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Avatar n tn As part of acute HIV infection, is it possible to have night sweats and no fever? Or are they both present in the HIV infection process?
Avatar m tn Just a quick one not really related to my personal risk exactly, but is it possible for night sweats to be ARS over 14 weeks after exposure, or would all the symptoms come at once? And I have also noticed an increase in eye floaters, but I think that may be just stress.
Avatar m tn night sweats can mean many things including anxiety...
Avatar f tn t a specialist in other fields, lol, but do you by chance know other reasons for random bouts of night sweats other than infection or illness?
Avatar m tn For example, about 5-6 days after I had unprotected sex in September I had a slight fever for about a day, the chills and sweats one night and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Also had a decreased appetite and malaise. But no painful blisters or sores on my penis. The girl I slept with has since (3 weeks ago) tested neg for herpes by blood test, as well as all other stds (I was tested for chlamydia and gonnarea). To me, it just seems like I caught something from this still.
Avatar m tn Now, I have night sweats when my levels are off, but usually only once or twice/night as opposed to 5-6 times/night I used to get them.
Avatar n tn Although both men and women suffered from their most intense and most frequent symptoms from the ages of 41 to 55, this report focused on aged subjects in order to isolate the effects of night sweats themselves from the effects of menopause and its associated symptoms. Night sweats during menopause are usually caused by estrogen deficiency, but because both older men and postmenopausal women experience night flashes, in this older group that is less likely to be the case.
Avatar f tn Infection is a cause of night sweats. Sometimes people with difficulty breathing who are lying down also notice these. Working with your Pulmonologist to be sure you do not have an infection is the first step. Next is working at controlling your COPD. It may simply be that you are working hard when you are lying down at night breathing.
Avatar f tn im have severe sweats,weak feeling,urinary changes,and severe head aches what may this be i am also very fatigue urinating a whole lot and staying very thirsty
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing extreme night sweats that produce a pink color that stains my sheets, nightgowns, and my hair. The pink on my sheets and nightgowns can not be removed with amy cleaner I have tried. The pink in my hair will not cover over with hair dye and will not bleach out. I am 61 years old and went through menopause about 11 years ago. I had hot flashes and night sweats for several years, but none in the past few years, until the night sweats began again about a year ago.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year old male and have been experiencing severe night sweats. I wake up and all of my clothing and sheets are to the point of soaked. Last night I started experiencing chest pain like my heart hurt with some irregular breathing patterns. I was restless all night and was sweating worse than ever. I am currently taking 40mg of paxil and am also on Lamisil. I am pretty healthy, 200 pounds, 6'1", good libido. I have suffered with some mild depression over the past year.
Avatar m tn I had night and day time sweats until I cleared the virus. Even though not listed as a symptom there is a connection. My thought was the immune system fighting the virus causing some inflammation / fever. Just the way a fever helps when the body is fighting an infection.
Avatar n tn All were neg Symptoms..started with ot flashes lasting 5-10 minutes..two weeks later, night sweats for 3 nights, swollen neck lymph nodes off and on for about 2 weeks, irritable bowels for a week, mild diahreah for a few days, tingling of the left side of my face, top of head and left arm tingling/numbness . My urologist put me on a antibiotic due to an inflammed prostate and a bacteria infection..he said it could have been from bacteria from the sex.
Avatar n tn t get to sleep or hotness wakes me, as ell as the hoteness i have palpatations and feeling iam going to faint. two weeks a go i had a kidney infection and these night/hot sweats, kidney infection went but the insomnia and hotness have remained, what could this be, my dr has said that iam too young for hormone problems she said it's general anxiety disorder, this week i have started mitrazapine, i'm sleeping well but feel very down on it, could you shed some light on this?
Avatar n tn I first experienced DRENCHING night sweats when I was first diagnosed with Hep C, back in my days when I think I was acute...I've had run-of-the-mill, garden variety night sweats here & there, the kind you get from nightmares...but the last month or so I've had a mini-relapse of them. Oddly, each run of the sweats came immediately following a bout with a flu/infection. Yet I didn't have the sweats DURING the sickness, but right after I started getting better!
Avatar f tn So anyway, I think you should call your doctor especially if you start to get chills along with the night sweats, you might have some kind of infection.
Avatar m tn I decided to take it The very night after I took the PEP I had night sweats and within 24 hours on Tuesday my lymph nodes in my neck became swollen and sore. I had a metallic and rough taste in my tongue for most of Wednesday and today. I had a hollow sensation under my cheek bones last night, my face looks a bit thinner and body fatter. Can fat redistribution take place so soon after PEP starts?
Avatar m tn My question is about night sweats. I am a very anxious person and have had night sweats in the past, but recently have been having them almost every night. I check my temp before bed and it is normal and when I wake up there will be light sweat not soaking but noticable sweating on my body. When I check temp I still have no fever. Wouldn't I have fever if the sweats where from hiv?
7381903 tn?1391464888 I keep waking up with bad night sweats , my pillow ,sheets & whole body will feel like a pool, anybody get these ?, they just started during my pregnancy .
Avatar f tn I'm so glad I'm not the only one the night sweats totally suck. I'm gonna be so glad when it stops.
Avatar f tn I was getting the night sweats around 20 weeks or so, i would just keep water next to mt bed side. Yea its going to make you go to the bathroom alot, but it helps. Im now 30 weeks and havnet gotten night swats lately.