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Avatar f tn during the first test I took zyertec , and the second an herbal Urinary vit , becuase I thought i had a urinary track infection,which I didnt..... I DID NOT eat poppy seeds . does ANYONE know why on earth this is happening, or could happen ??? Im NOT taking any opiates/codeiene at all !!!!! Now I have to go to jail for A night, and I am innocent . This is destroying my life . why is this happening to my test ????
Avatar n tn There are OTC herbal/omega treatments that boast they aid greatly in preventing UTI. I would ask your vet if he has a preference for one (or if it conflicts with his present treatment). The most important thing is to let your vet know of any additional treatments you try as the two of you seem to have a "game plan" in dealing with the issue. Has anyone else had any success with a particular brand of homeopathic treatment?
Avatar n tn an urinary tract infection, vaginal infection, or an infection of the skin of the perivulvar area. The infection could be bacterial, yeast, or a combination. Usually urinary tract infections are accompanied by the symptoms of increased frequency of urination, and/or drinking, dribbling, or inappropriate urination. However, occasionally the only symptom is licking the vulvar area.
Avatar f tn coli infection was taken care of by the cipro, but another more persistent infection like a yeast infection or urinary tract MRSA (methecillin resistant stapholococcus aureus) has taken its place. Perhaps a different antibiotic like erythromycin, or one of its family would work better. I hope this helps...
Avatar n tn They could not see any abnormalities, and his urine culture came back as normal as well. No infection or abnormal cells. His urine has changed to yellow randomly, but then goes red again... Now they want to check his blood for clotting issues, if they cant find anything he will have a IVU with a specialist... Have you come across a complicated one like this? He does not strain when he urinates, he is not urinating more frequently either. I have a feeling it is a kidney issue... Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Had a call from my midwife today to let me know the results of my urine test and they show I have a urinary tract infection (UTI). I've had no symptoms but she said I need some antibiotics. Has this happened to anyone else, should I be worried?
Avatar m tn If yu think it's a urinary infection try drinking cranberry juice until you can see your doctor. That's what they told my sister to do to treat hers and it worked.
Avatar n tn i went back and read your previous posts...and for the life of me...i cant figure out what the heck you're trying to say or ask. i'm gonna give it a shot in the dark here. originally you posted about a paper cut on your finger and something about a piece of paper. not sure what that's about. so now...you're stating that you had condom protected sex but that the pro licked you and you had hemorrhoids and you are wondering if that put you at risk. is that correct?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been badly troubled with recurring Urinary infections. My urine culture shows I am infected with proteus mirabilis bacteria. This is the third time I am infected with in last 3 months. I had a cystoscopy done and my doctor said that every thing looked good. I am taking LEVAQUIN 500 now for the infection. I am told to take it for 3 weeks. Could you please help to understand why I keep getting the infection? I am really worried about this. Do I need to consult another doctor?
4801019 tn?1359345412 after urination, I was diagnosed with a bladder Infection awhile back. Any all natural cures, plus my abdomen hurts from time to time close to my belly button could this be a hernia as well. Need help. Herbal cures welcomed.
Avatar n tn Discharge from the penis could be caused by a urinary tract infection, preputial infection, prostatitis, or prostate cancer. Inflamed gums are signs of Stomach Heat (Chinese lingo), gingivitis, or gum infection. These symptoms are probably just coincidental. If possible, your holistic vet could try to control the allergies using another formula, Western medicine, immunotherapy, or acupuncture to try to enable your dog to tolerate the Chinese herbs.
Avatar f tn Hi, Burning urination may not always mean a urinary infection and it can occur due to other causes also. For e.g. presence of stones in the urinary tract can give rise to burning urination. I’ll suggest you to get an ultrasound of the urinary tract done to rule out a possibility of stones in the kidneys/ureters/bladder. Also to get a gynecologic examination done and rule out a gynecologic reason for the same e.g. vaginitis.
Avatar n tn Hi...sounds like you have a handful in your house! To be certain, many cats are very tempermental about their environment and changes can cause inappropriate elimination. I am sure one of the experts will answer you shortly, but I wanted to maybe help by asking a few other questions: How many cats total in the house and how many litterboxes? Are all the cats neutered/spayed? Do any of the cats go outside? Does this particular cat ever urinate inside the litterbox?
Avatar f tn You are still experiencing symptoms of urinary tract infection so it is best to get a urine culture done. It will show if there is any bacterial growth and sensitivity of those bacteria to an antibiotic. If the symptoms are persistent you may need to be investigated and tests like blood sugar, blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine, creatinine clearance, serum electrolytes, urine concentration and ultrasound KUB may provide more information. I hope it helps.
Avatar m tn Note: I've found many people sharing my symptoms on this site looking for answer to no avail (eg http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Urology/cold-penis-and-std-worry/show/1415975 and all commenters). I'm 32. I've been coping with the same invisible disease for 2 years since a chlamydia infection that got cured (at least it's not detectable).
Avatar f tn im not sure because im no doctor but it sounds to me like you may have a Urinary Tract Infection it could cause kidney infection if left untreated i dont know whats goin on with you and the meds but mabe u could try drinking cranbury juice and drinking lots of water to wash out the bladder or mabe you would need to get a bladder irrigation but yea please try doing these two things so it wouldnt get that bad u need to irrigate your bladder thats not the most pleasureful feeling
Avatar f tn What you can do as well is try pure cranberry juice and an herb called uva ursi -- they prevent bacteria from finding a cozy home in your urinary tract. There are also herbal formulas that can help with this. Seeing a naturopath wouldn't hurt. Sometimes you need antibiotics, but usually it's overkill, and even when you need one, you need to repair the damage afterwards. As for your medications, you might want a second opinion from another psychiatrist on that.
886844 tn?1241634047 htm Interstitial cystitis (IC) is abdominal or pelvic pain related to your bladder getting full, often accompanied by other urinary symptoms, but with no infection or other obvious diseases. The cause of PBS/ICS is unknown. I believe that this doctor is doing research on Fibromyalgia and looking into info on him might give you some more information on this. Muhammad B. Yunus.
Avatar f tn Please check first to see if she has a urinary tract infection, which are very common in cats who have recently changed residences or are under any stress. If she does not have a urinary tract infection and the problem is behavioral, than it is important to get her to feel comfortable. Try the feline pheromone "Feliway", which is a plug-in air freshener that gives cats' a feeling of well-being.
Avatar f tn I contacted the doctor through his email, after much discussion and few questions he prepared the Herbal medicine and asked for my address which I received the Herbal medicine 3 days later and with his prescription I drank the Herbal medicine for 21 days. After concluding the herbal medicine I went for test and my IgG result was confirmed Negative with no trace of the virus on my blood.
Avatar f tn i have been constantly suffering with urinary infection, pain on the lower side of my left abdomen, feel my tummy getting puffed up and pain unbearable. Want to often pass urine. what could be the reason? i have done an ult and they say that the urine is not flowing completely out of my bladder, some is still standing in the bladder. Consulted my doctor and they say that a surgery is required, do u think i really need one and does a Neurologist perform such a surgery?
4801019 tn?1359345412 Well, first of al my name is Chris & I'm a healthy 29 yr old male & my height is 6"8 & I weigh about 245lbs, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, only have Asthma & Migraines from time to time. This all started like a little over 11 months ago with me being diagnosed with a Bladder Infection. My doctor put me on antibiotics ranging from Bactrim, Cipro, Z-Pack & another one that I cannot remember.