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Avatar m tn I took her to see her pediatrician and she ordered a chest xray. The report to the pediatrician said a Questionable nodule in her upper right lobe. the Pediatrician gave her 5 days of zitromician (spelling?) She said that she looked at the xray and didn't see anything. Should I insist on a new xray!!!!! I am reallly worried.
Avatar f tn If so what type of cancer and what is the percentage? I also have a 5mm pleural lung nodule on the posterior right upper lobe and a 3 mm nodule on the middle right lobe. I am being treated at the VA. Have had a TAHwBSO 12 years ago, was on hormone therapy until 1 year ago, quit smoking 8 months ago with 35 year history. Have Asthma, Fibormyalgia, Depression, Gerd and 2 Cervical Spine Fusions.
Avatar f tn As an advanced Breast Cancer survivor, I just had a CT scan showing discoid opacities in both lungs including lower lobes. The report also says a noncalcified right upper lobe nodule (5mm) and calcification in left lateral lung meas.2mm. Most answers here suggest benign, but I'm a high risk candidate. What would you do with this information if you were me?
Avatar n tn I've been fibrocystic since my 30's. In October I noticed a pea-size lump near the outer portion of my right breast in the upper right quadrant. Kind of right down from my armpit. It was tender to the touch and near the surface. Within a week I had seen my regular MD, had a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound and went to consult a surgeon.
Avatar f tn ultrasound, Follow up concering finding seen in the upper right breast, best on the MLO view. This finding does persist on the MLO view. The margins are somewhat irregular and size is 4 mm. There is and adjacent 2 mm nodule. On the original mammogram, this was felt to be in the outer aspect of the right breast on the CC view but spot compression views do not confirm this. Nonetheless, since the finding persists on one view this requires further evaulation.
Avatar f tn I have been searching for information regarding a "palpable abnormality" that was found on the upper portion of my right breast. I originally found the "lump" a year and a half ago. My gyn sent me to a breast surgon who ordered a mammo and ultrasound. the mammo was ok and they couldn't clearly "see" the mass/nodule on ultrasound however they could feel it with the paddle. Needless to say I had xrays and mri.
Avatar m tn My wife (55) just got her mamogram results and they show an ill defined nodule with microcalcifications seen on the upper outer left breast. They want her to come back for further tests ( spot compression and sonography). I guess this is a dumb question but should we be very worried ? Ty for any responses.
Avatar n tn There is an ill-defined 6-7 mm density with indistinct margins in the right upper outer quad.Density is flattened and changed w/spot compression.There are no clustered microcalcifications. ULTRASOUND:Demonstrates a tiny hypoechoic nodule or complex cyst at 9 o'clock, 2-3 cm from the nipple measuring 4x3x4mm; too small for adequate characterization. No flow is seen on Doppler. ASSESSMENT:Suspicious abnormality (ACR FC P/4) RECOMMENDATION: Surgical consultation is recommended. Biopsy.
Avatar n tn ive been very ill vomiting sweating neddles and they found a lung nodual 5 mm near my spine and now they also found a mass on my left breast near the upper outter side of breast ohhh im nervous but want the truth please if any one has some insight on whats happening to me please help my email is ***@****
Avatar f tn Both lobes are heterogeneous in echotexture and mildly enlarged. The right lobe measures 5.5 X 2.1 x 1.1 cm. The left lobe measures 5.7 x 2.2 x 2.1cm. There is a dominant 2.1cm mass within the mid right lobe.There is a dominant 3.4 x1.8 cm mass in left lobe. There are adjacent subcentimeter nodules. IMPRESSION: 1. Enlarged heterogeneous thyroid gland,2. Dominant 2.1 mass in mid right lobe 3,Dominant 3.4 X 1.8 cm mass in the left lobe. Further evaluation with thyroid scan recommended.
Avatar n tn 5 in the right breast at 9-10 oclock meddile depth.This nodule shows rapid washout enhancement cureve.Recommendation right upper breast ultrasound". There is an ovalshaped enhancing nodule in the Lt breast UOQ measuring 0.4x0.2x0.2. Thisnodule is of high signal intensity on inversion recovery images. This nodule is most likely suggestive of a bagnin appearing intramammary lymph node. There are no suspicious enhancing lesions in the left breast. Questions: 1.
Avatar n tn The CT showed a possible 12mm non calcified pulmonary nodule in the right lower lobe. I am scheduled for a full CT of the chest with high resolution imaging in 3 days. I work at a doctors office and just weeks ago our office diagnosed a lung cancer so I am very worried about this news. Is there a chance this is malignant given my history of smoking and family history of cancer? I appreciate any and all replies!
Avatar n tn Pain in upper right side of abdomen; may spread to right upper back, chest, or right shoulder; nausea; vomiting; or gas. Possible Causes: Gallstones Action to Take: If this is your first attack, call a doctor for emergency advice. If you can't reach one, go to an emergency room. Don't eat or drink anything. ____ Symptoms : In a woman who might be pregnant: severe pain that arises suddenly in the lower right or lower left abdomen, usually without vomiting or fever.
Avatar f tn I'm a 60 yr old female, and I've never had a problem with cystic breast, however within the past week I've found a nodule in my right breast in the upper region. Is it normal to have any pain from it. I thought I had just pulled a muscle, but it continues to hurt. The pain has been there for about a month, however I just felt the module this week.
Avatar m tn From Jan 2010: Right Thyroid: In the upper pole of the right thyroid there is a 7 x 11 x 7 mm dominantly cystic lesion which does show significantly increased Doppler flow in the solid components. No microcalcifications. In the mid pole of the thyroid there is a 10 x 6 x 10-mm solid thyroid nodule with predominant peripheral vascular flow. No microcalcifications. No right sided adenopathy is detected.
Avatar n tn The breast parenchyma is heterogenously dense. There is a 12mm nodule in the upper inner quadrant of the right breast. The border appears well defined, however is partially obscured. No suspicious findings on the left." My questions are as follows: 1- is it unusual or normal to initially find a 12 mm nodule in a heterogenously dense breast mammogram? 2- Is a 12mm nodule on the larger side of a finding?
Avatar f tn There is a 1.5mm stable nodule in the upper aspect of the right breast. Asymmetry is also noten in the upper=outer aspect of the left breast. IMPRESSION: No mammographic evidence of malignancy. However, a targeted ultrasongraphy of the reight breast is reccommended to further evaluate the clinical findings of a lump. The ULTRASOUND REPORT completed on 5/6/2011 FINDINGS: Heterogenous echogencities are seen, consistent with fibroglandular tissue.
Avatar n tn I was recently told that I have "Dense Breast Tissue." The nurse left a message that I should let my surgeon know that this is a "5.0 stable nodule, same as last year." Of course I got this message late on a Friday afternoon. (and did not have a surgeon...
1069633 tn?1255246589 Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me or give me some insight, as I am extremely stressed. Lately I have been feeling "unwell", I am pale, exhausted, agitated and suffering from anxiety. It is effecting my work. I went to my GP, who found a large solid mass on the right side of my neck. I was sent for an Ultrasound which revealed an "enlarged right lobe of the thyroid, a 2.9x1.
Avatar f tn 6 cm of the upper outer quadrant of the left breast and with nodular density and a heterogeneous area measuring 12mm in the upper outer quadrant of the right breast. Breast cancer runs in my family with my mother at age 55, two of her sisters, a maternal cousin and my fathers sister. I have been referred to a surgeon for further evaluation and would like to know if I need to be really concerned. I am worried about this.
Avatar f tn Small area of architectural distortion is observed at the upper outer quadrant of the (R) breast, infero-laterally of the upper outer quadrant of the (L) breast and central laterally of the lower outer quadrant of the (L) breast too. Mammogram shows a fat necrotic calcifications supero-laterally in the (R) breast. There are a few scattered small dystrophic calcifications noted. There is no clustered microcalcifications/growth suggested. There is no dilated laciferous duct.
Avatar f tn the scan revealed a tiny noncalcified nodule in the anterior segment of the right upper lobe measureing 3mm. there is a second nodule in the right middle lobe anteriorly which corresponds to the abnormality on chest xray measuring approximately 13mm. this is slightly irregularly marginated but not spiculated. my doctor referred me to a pulmonary specialist who has ordered a PET scan based on the radiology findings (i havent met the other doctor yet).
Avatar f tn Predictors of malignancy are old age, current or past history of smoking, history of extrathoracic cancer, or spiculation in the nodule and upper lung lobe location. CT chest with thin sections through the nodule is recommended, with contrast enhancement if the renal function is intact, transthoracic needle biopsy or bronchoscopy to confirm the diagnosis unless contraindicated. All these findings need to be correlated clinically. Consult an oncologist with your concerns. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn In 6/05, I went for a mammogram (I am 37 right now) because my ob/gyn found what he thought was a cyst and/or lump with inflammation on left upper outer quadrant of breast. I went for mammo and everything came out fine - the report said BIRAD 2. It said I had very dense breasts and asymmetric parenc something noticeable. Even though it said on the report and the ob/gyn there was a definate abnormality there, it was clear. No u/s performed at that time.
Avatar n tn Hello. Trying to make this as brief as possible. 1st mammo, baseline, age: 35, only hx of breast CA in family is great grandmother. Mammo results: "Right breast shows 8mm nodular density in upper aspect seen only in MLO projection. Well-defined and most lkely represents a normal axillary lymph node. No dominant mass lesions or suspicious calcifications in either breast. Rec. follow up mammo in 6 mo.
Avatar f tn I have pain that goes clear across my back shoulder blades and radiates around the front left side right inside my left breast. I don't know if I should just take the pain medications or if I should be back at my Doctors insisting they please do the CAT scan and the next thing to make me better. I have family history of cancer with my Mother and my father. My Father died from cancer and my Mother had 13 years cancer free after a mastectomy.
Avatar f tn For the past 18 months- I have had a ct chest scan due to finding a small lung nodule on my right side- I have breast cancer.