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Avatar f tn the scan revealed a tiny noncalcified nodule in the anterior segment of the right upper lobe measureing 3mm. there is a second nodule in the right middle lobe anteriorly which corresponds to the abnormality on chest xray measuring approximately 13mm. this is slightly irregularly marginated but not spiculated. my doctor referred me to a pulmonary specialist who has ordered a PET scan based on the radiology findings (i havent met the other doctor yet).
Avatar f tn If so what type of cancer and what is the percentage? I also have a 5mm pleural lung nodule on the posterior right upper lobe and a 3 mm nodule on the middle right lobe. I am being treated at the VA. Have had a TAHwBSO 12 years ago, was on hormone therapy until 1 year ago, quit smoking 8 months ago with 35 year history. Have Asthma, Fibormyalgia, Depression, Gerd and 2 Cervical Spine Fusions.
Avatar n tn There obscured nodule at the upper half of the left breast. There is no discrete mass lesion focal architectural distortion or asymmetry. No suspicious microcalcifications are noted. Overlying skin and ancillary areas are unremarkable. Assessment and recommendation obscure module upper half of left breast ultrasound is suggested.
Avatar n tn The breast parenchyma is heterogenously dense. There is a 12mm nodule in the upper inner quadrant of the right breast. The border appears well defined, however is partially obscured. No suspicious findings on the left." My questions are as follows: 1- is it unusual or normal to initially find a 12 mm nodule in a heterogenously dense breast mammogram? 2- Is a 12mm nodule on the larger side of a finding?
Avatar m tn clock position there is 11mm x 4mm hypoechoic solid nodule. Previous right mammogram shows a small cluster of microcalcification in the upper outer quadrant, worsened from an outside ultrasound which was done in July 2008. Calcifications are nonspecific and suggest mammographic guided core biopsy.
Avatar f tn Results were right lobe measures 4.6 x 1.4 x 1.8 cm with a complex solid and partially cystic nodule towards the upper pole measuring 1.0 x .07 cm. Left lobe measures 3.6 x 1.5 x 1.6 cm. Mentions a couple of hypoechoic nodues on either side. Isthmus measures 3 mm. What do they mean and should there be further testing done. I am a 10 years breast cancer survivor.
254714 tn?1316613355 additional cyst is identified corresponding to the left upper outer quadrant focus more posteriorly in the left breast cyst measures 7mm greatest dimension.. Benign nodule is appreciated @ rite upper outer quadrant approaching the axilla measuring 0.8X 1.3X 1.5 cm probably representative of a sub-cm intramammary lymph node small lesion is not seen sonographically... Can some one tell me wat all this means appreciated very much...
Avatar m tn My wife (55) just got her mamogram results and they show an ill defined nodule with microcalcifications seen on the upper outer left breast. They want her to come back for further tests ( spot compression and sonography). I guess this is a dumb question but should we be very worried ? Ty for any responses.
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Avatar f tn ok, well I went to my gyno and she suggested a surgical opinon without me haveing to inquire, so I am set up with an appointment. Here is the findings from my mammogram & ultrasound, Follow up concering finding seen in the upper right breast, best on the MLO view. This finding does persist on the MLO view. The margins are somewhat irregular and size is 4 mm. There is and adjacent 2 mm nodule.
Avatar n tn There is a mildly heterogeneous residual fibroglandular breast parenchyma. In the left upper breast upper-outer quandrant there is an 8mm nodule possible lymph node." First off, what exactly does this mean, and since I'm in Hawaii where it takes a while for next diagnostic exams they've requested (mammogram and ultrasound)...is this something to be very concerned about? Is an 8mm nodule or (enlarged) lymph gland a very concerning finding?
Avatar f tn I had one a week ago and got a call today from the nurse stating that they found a 2 cm nodule on the upper rt. breast and are sending me in a few days for additional pictures and for an ultrasound. Because I have had regular mammograms, what are the odds that this would be a cancer (if it is one) that cannot be deadly.
Avatar f tn i have a few stable nodules on both breasts, but the 0.8cm enhancing nodule in the upper outer posterior breast abutting the implant demonstrates progressive enhancement and is probably benign. The nodule abuts the implant. As I mentioned in previous post, I go every 6 months for sonogram of both breasts because my doctor recommends it due to the dense breasts, along with once a year Mammo.
654491 tn?1226209319 Inferior to the noduleis a 5 mm hypoechoic nodule or cyst. On the right the is a 2 mm hypoechoic nodule or cyst. The right lobe measures 4.3 x 1.5 x 1.7 cm. Thyroid isthmus is thickened to 7mm. What does this all mean? Hypoechoic nodule mean & hyperemic? & isthmus is thickened to 7mm what is normal? Should I be concerned about having other Bone scan test?
Avatar f tn 30 position of the left breast, there is an 8.7 mm x 4.7 mm x 3.3 mm solid nodule. There is a central area of echo Geno its and this may represent an intramammary lymph node. In the 6:00 position of the left breast, there is a well-circumscribed hypoechoic solid nodule versus, located cyst measuring 5 mm x 4 mm x 2.5 mm. These nodules are all likely benign. Bi-Rads category 3. I go to breast surgeon for more tests. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
918865 tn?1243432355 1. 4-5 mm lung nodule in the right apex. If the patient has a significant risk factor as smoking or prior malgnancy, consider repeat chest CT in 6 months. If the patients does not have risk factors, recommend chest CT in 12 months to evaluate stability. 2. Incidental note of costochondral calcification, most prominent at the left sternomanubrial joint. this could be the cause of the palpated thickening in the upper sternal border. No soft tissue masses are seen. 3.
Avatar f tn Scattered fibroglandular densities are seen, which may obscure a small lesion on the mammogram. There is a 1.5mm stable nodule in the upper aspect of the right breast. Asymmetry is also noten in the upper=outer aspect of the left breast. IMPRESSION: No mammographic evidence of malignancy. However, a targeted ultrasongraphy of the reight breast is reccommended to further evaluate the clinical findings of a lump.
Avatar f tn I went for a screening mamogram 2 weeks ago, they call me back for a compresion spot mammogram on my left breast and they found a simple cyst; in the right breast the mammogram didn't show any abnormalities but incidentally noted hypoechoic nodule in the rigth breast in the 2 o"clock axis that measures 0.5x0.5x0.4 cm. It has some mild through transmission but slihtly ill-defined margins. No additional ultrasonographic abnormalities are noted.
Avatar f tn On the mediolateral oblique film there is suggestion of a small nodule posteriorly in the mid portion of the left breast. Ultrasound of the clinically palpable nodule in the upper outer aspect of the left breast demonstrates vascular somewhat ill-defined hypoechoic solid nodule measuring approx 6mm in diameter. Findings are suspicious and either ultrasound-guided core biopsy or excisional biopsy are recommended for further evaluation.
Avatar f tn well defined lobulated nodule inn the upper aspect of the right breast, which most likely represents a benign finding" The surgeion has the results from thjhe ultrasound......Would appreciate any comments or help!
Avatar m tn In comparison with the last CT dated 12/02/17,the size of the right upper lobe nodule shows increase in size. However, the nodules noted in the right lower lobe as mentioned in the previous report are not visualized in the current study. Blood Profile Count History : All other parameter of total biochemistry remain normal except uric acid shows high maximum time. I also perform RF Factor which came back normal. My lymphocyte count maximum time in near the top and some times higher than range .
Avatar f tn There are several nodules in the superior left breast which appear more numerous than on 14/34/2008 (my last test).A small nodule in the upper -outer right breast is unchanged and is consistent with a small cyst or intramammary lymph node. How serious is to have all these cysts ?Do I need to drain them and do biopsy?I don't have any pain in my breast?Pls help me with some answers.
Avatar f tn Had breast cancer - lumpectomy on right breast. Found out I had non Hodgkin’s lymphoma after sentinel nodal biopsy at same time ( right side) this was 2013. Feeling smal nodule infer right nipple. Don’t know if is normal tissue or reoccurrence. I have appointment on Monday , 10/25, but anxious. Any input appreciated.
633795 tn?1222732861 I had a cat scan done and they found a breast nodule in my right breast which was never there before, I have had mamograms before. I do a self breast examine often and I never felt a thing, are breast nodules usually cancer or what are they exaclty.