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Avatar n tn Hi there! Chromosomes are not normally studied on a routine urine test. I am not sure what abnormal chromosomes on a routine urine test could mean. If a tissue sample was obtained from the urinary tract, this could indicate a malignancy. You may like to discuss this with the lab technician or your treating doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn My urine test showed the ur squamous epi cells abnormal, bacteria and mocous. What does that mean? Recent Lab Results UR Mucous Present (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR Squamous Epi Cells 4-10 /HPF (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR Bacteria, Present (Abnormal) Apr 03, 2015 UR RBC. Occ-2 /HPF (Normal) Apr 03, 2015 UR WBC. None Seen /HPF (Normal) Apr 03, 2015 UA Spec Grav 1.
Avatar n tn When white blood cells are in the urine, it may mean a urinary tract infection. Extra protein in the urine may also mean your kidneys are not working as well as they should. Do a search on it and see what that means.. Sounds like a bladder infection.. shouldnt prevent you from conceiving.. just take your time and get better!!
Avatar n tn Did you have any burning upon urination or any other abnormal sensations that might cause you to observe your urine? I am not a doctor and certainly not a urologist, so I can't even hazard a guess as to what "cloudy and milky substances" in your urine might indicate. I have never noticed anything about my own urine other than color changes. Diet, medications, time we have "held" our urine, some beverages............
Avatar f tn The Urinalysis shows my RBC, Urine is abnormal (11-20 HI). Anything else is normal. What does that mean? Should I concern?
Avatar f tn The Urinalysis shows my RBC, Urine is abnormal (11-20 HI). Anything else is normal. What does that mean? Should I concern?
Avatar n tn But because various factors (such as age) can cause PSA levels to fluctuate, one abnormal PSA test does not necessarily indicate a need for other diagnostic tests. When PSA levels continue to rise over time, other tests may be needed. * 0 to 2.5 ng/mL is low. * 2.6 to 10 ng/mL is slightly to moderately elevated. * 10 to 19.9 ng/mL is moderately elevated. * 20 ng/mL or more is significantly elevated.
Avatar m tn It is diagnostic in some genetic disorders like Phenylketonuria etc. Pale yellow urine is normal. pH measures the acidity and alkalinity of urine. Acidic urine is normal. Specific gravity: Measure the density of urine. Again very nonspecific. Albumin: Is present in almost every normal individual. Sugar: Nil is normal. Positive in diabetics. Bile salt, pigments: Normal. Ketone bodies: Seen in diabetics. Negative is normal.
Avatar n tn Does any one has idea about copper test of urine? I recently had copper test of urine resulted 33.7+/- 3.7 mcg/l. is this within range?
Avatar n tn so far the only slightly abnormal one is blood in urine, it's supposed to be between 0 and 2 and mine was 3. any idea what this means, is it anything major to worry about?
Avatar f tn A couple of weeks ago a routine urine test revealed blood in my urine. I have no notable symptoms other than more frequent urination. They reran the urine test last week and the doctor said the blood was still present, but at a low level. He wants to have another urine test in a few weeks. Should I wait that long? How serious is this?
Avatar n tn I was worried so I took an STD test today at the urology clinic I usually go to. The rapid blood test for HIV, Syphilis, and Herpes turned up negative. I took a urine test however, and the doctor said that there is some inflammation. He said that it is "most likely" a minor STD but his English was not good so he could have miscommunicated (I'm currently living in Korea). He mentioned this after looking at my previous tests which did not show any inflammation whatsoever.
Avatar f tn My liver function test that i brought arrived today which uses urine to dectect any abnormalities which could suggest things such as Hepatitis. My colour chart which you are ment to compare your stick with displays 4 colours which are labelled, normal, mild, moderate and severe. My results forurobilinogen came back as mild and my Bilirubin came back as moderate edging towards the severe colour. It is used in hospitals and is 99% accurate.
Avatar m tn I know these weren't STD tests specifically but does a negative result or nothing abnormal showing at all mean I don't have an STD detected through at least urine?
Avatar n tn I dont really have a history of symptoms that would indicate a tumor, except for possibly blood in my urine. for about 4 months my urine became very dark. I couldnt explain why. It happened kind of suddenly. As I am very color blind, I thought the Urine was brownish, and not red. But later found out it was red when someone else saw my urine.
Avatar f tn I am sexually active and have a negative urine test, no sexually transmitted diseases or yeast/urinary tract infections. However, I am constantly nauseated and have mild abdominal pain.
Avatar m tn I went to the clinic and had a swab test done that came back negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea. I stopped drinking coffee subsequently, and the sensation went away. Just recently the sysmptoms came back, but had worsened. Now there was frequent urination, and a leaking of urine that progressed into what looks like semen. I had another test done that I paid for that came back negative as well. One day I worked 20 hrs straight.
Avatar n tn 1 I took two home pregnancy test and the were positive.I went to the ER that very same day because I started Bleeding like my period was on.So when I went to the hospital the doctor gave me a urine and a blood test they were both positive as I was told by the doctor and he told me the bleeding was implantation.Just a few days ago I went the health dep. so that i could get some info about me being pregnant so i could take it to medicaid.
Avatar n tn The reason why the test was abnormal was because of 3 spikes throughout the 45 min test. Spikes were in the same spot of the brain.
Avatar m tn I'm a girl, 20 and have been suffering from abnormal vaginal discharge for like 7 months now. During the first 2 months my symptoms were burning sensation when I urinate and a very foul smelling white to yellowish discharge. Went to a OB Gyne, she checked me and prescribed me Metronidazole, Doxycycline hyclate 2 times a day for 1 week and albothyl vaginal suppository.
Avatar m tn It's almost as if sud is made from soap, and it can sit in that toilet bowl for 15 minutes before the foaminess begins to disappear. 3 years ago, I was initially diagnosed with bladder cancer using a urine test. Even though subsequent biopsies of the bladder tissue have not confirmed the diagnoses, each time the urine test is repeated, the same cells that gave rise to the original diagnoses is present.
Avatar m tn i went for quite a number of urine test and microscopic hematuria was detected sometime; it's really a off and on thing. I know microscopic hematuria could be caused by strenuous sports but I haven't really played sports recently. i ruled out STD as I tested negative for all major test. the only time i don't see foamy/bubble urine is when i drink a lot of water. what else could be the reason? what else can I do?
Avatar f tn Hi, Urinalysis (urine FEME) is performed to test for infections and other abnormal chemicals and metabolites in urine. Urine sample is collected in a sterile sample container provided by the laboratory. The required sample is supposed to be a clean catch, mid-stream urine sample.
Avatar m tn he is passing urine around 10 times a day .. Urine culture shows 1 lakh counts of E.Coli.. Dr. said this is abnormal and treated with an antibiotic.. I am really worried is it critical.. Please advise me.
Avatar f tn I also took a blood test so I should know my status for sure in a few weeks. I just wondered if the urine test would show up abnormal as well although they are not testing for that. Thank you all!
Avatar n tn Microscopic Examination follows if indicated then goes on to list WBC at 11-30 Abnormal and then Mucus Threads Present Abnormal. Does anyone know if this is microscopic of the blood or of the urine. I looked up mucus threads and found lots of information on them being from the kidney and beyond areas.