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Avatar f tn It explains to not use if you have a history of opiate addiction. It is a synthetic opiate. There are so many here that have bad stories to tell about Tramadol.
Avatar f tn whats ultracet? i know its a pain reliever with tylenol, but does it give you the energy and motivation of vike or percs? I ask because I had to change doctors, and while he wasnt too happy to write for the vicodins i have been on for years, he had no problem with ultracet and he gave me a script.....so im basically asking, do people get addicted to this drug? should i not even start it?
Avatar n tn i personally have never taken even 1.it's a very confusing drug to me. it's neither an opiate,synthetic opiate or narcotic but acts on the same receptors as an opiod would.i have heard horror stories of people trying to get off this drug,some say it's as bad as oxy-contin.sounds like your doing ok for now,it's been 24 hours you say.i hope it dosen't get worse for you but be prepared.i'm sure you will have alot of responses.
Avatar f tn I just got back from the dr. and he gave me a script for ultracet....I dont know anything about this drug...He said it was in the same family as vicoden...which now has me worried ..I dont want to go from one addiction to another...Is this drug like vicoden? Is it addicting?? Please help! Thank you for any input anyone may have.
Avatar f tn ultracet has acetominophen (tylenol) in them, and the tramadol doesnt. They can come in varying dosages. Why is he taking them? Does he want to quit? Tram is a dangerous drug to take and to stop, you have to taper down slowly or you could have seizures. You can have seizures from takign too many as well. How long has he been on them?
Avatar n tn Are you taking the 50mg 1-2 times every other-day? Ultracet (Tramdol) can be very hard to over come as it also have a anti-depressant effect/action which when stopped can cause not only withdrawals but also added depression. You should taper down of Ultracet rather then quitting Cold turkey.
Avatar f tn My friend and I were talking the other day and she said, "Oh, my mom said a lady at her prayer group said that there was "a new darvocet out on the market now." Of course I am more than curious since my mom just had to stop darvocet herself. My friend then tells me this "new darvocet" is called Ultracet! Can you believe this? I knew this was coming since darvocet was pulled by the FDA, now the drs. are going to start prescribing ultracet/ultram/tramadol alot more.
Avatar n tn I went through a period of Ultram/Ultracet addiction. To be honest the withdrawals from that were even worse than vicodin. I'm not trying to scare you, just want you to be careful.
Avatar n tn I am a music minister in an Evangelical Bible Church and have just had my second back surgery. My back feels great! I had unbearable pain for only a year (not much compared to some of the posters on here (7+ years of back pain, how do you do it?)). Throughout my year of pain, my doctor prescribed me hydrocodone (from 5's to eventually 10's) and tramadol 50mg (which I took with tylenol 50/500 - making it basically generic ultracet).
Avatar m tn Well, people have been asking if Ultram (Tramadol) helps to minimize opiate withdrawl symptoms. I have that question to ask, but unfortunately, the answers I've read don't satisfy my question entirely. I'll start out with my problem. I've been taking about 10 Norco/day (10mg Hydro/325 Acetaminophen) for about 6 months. And, this isn't my first bout...I had quit for about 6 months and then went through some very difficult/traumatizing experience with a loved one.
Avatar m tn My doc prescribed lyrica and Ultracet for me to take daily. But I read that most people with FM take Ultracet or Ultram on demand not daily. Does anyone take it daily? It really concerns me since it's a opiate.
Avatar n tn about a year later i was on ultram for about two weeks, just a regularly prescribed dose... when i quit i had three days and nights of opiate withdrawls... you know them when you have them and that was what it was... RLS, everything... that was the last time i took ultram... i think i pretty much figured that if i was going to go through that kind of withdrawl in the end i was going to find a more pleasurable opiate to make it worth the trouble! typical junkie thinking!!
Avatar f tn I am 37 years old and have been taking Tramadol or Ultram or Ultracet for approx. 5 years now. I have never gone over 8 pills at 50 mg per day so 400 mg. per day max but I have never gone under 6 pills a day or 300 mg either. I was told I had spinal stenosis and herniated discs and physical therapy never helped and my doctor insisted Tramadol was not addictive as I didn't want to get on something like vicodin...
222369 tn?1274478235 every couple of days or so. Listed below are suggestions for detoxing and quitting an opiate addiction. They are just suggestions compiled from the detox plans of people that have gone through cold turkey detox before. They are just that, suggestions, and any detox plan is best when done under a doctor's care. Consult your doctor before trying any of the suggestions below. This is prewritten for anyone who is beginning, or planning on beginning, a cold turkey withdrawal to opiates.
Avatar n tn Hey-- I'd say to you to take Ultram (Being the most effective non-opiate pain reliever) --However, we all know what tramadol turns into in the hands of the likes of us. Even though it's not suggested, I've had to take mega-doses of ibuprofen before, and it seems to work in those high doses. I'm talking about 1000-1600 milligrams.
1322872 tn?1275105462 Hi everyone of my fellow opiate strugglers, My husband and I both have become addicts to any kind of narcotic painkillers that we can get ahold of... Sad to say that it all started with me and my rx's. I was given several prescriptions over the years for vicodin or perc's. I used to be able to take just one 5/500 vic and it would mess me up for a few hours... Now I can take 6 of them at a time and I literally feel nothing but nauseous from all the Tylenol in them.
Avatar f tn Sorry, you can't take an opiate to quit an opiate, no matter if it is a small amt. or not. The small amt. will only keep you on the verge of withdrawls and won't help any at all unless you take more. It's just better to tapper down to as low as possible and then jump.
Avatar m tn Hey Aaron... Ultracet is addictive. Many people have gotten hooked on it. Its Ultram/Ultracet/Tramadol I believe they are all related and whehter doctors say so or not, they are addictive and can be dangerous. :( sorry for the bad news. They are also derived from the opiate family. Be careful with them. Ive used them during in between times when I was using -- just to hold w/drawal at bay -- so that should tell you something right there..
Avatar f tn Hey any one awake yet....I have a question...the doc. now has put me on ultracet...it says 37.5 5/325....i had to take 2 yesterday over the cource of 12 hours...my questions is i'm reading that ppl are becoming addicted...i dont understand how....they dont make me feel high.....however the pain is better..not completely gone but better...so my ? is why are ppl getting addicted taking 10-15-20 a day if they dont get you high...can someone enlighten me.
199177 tn?1490502134 Propoxyphene (Darvocet) 150mg............
Avatar n tn Sorry but this information is incorrect. Tramadol is what is know as a partial opiate agonist, that is it acts on the same opiate receptors as what you are calling narcotics. It is combined with an SNRI antidepressant which is very similar to effexor. The theory is that combining an antidepressant with an opiate will enhance the painkilling properties of the opiate so that a "milder" opiate can be used.
295219 tn?1196896287 He should be over the physical w/d's by now. I do not understand why the doc put him on ultracet. It is an opiate. That is why you are seeing signs that he is back on the lortabs. You either need to call the doc and speak to him about getting him off the ultracet, or find a new doctor. By all means, DO NOT stop the ultracet abruptly. Your hubby could experience seizures. He needs to be weaned off of this drug. The clonodine by itself should be helpful.
Avatar f tn How much opiate is in the darvocet compared to the vicodin? I want to be done with it all, but need sleep and this is hard to take. No other major symptoms happening, just the restlessness, insomnia, jittery thing...thanks for your advice...
Avatar m tn I have a degree in psychology and know alot about drugs from the classes I took in school and my street abuse for over 17 years. Tramadol, better known as Ultram or Ultracet (Ultracet has acetominophen in it whereas Ultram does not) is a relatively new pain killer. The funny thing is techincally it is not classified as an opiate drug, but it works on your opiate brain receptors.
Avatar m tn Whether listed as Tramadol HCL or Tramadol. It's a chemical vastly like Effexor but without opiate properties. Think of it as a stripped down version of codeine with antidepressant properties. Ultram is nothing more than the Brand name for Tramadol and Ultram ER is a timed release of Tramadol. Ultracet is merely Tramdol and Tylenol in the same pill.
Avatar n tn had ordered a UDS along with the other labs. Her anxiolytic medication XANAX came back pusitive yet her opiate panel came back clean. This is impossible as I watch her take this medication along with all the others she is on, I have years of experience knowing when someone is cheeking or hiding their meds under their tongue as I was with the Dept. of Corrections in my state for several years. Since this negative result on this lab her M.D.
5639849 tn?1372350483 tramadol is a synthetic opiate. Semi synthetic are Herion, Oxycontin, codeine, pithidene, etc non synthetic is opium straight from the poppy. In laymen terms a 'semi syntheitc' means they've taken the part of the opium that gets you going and added some extras. The synthetic opiates are completely man man in a lab. Often from petrochemicla products.
Avatar n tn visit ask to be switched to Ultracet, which only contains 37.5mg of Ultram and tylenol. Buy doing this you would be able to step down gradually, Then the following month only use 3 tablets a day, month #2 drop down to 2 a day and month #3 drop to 1 tablet divided in 2 twice a day, After that ask your DR for 5 days worth of an anti-anxiety medication like Valium to be taken only for anxiety and possibly at bedtime as you may experience difficulty sleeping through a full night.
Avatar n tn Tramadol/ultram/ultracet (ultracet having tylenol in it) is habit-forming and not recommended for people with prior addictions...it was originally advertised as not being habit forming but it affects the same receptors as narcotics do...tram also has an antidepressant componenet which makes wd even more difficult due to the depression factor during detox...it is supposedly not "as" habit forming as other narcotics like hydrocodone or oxycodone if taken as prescribed...
Avatar f tn I did get a script once for Ultracet but it was not as good for my pain. Do you feel that Ultram is helpful with this condition and also, is it a bad thing that I am not on any other kind of drug such as Neurontin or Lyrica for this condition. Thanks.