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Avatar f tn Im 90% sure that I have a urinary tract infection but I have additional symptoms that I dont usually have. My partner and I had sex several nights ago and I developed the usual symptoms: painful urination general discomfort frequent urination urine is cloudy and pink What is unusual is that I have clumps of something when I pee. They are pinkish is this a possible symptom that will pass just like the others?
4251679 tn?1370305531 UTIs are exactly what their name describes. and infection in your urinary tract. its not in your vagina, however, ive always been told not to have sex while you have one because sex could be the cause of it. and its best to make sure its all better before introducing even more bacteria. Ive never heard of it being contagious, and dont think that it is, but ask your doctor. and ive also never had a cream to use, so im not sure what thats for.
Avatar m tn Based on my experience, blood in the urine was due to urinary tract infection. I felt pain in my vagina when passing urine and drops of blood came out after the urine. My gynecologist gave me antibiotics to treat the infection. If your wife feels the same, better take her to the doctor immediately.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone. I am a guy and I have been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Specifically "Morganella Morganii." When the doctor told me she said the specific urinary tract infection I have is very rare in men and was "strange" I could get it. I have never had a urinary tract infection in my life. The timing of it seems odd as it comes only one week after I had sex with a female escort.
1415174 tn?1453243103 More women than men tend to get urinary tract infections especially in menopause. Men and women get more infections when they get older or hospitalized. You can just say yes ( you get a urinary tract infection) 2. no, rare 3. frequently. Are you male or female? Are you in menopause (if female)?
Avatar m tn //www.webmd.com/men/urinary-tract-infection-in-men If it continues, see your doctor. They'll do a urine sample to check for bacteria and then treat you with antibiotics. Fairly common and gets better quickly once treated.
Avatar f tn In the United States I don't believe this would happen. It would be grounds for a complaint against the physician and possible penalties. There would be no conceivable reason for him/her to do so. And a male can get urinary tract infection.
Avatar n tn The infection can move up to your kidneys quite quickly. Urinary tract infection is not serious in females, but in males it is.
Avatar m tn Particularly among men over age 35 in whom the cause is E. coli, epididymitis is commonly due to urinary tract obstruction.[2] Less common microbes include Ureaplasma, Mycobacterium, and cytomegalovirus, or Cryptococcus in patients with HIV infection. E. coli is more common in boys before puberty, the elderly and homosexual men. Non-infectious causes are also possible. Reflux of sterile urine (urine without bacteria) through the ejaculatory ducts may cause inflammation with obstruction.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you may have a urinary tract infection - check in with your doctor and possibly see a urologist.
Avatar n tn Burning pain during micturition (urination) is a symptom of Urinary Tract Infection. It is very common in females especially among those who are sexually active. Norflox is fine and should help it. Also you can consider keeping your genital area clean and then sitting in warm water with a bit of betadine solution in it. It disinfects and results are fast. If you are sexually active both you and your partner should practice clean sex that is wash your private parts both before and after sex.
Avatar n tn You may not even have to bring your dog in for an exam if the urine is positive for a simple urinary tract infection (an infection without crystals). The vet can simply give appropriate antibiotics. If your dog has crystals in his urine, the crystals would need to be identified and treatment instituted. Crystals can be dangerous in male dogs because if they become large enough they can become lodged in the urethra and cause blockage (even in dogs, though more common in male cats).
Avatar m tn the bateria present in urine was enterobacter cloacae in october and a member of enterobacter in november following antibiotics. my wife is heaving headaches every morning and lots of nausea.
Avatar f tn A uti can turn into a kidney infection in a matter of hours and after that if left untreated long enough can become an infection in the blood that causes miscarriages. Utis are no joke and cranberry juice is no guarantee to help.
Avatar f tn I’m 20 years old. I have a urinary tract infection(coliform). A doctor prescribed Amoxicillin 625mg + Tamsulosin medicine for 10 days to me. I have a side effect after taking Tamsulosin (Retrograde ejaculation) or any other ejaculation problem. Is this normal or should I stop using Tamsulosin? Or will it (Retrograde ejaculation ) recover after stop using ten days? Should I keep getting Tamsulosin for 10 days or stop?
Avatar f tn How do you tell the difference between a urinary tract infection and yeast infectiy?
Avatar m tn The other possibility which needs to be ruled out is a urinary tract infection, prostatitis and also any stone in the urinary tract. Prostatitis often presents with burning pain at the end of urination. I’ll suggest you to get yourself examined by a urologist , followed by an ultrasound of the urinary tract and maybe some tests like urine examination etc. I would also suggest a 24 hrs urine test and a swab culture of the discharge to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn You could have a urinary tract infection, urethritis (an infection in your urethra), an infection in your prostate - all which can be caused by other things than STDs. https://www.healthline.com/health/male-discharge-non-std How long has it been since you've been sexually active, including oral sex? Most men who get symptoms will get them within a couple of weeks after infection, depending on the infection, and it would be unusual to get them much later, but it's possible.
Avatar m tn Urinary incontinence is also seen in urinary tract infection. Other conditions causing these symptoms are any problems with the prostate gland which can cause overflow or stress urinary incontinence in men. Enlarged prostate putting pressure on the urethra or prostatitis are few other possibilities. Excessive drinking of alcohol, taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs like diuretics, sedatives, narcotics, or non-prescription cold and diet medicines can also cause these symptoms.
1451111 tn?1284956007 A test for STD declares whether or not you have STD. There are several unrinary-tract infections that cause painful urination. Women are more apt than men to have bladder infections. I wonder when your were tested for STD, that your urine was also tested? You may consider having an urinalysis run to verify whether your urinary tract is clear. In Texas, where I live, major supermarket chains now have small clinics inside their stores.