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Avatar f tn what is the common symptoms of bladder cancer? and what is best test for bladder cancer?
Avatar n tn I went to the urologist on Thursday, and was told that they really think I have a good chance of having bladder cancer. Ive been having blood in my urine for the past 2 years, and about 2 years or so ago, I also started pee'ing frequently. Im talking 30+ times a day. It also hurts around the bladder area everytime I urinate.Heck, it even hurts when Im just sitting around doing nothing. Sometimes I notice the blood in the urine, other times I dont, but evidently its there.
Avatar f tn http://www.webmd.com/cancer/bladder-cancer/bladder-cancer-symptoms Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn However, he could not repeat the NMP22 test last Friday because there was WBC. Since the NMP22 test come back positive for cancer does these symptoms signal any signs of cancer or does it mean something else. Can someone give me some more insight on this. Thanks for your help.
494961 tn?1250745677 The standard workup for blood in the urine is three tests. one is a urine test to look for infection and abnormal cells (cytology and urine culture). Two is an xray test of the kidneys (Cat scan is most common and can also look at your lower abdomen and pelvis to find any abnormalities). Three is a cystoscopy to look into your bladder. These three test can identify most causes of hematuria. The Cat scan can also assess the female pelvic organs that need to be evaluated in you as well.
Avatar f tn I am assuming his urologist gave him what is known as the FISH Test, which measures the presence of cancer cells in the urine. The problem is the test does not tell you where the cells are from. That is why they have to do all this testing. Their assumption is, since he has had bladder cancer, the cells are from somewhere in the urinary tract system. This could lead to a whole lot of testing.
Avatar m tn In 2007, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, via a FISH urine test. A biopsy of the bladder tissue was done in a bid to confirm or refute the diagnosis. The result of the biopsy was negative; however, every time the FISH urine test was repeated, it showed cancer cells associated with the bladder. I asked for treatment, but was told that BECAUSE the location of the cancer was not established, treatment could not be offered. Instead, I submitted to a cystoscopy every six months.
Avatar n tn THINKS 0 CHANCE OF URETHRL CANCER OR BLADDER CANCER…. THINKS I HAVE NON BACT PROSTATITIS. i aM CONCERNED ABOUT URETHRAL CANCER or BLADDER CANCER. ?S 1. How often you seen urethral cancer in UNDER 40? 2. your gut feeling To the cause of these symptoms? (recurrent stricture, urethrl cancer, bladder cancer, prostatitis, etc.) 3. What is a differentiating symptom of urethral cancer from a plain stricture 4. MY next step be in this situation? Please hlp!
Avatar m tn Cystoscopy with biopsy is the best test for diagnosing bladder cancer. 4) As mentioned above it can be a benign growth of the bladder also. Till cystoscopy and biopsy is done, nothing can be confirmed. 5) You should follow up with your wife’s urologist. If any cancer in advanced stage is found then you may consult a nephrologist also to rule out any involvement of kidneys. Hope that this information helps and hope that your wife gets better soon. Wishing you and your wife good health.
Avatar f tn I saw blood in my urine. Went to my doctor and he did urine test that showed microscopic blood. He referred me for a ct scan and to a urologist. Ct scan report did not show any abnormalities . Urologist looked over ct scan and said he did seen something in bladder. He then did cystoscopy in his office and saw tumor. I had TURBT approximately 2 weeks later. Biopsy showed: high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma . Carcinoma invades the Lamina propria (pt1).
Avatar f tn Hi i was also wondering if you are diagnosed with a bladder infection, if that could result in a negative urine test. Before the test was performed, i asked for a blood test, but Doc said that if i got pregnant the month before, it would show up. Well I had a UTI, but i am questioning the doctor now whether or not the test was a false negative because of the infection.
Avatar m tn There were a few spots one in particular that looked funny and he took 2 samples from there. Her urine sample taken directly form the bladder by catheter during the last visit was not in yet which the Dr made it sound like that was not a good thing. Hard to get a good read on this guy but it seamed obvious. On a good note her pap came back negative. We see her onc next Tuesday my wife is holding onto the pap test as a good sign but still realizes the cancer cells are coming form somewhere.
Avatar m tn Present Problem: My urologist sprang a surprise on me that a PCA3 urine test came out positive (score 61.3) and I should consider getting a biopsy. This happened because I recently experienced pain at the base of penis. A barium catscan showed the presence of a 2mm stone lodged in my bladder. All other abdomen parts were normal.
Avatar m tn Recently tested positive for the FISH-Urine test. I have had surgerys, radiation, chemo for bladder cancer.spanning 2000 - 2005. Apparently this test indicates that I am at high risk for recurrence of bladder cancer. Is there a time span in which one would expect a recurrence? Are there any alternative natural products that may help prevent a recurrence or treat bladder cancer?
Avatar m tn After successful bladder cancer treatment my husband was all clear for 18 months however latest all his blood tests reports, urine test reports came negative but MRI showed some growth. Doctors not able to confirm what this growth is ?
Avatar n tn If diabetes is ruled out then other possibilities which need to be ruled out are prostatitis(inflammation of the prostate gland),interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder syndrome, stroke and other neurological diseases, urinary incontinence, bladder cancer(rare) and bladder dysfunction . Yoge won’t help in this. Please consult a urologist in that case.
Avatar m tn It's almost as if sud is made from soap, and it can sit in that toilet bowl for 15 minutes before the foaminess begins to disappear. 3 years ago, I was initially diagnosed with bladder cancer using a urine test. Even though subsequent biopsies of the bladder tissue have not confirmed the diagnoses, each time the urine test is repeated, the same cells that gave rise to the original diagnoses is present.
Avatar m tn when I drink water the symptoms of pressure go away I have no other signs of anything, no pain no lower back pain no blood urine just this pressure....I am only worried about ovarian cancer. everything I read points to it, because I have no other symptoms of UTI I do have leakage when I laugh especially when my bladder is full, I loose a lot of urine.
Avatar n tn The cystoscopy is a comprehensive test for bladder cancer. If not seen, bladder cancer would be unlikely. Repeating the test can be considered if the diagnosis is in question. IC can be considered, and lead to some of the symptoms you describe. Cystoscopy can miss IC in almost 60 percent of cases, so this is not the most sensitive test. A potassium sensitivity test can be considered for a more thorough diagnostic approach.
Avatar n tn 3) No, there are many causes for tingling other than bladder cancer. 4) It is possible that the exposure may have increased the risk for bladder cancer. 5) Yes, aspirin can possibly lead to hematuria. 6) The cystoscopy is the definitive test. I would consider this if bladder cancer continues to be a concern. 7) I cannot comment - obtaining a 2nd opinion can be considered. 8) Although uncommon, bladder cancer can present at an earlier age.
Avatar n tn But, since i have been back here in the USA, my urine appears normal. So, thats why i say i dont think I have any symptoms of bladder cancer. I do have type II diabetes, which i have had for the past 15years. I'm only 39 years old. So, here is my question. If I dont have a cancer, which I shouldnt, right? Then I have a cyst, or a benign tumor? Will it need to be removed? Am I going to have to pee in a bag?
Avatar m tn but also if it was bladder cancer u woulod expect leukocytes in the urine wouldnt u, and i take it there was none? it could be the muscle around the bladder not working properly or sumthing like that.
Avatar f tn I am considering botox injections into my bladder to get rid of the incontence. a urodynamics test has ruled out urine overflow has a cause to my gross urine incontence. Does anybody knew anything to help me find the right treatment? Complicated bladder/pelvic wall dysfuction.
Avatar m tn If diabetes is ruled out then other possibilities which need to be ruled out are prostatitis(inflammation of the prostate gland),interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder syndrome, stroke and other neurological diseases, urinary incontinence, bladder cancer(rare) and bladder dysfunction . Please consult a urologist in that case. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn If diabetes is ruled out then other possibilities which need to be ruled out are prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland),interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder syndrome, stroke and other neurological diseases, urinary incontinence, bladder cancer(rare) and bladder dysfunction . I would suggest a urologist’s consultation to confirm the diagnosis. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn If the last PSA was 4 years ago, I also recommend that you consider another PSA test done. The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that doctors offer total PSA tests and DRE annually to all men beginning at age 50. Take care and best regards.