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Avatar f tn Thanks Shelly I will see the doc as soon as possible and bring this up. I am not at the urologist until may and cant wait till then.
Avatar m tn For example, about 5-6 days after I had unprotected sex in September I had a slight fever for about a day, the chills and sweats one night and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Also had a decreased appetite and malaise. But no painful blisters or sores on my penis. The girl I slept with has since (3 weeks ago) tested neg for herpes by blood test, as well as all other stds (I was tested for chlamydia and gonnarea). To me, it just seems like I caught something from this still.
Avatar f tn Hey, I'm really worried and upset at what I think is a urinary tract infection in advanced stages in some way or another. I'm 18, a girl, and not sexually active. About four months ago, I had a couple of days where I needed to urinate constantly, I was in real discomfort, hot and cold etc. I thought it was just a little cystitis or something and that it would go away. I drank lots of water and took painkillers, and the more painful symptoms were eradicated.
Avatar f tn I have not had swollen lymph nodes, chills, nausea, vomiting, headache (except related to the pain of my canker sore), night sweats (except for once, about four weeks after the encounter). I think I may have had a low-grade fever for a short period of time at one point after I developed a sore throat for a second time. I am terribly scared and feel for almost certain that I have contracted HIV, since I have never had a sore throat for 5 weeks and no one I know has.
Avatar m tn By 8pm on the Saturday we were off to the country hospital, as we were staying out in the country and had no access to a DR. They took a urine sample; came back 20 minutes later and said she had a urinary tract infection (UTI) that had spread to the kidneys (how they told this from a short urine sample i'm not sure). They said there's no point sending the urine to find out what the exact bacteria was because the cephalexin works in %90 of the cases.
Avatar n tn If you did not have any unexplained fevers, night sweats, or other symptoms of whole-body infection, the chances that you have contracted bacterial endocarditis are low -- especially if you do not already have some other sort of heart valve disease. People are tough, and the body tries very hard to keep local infections local. Usually, the body succeeds at that. It is amazing but true.
Avatar m tn Do you get night sweats and low grade fever? Low grade fever, chilling, cold during day, night sweats sometimes, as you said C4 and IgM may be reason. if you are having trouble breathing they may give you or have given you oxygen. till date they did not go in this direction. What you think that should I test for allergies and Immune Complex. They are not doing quantiferron test on TB , Last advise- does Obs Sleep Apnea and hypothyroid is the reason for all these infections. Taking 0.
Avatar m tn I've had no fever as such, in fact I've been cold at night. Back of neck has been warm and armpits on waking. No night sweats except due too excess alcohol consumed that day. The last week I've had loose bowels movements (though been on anti-biotics). Tested POS at 28 days for Chlamydia and NEG for HIV-1/HIV-2. I finished antibiotic treatment for Chlamydia on Thursday but testes still twinge sporadically.
Avatar n tn If I just had another chance at an antibiotic I would feel safe. i think this infection has turned into another type of infection. Both breasts still have the dark green fluid, but the right one has two fluids. It looks like puss that you would find in a wound, another part of the nipple is the green fluid discharge(same breast)..Let you know tomorrow what happens. Off to watch my fav. show 'HOUSE'....lol... Was it today or tommorrow that you go to your doc? Any news yet...
Avatar n tn Did you ever experience these symptoms before? What was the organism which caused the infection? Do you have fever, night sweats, blood in urine, burning sensation? There could be an abcess or tumor outgrowth which could be causing the pain. Get a repeat urine examination, ultrasound done. If there is no finding in these tests go for an MRI and take a course of antibiotics. Visit your urologist if symptoms persist after the course of antibiotics. Take care.
Avatar n tn All were neg Symptoms..started with ot flashes lasting 5-10 minutes..two weeks later, night sweats for 3 nights, swollen neck lymph nodes off and on for about 2 weeks, irritable bowels for a week, mild diahreah for a few days, tingling of the left side of my face, top of head and left arm tingling/numbness . My urologist put me on a antibiotic due to an inflammed prostate and a bacteria infection..he said it could have been from bacteria from the sex.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex a couple of times with people I don't know. I have had problems holding my pee, along with cold sweats at night. These red bumps spread slowly all over my penis. I went to see a urologist, who told me that I was fine. How is this possible? No burning sensations when I ****, but sometimes my whole genital area is itchy. Besides this, I've been throwing up twice a week involuntarily after a certain meal, usually with red meat.
Avatar n tn Haven't had much of an appetite and the fever is giving me night sweats. I also have a dark red bruise like spot on the inside of my arm(on the bicep) I am really scared right now. Istill have two weeks in southeast asia and am contemplating going home early. I have read that some of these symptoms could be from stress but that just seems too convenient. I really don't know what I should do.
Avatar n tn If you've had a Urinary Tract infection and a yeast infection like me, good luck getting better. Its a catch 22. On one hand I have to take the antibiotic to get rid of the UTI and also use a pill for the yeast infection. I was told (I am on cipro) not to eat dairy since it reduces the effects of the antibiotic. So Although I am a pro-yogurt remedy person when it comes to yeast infections, I cannot use it when I am on this particular antibiotic.
Avatar f tn I check my temp when I get these episodes and its perfectly normal. I do not have a infection or am not sick. Im not even in a cold environment. Everyone around me is not cold. Its the weirdest thing, and I cant find a answer for it. Its like my body is messed up and sending these chills for no reason. Please help.
Avatar f tn I do not think this is anything to do with the pregnancy, but it is still wise to get checked out. I feel that it is highly likely to be an infection and possibly of the urinary tract. The shivering is likely to be that you have a high temperature. I would not recommend to take any medication unless directed or prescribed by your doctor. In the meantime drink plenty of warm fluids, but only take small swigs so that you do not become dehydrated. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering with symptoms of recurrent UTI (urinary frequency and urgency, cloudy odd smelling urine, pain above the pubic bone, microscopic haematuria, nausea, rigors low grade fevers chills, night sweats,occasional flank pain). The symptoms started 3 years ago shortly after I had a very strange respiratory illness (I thought I had pneumonia because it really hurt to breathe but I had only a very mild fever).
Avatar n tn Men can get UTIs, but its not as common. If you google urinary tract infection or bladder infection, you will find more info.
Avatar m tn an infected wound in the leg, urinary tract infection), but in this case, the lymph nodes become swollen and tender. If those nodes have remained pea-sized for half a year, without any other accompanying symptoms (e.g. fever, weight loss, night sweats), the probability that you have lymphoma is low. My advise is to continue observing those nodes for any changes.
Avatar n tn and your absence of fever is strong evidence against new HIV infection. (Night sweats without fever are meaningless; real night sweats cannot occur without fever.) On the other hand, your partner's history of sex with a guy with urinary pain and blood in his urine suggests a potential STD risk. Further, although HIV is uncommon in sexually active young women in the US, chlamydia and other STDs are very common.
Avatar m tn The lower right quadrant of my abdomen became swolen and painful, and the doctor suspected infection. Urinalysis, however, revealed no infection. Symptoms subsided within 2 weeks.  - No further urinary issues persisted, but have suffered from frequent diarrhea  and bloating ever since.
Avatar m tn I am going to see my doctor again, but the past week or so I have been experiencing vivid dreams, night sweats, have recently had a mild sore throat, post nasal drip, and had a few canker/mouth ulcers pop up, so needless to say I am thinking the absolute worst. This is furthered by the fact that I have a long-term girlfriend, so my guilt level is through the roof. While my HIV anti-body test was negative, it was only 20 days after the sexual interaction.
Avatar m tn I posted this on the experts forum without a reply, so maybe others can help? I am a 47 year old male with a history of drinking and related digestive problems (diarrhea/malabsorption). Prior to my current symptoms, I had/have experienced frequent diarrhea, a lower back ache, and geographic tongue. During the past 6 months I have significantly curtailed my drinking to only beer, and no more than a few beers a week. I take Lipitor, BP meds, and Ambien.
Avatar m tn I decided to take it The very night after I took the PEP I had night sweats and within 24 hours on Tuesday my lymph nodes in my neck became swollen and sore. I had a metallic and rough taste in my tongue for most of Wednesday and today. I had a hollow sensation under my cheek bones last night, my face looks a bit thinner and body fatter. Can fat redistribution take place so soon after PEP starts?
Avatar m tn I am going to see my doctor again, but the past week or so I have been experiencing vivid dreams, night sweats, have recently had a mild sore throat, post nasal drip, and had a few canker/mouth ulcers pop up, so needless to say I am thinking the absolute worst. This is furthered by the fact that I have a long-term girlfriend, so my guilt level is through the roof. While my HIV anti-body test was negative, it was only 20 days after the sexual interaction.
Avatar m tn This could be urinary tract infection, viral fever, upper or lower respiratory tract infection, or even malaria. Till you see your doctor you could take some antipyretic medications for the fever, try some water sponging and drink plenty of fluids and eat properly. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Post us about hwat your doctor advises. Regards.
Avatar n tn The synthoms are similar to a viral bronchitis. My girlfriend at home has gotten a urinary tract infection since my return, after resuming our normal sex life in this time frame. I'm worried I caught something and passed it to her. Am I in HIV risk? Should I get tested? and more importantly, have I put her at risk for HIV or any other STDs? It was a one night thing, a stupid act, but the guilt is eating me up... Should I continue to have unprotected sex with my partner? Is it safe?
Avatar m tn 5) Do these symtoms 2 episoeds of sinusitis, fever, night sweats, tonillitis, lethergy, maliase, sleepiness, represent ARS?? Is the fever is ARS continuous & high?? & not like mine?? 6) Would you suggest further testing. Please answer.
Avatar f tn well i can just say the u might suffer form lower urinary tract infection bcoz of struggle to urinate and other things gyny know better