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Avatar f tn the inside flap of your vagina usually stays hidden under the outside flaps. However mine does not. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn I have notice that some bumps on my vagina since lately n I ignored it. Now if I am bathing and the rag touch the bump it hurts and I am freaking out right now. Can anyone help me or give me a advice what is happening?
Avatar f tn Tingling under vagina skin but no outbreaks!!!is this a sign of herpes?
Avatar f tn A few days ago while I was in the shower I noticed this bump on my bikini line. I decided to try to pop it and eventually it did, but now I look at it and there is a uncomfortable hard lump underneath my skin where the bump originally was. I'm not sure what it is could it be a ingrown hair, cyst, growth or something worse?
Avatar n tn I have had a lump of skin under the flap of my vagina too but its not like a boil or something you can burst, just a lump of skin, what is it??
Avatar f tn Ive noticed that many people have said they have a bump under the skin of their vagina.. where their leg meets their vagina. which is where the one i have is. i touched it earlier to feel what it felt like so i could try to tell my mom about it. but now it hurts. and im just sitting down. im afraid of what it could be. ive been getting ingrown hairs lately , so could it be from that? if you have them, do you know what i could do to get rid of them? i put cream on them which stopped the itching..
Avatar n tn Tonight I was shaving and I found a lump under the skin inside my vagina. It's tender and can be rolled around. I'm freaking out pretty bad. What could it be?
Avatar n tn I have found a hard lump under the skin on my vagina, it is right between my anus and and my vaginal opening, it is on the labia majora. Its about the size of a pea and is really worrying me. Also, it is not painful. Any ideas? I thought it could be a cyst but then I read that cysts were fairly soft and normally painful, this is hard and not painful. Please help? Thanks.
316551 tn?1193641876 I am 18 yrs old and i have a bump under the skin of my vagina. I have no clue what it could be!! It is hard and won't move when i push it but it's about the size of a pea. It's been there for about 3 days now. What is it and what can I do? Must I go see a doctor?? Seeing a doctor really isn't on my list of things to do but if it could lead to fatal risks then so be it.
Avatar m tn Today i found a small little lump under the skin above my vagina, near the mound where the hair grows. Its sorta where my leg meets my privates if that makes any sence. Anyways, Its sore to touch, but not paiful. You can slightly see a bump, but besides that you can't tell anything is there. What is this?
Avatar f tn i am 54 yr old woman,i have dark skin under my arm pits and in vagina area,been there foe a while, would like please to let me know how i can lighten my skin as it annoys me too much,i can t wear sleeveless or go to the beach.Can you please help me .
Avatar f tn U have a lump under my vagina and I only found it yesterday but when I touched it I got extremley sore I don't no what its is its like a lump poping out and when I touch it its really sore what should I do ?
Avatar f tn i recently noticed a line of small bumps under the entrance of my vagina. first they were my skin complexion and then they became white/pink. tonight when i examing myself again i saw it going inside my vagina. can someone please tell me what is this? i am just 18 and i want to have kids and want to live long, i just hope it isn't anything that can affect that.
Avatar m tn i got this lump under the skin of my libia (lip of vagina) and it hurt for a bit then went away... well where the lump once was it just all of a sudden started hurting really bad then the pain went away, i can still feel the lump under the skin kinda. it still hurts and im really worried. im only 15 so... can anyone tell me what this is??
Avatar n tn I also have a pea size lump on the left side under the skin of my vagina .. i ma onli 14 and very worried .. is it any thing serious you think ? .. i am not sexualy active so its nothing to do with sexual infections or anything dont think .... im thinking of going to doctors ... what should i do . please help :( ..
Avatar m tn im sucking vagina from my girl friend we ara under 23 she have very clean vagina because she is know that i have sucking vagina. pls confirm its harm full for my coming wife/girlfriend or its harm full for my health. i love vagina test/water.
Avatar n tn Maybe you could post this under womens health forum. Just click on forums.
Avatar m tn A prost─▒tute touch her vagina surface for seconds And she touch my nipple with her hands than she kiss my nipple 1.5 minutes there was No ─▒ntercourse. Kissing And touching my nipple after touching her vagina is a risk for hiv ?
Avatar n tn I have a sore that is very hard that is sitting on the left lip of my vagina. It is the size of a lima bean and I am quite concerned as to what this may be. Can anyone tell me what this is?
Avatar m tn looks like a sponge. is that normal? Under that is the vagina obviously, well you can't really see my hole becuz blocking it is this flesh looking thing, i dont know if thats my pubic bone, my finger curves when i stick it in my vagina, i just don't know what it is? any idea? is that normal too? So basically when I spread my lips it's nothing but flesh, I dont see a hole, it just looks like a gross thing, and then right underneath that is my vagina hole.
Avatar f tn HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
7110901 tn?1396060891 As well as under my breast sweats ... but mainly the sides and top itch not inside or anything. I don't know if it's the hairs that's making it itch... Thank you for ur responses.