100% accurate, but like 70%, and fun. Be careful with the bleach, the smell is toxic, do it outside. Post your results.
Avatar n tn and now ive just been to urinate and its really burning. i just dont feel right at all. so what is it i have? is it thrush or is it a urine infection going to kideny infection? oh i had low back pain too. this time last year i have a bad kidney infection so im worried because i was really ill with it, so id rather this was thrush to be honest. and what can i do, i already tried the pessery and cream from boots.
Avatar m tn I was once a HBsAg(+) HBeAg(+) HBcAB(+) patient with chronic Hep B and jaundice urine. Because of this condition, I was forced to stay home from my university for one year (all students must have normal liver function test results). I knew all the pains and sufferings of an HBVer. During my year at home I visited many doctors to try to cure my disease to no avail. Finally my father obtained a private prescription from a friend and I tried as a last resort, not really believing it would work.
1281588 tn?1271382105 (cans ok, but through them will be expensive and most cats don't like) Antibiotics are NOT expensive....I would discourage the need for any urine test when money is an issue, antibiotics alone should be enough....and afterwards a change in diet.
Avatar m tn I can post something in the expert form if necessary but wanted to try here first. Is it due to the high cost and the fact that they test for things that really aren't necessary or are there questions as to the accuracy of the tests? Thanks in advance.