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Avatar n tn They did tell me my bladder was still holding urine right there that day at the kidney test, after I went and urinated completely, and couldn't go more, which was odd. Then I was at a Halloween party when I was 32 and had 2 glasses of wine. I urinated fire engine red blood the entire stream. I was in a panic. I didn't drink anything for a month until Thanksgiving, when I had to brandy and eggnogs, and it started aching in my back. I waited until Christmas and again had a couple drinks.
Avatar n tn Until the past year or so, I could drink lots of alcohol no problem, and sure I would get a bit of a hangover the next day but no big deal. In university I would do this once a week, after university maybe once a month, no problems. But lately (for the past 8 months or so), if I have even two drinks, I feel a little buzz from the alcohol, but when I go to bed, or in the middle of the night sometimes, I wake up with uncontrollable chills, diarreah, nausea and almost throwing up.
Avatar f tn Namaste, I hate to disagree with ibizan, but if they are testing for alcohol, the EtG test can detect alcohol in urine up to 80 hours after consumption. The Alcohol ETG Urine Test is a biomarker test that detects the presence of ethyl glucuronide in the urine samples. Alcohol, when consumed, is metabolized by the liver i.e. when someone consumes alcohol, in the liver, a compound called glucuronic acid reacts with it and forms Ethyl glucuronide as a metabolite.
Avatar f tn They switched me to a PA because they were swamped, it had nothing to do with my urine test (which I was scared to death about). The urine tests he takes, he tests only to seem if for instance, you are prescribed Percocet as a breakthrough med and you take a couple of Vicodin if you run out. They test for the levels of what you are supposed to be one vs what you have taken, Was on methadone for years....
Avatar f tn no alcohol and the eGFR went up into the 50's now next month blood test.. i will see if i have even more improvement.. i am looking into kidney diet.. did you do the 24 hr urine test? sonogram? what did the nephrologist tell you? mine said to make sure that i tell all my dr.'s when they prescribe meds..no NSAIDs do you have muscle pain? mine is so bad in the legs i can barely bend them or walk..
Avatar f tn - car accident (diagnosed with severe whiplash and possible head injury- didnt hit head tho) - tb testing (for volunteer position) - tfcc tear in wrist Very healthy one day and the next vertigo, numbness and tingling, headaches, feeling faint, constipation, night sweats, cold and heat intolerance, ear symptoms, blurry vision, some months don't get menstrual cycle (use to always be regular) and so on...
Avatar m tn Culture for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia just came back negative and Dr says finish the Cipro and you could do an ejaculative test next, which i gather means ejaculate in the cup and they test that for various infections. He did not manually examine it.
Avatar n tn The GGT (130) and ALT (53) were slightly elevated on two occasions as a result of drinking alcohol previously. However after a few days of no alcohol intake they have all returned to normal. My last blood test was for cortisol levels which turned out normal. I have never had any classic alcohol problems (I don't argue with my wife, I have done well professionally, and would never think of drinking or driving), however when I told the neurologist how much I drank he called me an alcoholic.
Avatar m tn Though I miss drinking I would never go back to living my life in that drunken haze day after day not really feeling what is real Or giving a **** about what else is going on. We as alcoholics are very selfish people in the sence that we will sacrifice so much from our family's in order to afford our next drunk. It's not just about the money either its about all the times you missed a school event or didnt take them to do this or that so you could drink.
363682 tn?1299492962 Hi all Im 21 and would happily drink a bottle of spirits and wake up the next day feeling fine. Last weekend i did the same though and had the most intense headache ive had for a long time. I thought it may just be a one off but then Two nights ago i had a few beers and again, the next morning i had a bad headache although not as bad as the one previously mentioned. So last night i only had 5 bottles of beer and this morning again i have a headache and hot flushes! Really confusing me.
Avatar m tn The Doc has suggested me decreasing the dose to 90mcg tonight and do another blood test next week before the 4th shot. Any comment? Do any of you have such a decrease in WBC and neutrophils in the first few weeks?
Avatar m tn Alcohol in some individuals can cause gastric irritations, leading to carrying of impulses to vomiting centre. But is unusual to happen in the next morning, may be you are too sensitive to alcohol or may be due to abnormal metablolism of alcohol (due to raised acetic acid or acetaldehyde). Dark stools is usually seen due to gastrointestinal bleeding like in stomach or small intestines. As for your blood pressure is concerned needs a evaluation.
Avatar n tn I am a 27 year old female, the day before I left for Costa Rica I felt the strong urge to pee all the time...i have never had a UTI before so didn't know what is was. The next morning I was very nausous, vomited on the way to the airport, and felt horrible. 2 days into the trip I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst pain in my side that I have ever had. had to go one of the Costa Rican hospitals, where all they did was take my temp.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are as below; mass amounts of White half moon shaped flakes in urine, test for uti-neg. They x-rayed lower; showing nothing, I could not have them do a CT, I can't afford it. I have severe rt.FLANK pains, low grade fever daily, and many attacks which appear to gall bladder, but no pain as you press into that area.
380309 tn?1246471340 well as the saying goes u did squeeze the toothpaste outta the tube with the DUI's and now u deal with the consequences!think about how much u spent on alcohol in ur life...and the possibility of killing someone driving drunk...bet it would exceed $400..i was stopped five times for dui's tween the years of 1972-1982..been sober /clean 24 years..so grateful i never hurt anyone else other than myself with my drunk driving.
Avatar m tn It has started since i get married , me and my wife while being on honeymoon get fungus from water pool , so we started treatment (we went to doctor) , after few days infection gone , but this infection doesn't gone forever after time to time it had started over , so my doctor started strong treatment with strong antibiotics and NISTATIN sterilization in urethra with catheter ( he opened Nistatin into sterilized water and within catheter he pushed this liquid into penis, urethra) , this session
Avatar f tn I made an appointment with my Ob/gyn, assuming it was my endometriosis coming back with a vengeance. He ran a urine test and said there was blood in my urine but he was going to get it analyzed by a pathologist. He prescribe Nitropuf for 7 days. I've been taking it but nothing's changed. I went back to the dr's office this morning for blood work and another urine sample. The results will come back in another 3 days.
Avatar n tn does hep c affect the results of a blood alcohol test, I mean, does it stay in your system longer?
190885 tn?1333029491 urine test then why not go to the pharmacy and get urine test strips. these strips test 10 things including blood in urine. you can get them from CVS but they may have to order them for next day.
Avatar m tn First time in about a year that I've gone without and have suffered the concequences of such actions. As for the NGU, I remember them doing a urine test but they didn't alert me to anything out of the ordinary. If I'm not mistaken they told me there didn't see anything abnormal. The MA even questioned me as to what I felt was my issue as the symptoms I had described to her didn't seem consistant with a typical case of Gonorrhea or Chlamydia I'm guessing.
Avatar m tn - Cloudy urine, off and on - burning sensation throughout urethra - a strong feeling that I needed to urinate, despite having just done so I was given a urine test in the doctors office, and fifteen minutes later was told that my urine was clear and that I should just drink more water. Over the next two weeks I drank enormous amounts of water... the problem continued to persist despite how much water I consumed. I went back to the doctor and explained this.
Avatar n tn i want to know how long alcohol stays in your urine so u will be clean for an alcohol urine test
Avatar m tn I take my clonazepam exactly as directed, 1mg at night for dystonia and the next day the test comes back negative. I went through this twice now and have been asked to come in yet again to sign a narcotics drug agreement and of, course, pee in the jar again. When I expressed to the doctor and her staff how that makes me feel, I get a lot of; ''Oh, don't take it personally. It's just a policy put in place to prevent misuse of narcotics.
Avatar n tn i have an appointment in 48 hours for an after care program and they are going to do a urine test to see if i have been using. My question is how long will the oxy's stay in my urine? if i don't touch another one will it completey be out of my system? Someone please respond.
Avatar n tn I am six weeks past my LMP. I do not take BC and my cycles average 27 days, but never more. I have been tracking them on mycycle.com for six months now, and they are like clockwork...until now. Until last week, I really didnt have any symptoms (other than the late period), but this weeks I have started with the nausea, dizziness, extremely sore breasts (like if you touch them, I will hurt you) and an intense hunger...I feel like I am eating around the clock. All I can think about is food!
Avatar n tn But I really saw that the bleeding came from my urine. My doctor told me to have another urine test 1 week after my period, then the result is normal again. after 2 weeks and a half it came back again. the bleeding started again and I keep on peeing and peeing. good thing I still have 2 anti bleeding medicine. the next day I did ultrasound to check if I had kidney stones or whatever, but everything is clear / normal too. so what is the reason behind this bleeding???
Avatar n tn Before i was infected with HBV i was regularly consuming alcohol (avg. twice a week). My doctor told me that once i fully recover, alcohol consumption (unless abused) should not do me any harm. Since i was feeling much better, I started to consume alcohol again (4-5 months after i was hospitilized). When i was consuming alcohol, I was really having bad hangovers, even after just a few beers. I assumed my liver didn't fully recover yet and i simply needed to give them more time.
Avatar f tn days before the oil in my urine started I had a urine test which was normal, and I had a diabetes test at the same time, normal, gullbladder also normal. I am a bit overweight,not much, but thought I should mention it. The last couple weeks however when I look in the mirror I keep noticing I am loosing weight..( I don't have a scale) Now I want to loose weight, but not if it is because I am ill..I would rather be overweight and healthy.
Avatar f tn But you can do a serum pregnancy test (more sensitive than urine pregnancy test) to know the exact level of your HCG 1-2 weeks after ovulation or after a missed period. However, it will be better if you seek consult to an OB-GYNE specialist so you will be thoroughly assessed. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn Recently did ambulatory blood pressure test,normal. Recently did 24 hour urine test. Normal results for catecholamines. However had high urine creatinine levels (don’t have exact levels). Recently did some blood work. Results came back as high random cortisol (581 nmol/L), high aldosterone (1017 pmol/L). Renin was normal (1.10 ng/L/S). Everything else was normal (blood creatinine, glucose,B12, iron, sodium (140) potassium (3.8), ALT,sTSH,T4 free, Free T3, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit,RBC, RDW, WBC.