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Avatar f tn I’m 20 years old. I have a urinary tract infection(coliform). A doctor prescribed Amoxicillin 625mg + Tamsulosin medicine for 10 days to me. I have a side effect after taking Tamsulosin (Retrograde ejaculation) or any other ejaculation problem. Is this normal or should I stop using Tamsulosin? Or will it (Retrograde ejaculation ) recover after stop using ten days? Should I keep getting Tamsulosin for 10 days or stop?
4251679 tn?1370305531 UTIs are exactly what their name describes. and infection in your urinary tract. its not in your vagina, however, ive always been told not to have sex while you have one because sex could be the cause of it. and its best to make sure its all better before introducing even more bacteria. Ive never heard of it being contagious, and dont think that it is, but ask your doctor. and ive also never had a cream to use, so im not sure what thats for.
Avatar n tn The infection can move up to your kidneys quite quickly. Urinary tract infection is not serious in females, but in males it is.
Avatar f tn My wife has had urinary tract infection since the begining of the pregnancy.Now she is 27 weeks and 3 days. Docotors always prescibed vitamin C until now. She doesnt have any systom. Her doctor wanted to prescribe Ceftin but she is alergic to penicilin and he prescribed trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. Is this antibiotic safe during this time? anyone has had a previous treatment with this kind?
Avatar f tn I have a question for those of you with urinary tract problems. I have had several UTIs and seem to be retaining urine. Also, my bladder and kidneys hurt. As many of you know, I do have Lupus. The question I have is should I be going to a urologist? I have talked to my GP about this and I have even mentioned being tested for Lupus Nephritis, but he just tells me that anytime he has checked my kidneys they have been fine.
Avatar f tn Has anyone got a urinary tract infection during pregnancy? Was it uncomfortable and a little painful at times? once treated did the uncomfortablness go away? I think I have one I have a drs appt in 4 days is it safe to wait until then?
Avatar n tn You may not even have to bring your dog in for an exam if the urine is positive for a simple urinary tract infection (an infection without crystals). The vet can simply give appropriate antibiotics. If your dog has crystals in his urine, the crystals would need to be identified and treatment instituted. Crystals can be dangerous in male dogs because if they become large enough they can become lodged in the urethra and cause blockage (even in dogs, though more common in male cats).
Avatar f tn Im 90% sure that I have a urinary tract infection but I have additional symptoms that I dont usually have. My partner and I had sex several nights ago and I developed the usual symptoms: painful urination general discomfort frequent urination urine is cloudy and pink What is unusual is that I have clumps of something when I pee. They are pinkish is this a possible symptom that will pass just like the others?
Avatar f tn How do you tell the difference between a urinary tract infection and yeast infectiy?
Avatar f tn according to your history maybe you have urinary tract infection,but put in mind some time if blood sugar increase in body,the odor of urine will change,and you will have polyuria,and night urination.
Avatar f tn iam 23years old girl and iam having urinary tract infection for  the first time.i get pain after urinating,when one or two drops are left.the pain is very strong.iam having back pain also.iam having medicine-norflox+metrozil together for two days.iam very tensed for it.i have blood sugar,thyroid.
Avatar n tn also at the end it drips, and if i hold for long time i feel too much pressure on the urinary tract and difficult to pass at the begining. the problem is since 5 years back. i have not had any health problems in the urinary system at all. i visited a doctor (urologist) and advised me after examination that the prostate is of normal size and no infection. the ebladder emptying speed is 6.5 out of 20. the doctor told me that the protate mussle is contracted and pusing on the urinary tract.
4801019 tn?1359345412 Well, first of al my name is Chris & I'm a healthy 29 yr old male & my height is 6"8 & I weigh about 245lbs, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, only have Asthma & Migraines from time to time. This all started like a little over 11 months ago with me being diagnosed with a Bladder Infection. My doctor put me on antibiotics ranging from Bactrim, Cipro, Z-Pack & another one that I cannot remember.
Avatar n tn Citralka alone might not prevent or cure a urinary tract infection, but if used along with antibiotics is useful in treatment. Plenty of liquids to flush out the bladder and antacids (rantac) for acidity can help in treating the condition. Consult a urologist for further assistance. Best.
Avatar n tn Contact or allergic dermatitis may occur and may cause some of these symptoms. Another differential will be a lower urinary tract infection. I suggest that you seek consult with a urologist for an initial assessment. A baseline urinalysis will be able to help rule out any underlying infection.
Avatar n tn After confirming the diagnosis of a urinary tract infection through urine tests, antibiotic treatment may be started. A urine culture and sensitivity test will determine the specific organism responsible as well as the antibiotic treatment. Drinking plenty of fluids also help. Take care and best regards.