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Avatar f tn Unfortunately I doubt there is anything you can do for having to go more frequently. Lol its just going to get worse from here on out!
667829 tn?1297978123 Uh Oh, I'm starting to feel like I'm on my way to a bladder infection. Normally I would start power drinking cranberry juice to pre-empt this problem but Cranberry juice just sends my blood sugar CRAZY high (gestational diabetes). Anyone have any other natural remedies so I don't have to go to the docs for a rx?
Avatar m tn Seeing blood in the urine in men can be from a urinary tract infection or stones and also from a prostate problem. Another reason for increase in frequency can be from the prostate gland being enlarged and also from diabetes. Get your husband to make an appointment with his doctor for a referral to a urologist, and blood tests taken to check his blood for diabetes, liver and kidney function and prostate problems. He leaking from the anus may be from diverticular disease.
18533109 tn?1465640552 Stones (calculi) are hard particle that form in the urinary tract and may cause pain, bleeding, or an infection or block of the flow of urine. can Urinary tract infection affected to the kidneys and may enlarge in a ureter or the bladder. so can , UTI causes of kidney stone??
Avatar f tn t use over the counter creams or douches while using natural remedies these can upset the balance and will have an impact on your natural treatment. No drinking alcohol or smoking these create acidic buildup in the body. These are thought to be the root cause of bv. Starting eating more green vegetables and take a vegetable supplement. Cut out as many processed foods as you can.
Avatar m tn If you are feeling that you are suffering from the symptoms of UTI then why not you try some natural treatments like some natural antiseptic because I think natural treatment will be more helpful in case of UTI.
Avatar f tn Another possible cause is urinary tract infection or other pelvic infection. Whatever it is, you do need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. If it is an infection, then a course of antibiotics will solve the problem.
Avatar f tn I get them often and even more so being pregnant, there are some natural remedies that help, (these were suggested by my doctor) however I know they might sound a bit odd, first try plain yogurt down there, this can soothe any itching. Another is wash yourself out with white vinegar in warm water and after youve gotten all the discharge clean out with normal water (this helps regulate the ph balance).
1365454 tn?1277926823 Sounds like you have a kidney infection my dear, or a UTI (urinary tract infection). Unfortunately, all the natural remedies tend to not work, so antibiotics are what's going to fix you. You've been to the doctor, so that's good. Drink plenty of fluids (stay very hydrated). Sorry for your pain & suffering... you don't sound like you're having a good time of it. I just looked up the symptoms and listed them below... *** Read here: http://kidneyinfectionsymptoms.
Avatar f tn My most helpful things: 1) Anti-inflamatory diet. Can't say enough good about this. No stabbing pain since the diet change. I have lost 10 lbs. and feel really good. 2) Pro-biotics. 40 bucks at a health food store. Re-introducing all the good bacteria that the anti-biotics destroyed along with the bad. I feel like it is restoreing my immune system. 3) Calcium Benzonite Clay. (or healing clay) also from a Health Food Store. Applied to the breast like a poltice. Draws the infection out.
Avatar f tn To me it sounds an STI or a possible STD as for home remedies I can name a few using CINNAMON really does help to treat any kind of infection you can buy cinnamon sticks for tea or use the bottled spice mix it with oil and rub the infected area a few times daily. ECHINACEA is another herb that can help to boost immunity you can use the same method to apply as used above.
Avatar m tn they can tone your bladder and decrease infection,inflamation and cut down on stones if any here are just a couple tips Things you can do to help •urinating as soon as you get the urge •avoiding alcohol and caffeine, especially at night •avoiding drinking fluids within two hours of bedtime •getting regular exercise •decreasing your stress with prayer meditation whirlpool You may also need to limit your use of over-the-counter cold and sinus medications containing decongestants or antihistamine
728927 tn?1310656447 10 months ago I had first urinary infection and have been on antibiodics ever since.. many diff ones and within a week of finishing them the infection wud return.. I am now taking Trimethoprim a low dose one a night which seems to be helping altho I still have a feeling of burning almost like a bit of the urine is going back up when I finish?
Avatar f tn As there was no blood on the tampon, it could be coming from damaged skin or an infection in the urinary tract. Although you can buy creams from the pharmacy without a prescription to get antifungal creams, I would advise that you get checked out by your doctor to establish the correct diagnosis so that you can receive the right treatment. The best thing that you can do is to have an appointment and get seen by your doctor.
Avatar n tn Depends on the cause of this bubbly urine - out of control diabetes, dehydration, recent kidney issues, or urinary tract infection. Also, there's a difference between bubbly and foamy. Since you haven't given us much to go by, I suggest you go see your doctor or go to your local hospital for an evaluation.
Avatar f tn You can buy cream at a store for less than $20 if you have a vaginal infection, and there are some home remedies for urinary problems. If it is a urinary problem and you do not get it treated it is possible to get a kidney infection and these can be deadly if untreated. Some basic advice I have is wear cotton bottoms, avoid sugar for a little while, drink lots of water, and don't add anything to your bath that is perfumed.
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Avatar f tn Any natural remedies for gas? It's not burping or coming out the other end, but it's just stuck in my stomach and since yesterday it's been very painful.
Avatar n tn Please let me know, my son has been doing research on natural remedies because he just thinks chemo kills too many other cells.